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Image: quilt2.jpg   442x808 48915 bytes 2001.05.28

It's Qyuilt, fully anthro. He's a hero know, fighting in dream worlds and saving princesses while defeating....aww who'm I kidding, this idea fell flat in two days. But You can expect to see more of him because, well he's one of the only semi-origional characters I have. Quilt (c) me

Image: poem.jpg   515x708 110142 bytes 2001.05.28

I'm a poet, and you don't even that. I have some old poems, and this was a sort of introductory. You should be seeing more, as soon as I find them. Scrubs and poem (c) me

Image: nurserobo.jpg   525x858 97018 bytes 2001.05.28

Started out as a Megaman spoof, and ended up a robotic nurse. Heh, I wouldn't mind getting sick with her around. Nursebot (c) me

Image: fracture2.jpg   515x708 110994 bytes 2001.05.28

It's Princess Fracture, the broken doll. Her's a close-up, my first pic, just to get a feel for her face, really. This was one of my more challanging characters to create, but she still looks cute to me. Fracture (c) me

Image: darkgod.jpg   750x750 88623 bytes 2001.05.28

Ok, I think I should explain this one. I came up with this idea for a real painting a few months ago, using a few ideas I think might be somewhat revolutionary or at least uncommon with real paintings. In any case, this is a picture of a dark god or some big ass diety ripping a big gaping hole in the very flesh of reality and peering down at a solitary figure. That's right it's Shade. Who else would stand up to a gigantic eye with intestines poking out? Shade and Dark God (c) me

Image: yolkride.jpg   854x696 128813 bytes 2001.05.22

Yolk! *drool* she is with a specially made saddle and bridle, custome fit to suit her unusual muzzle. Her wide hands make it easy to ride, and Yolk's docile nature makes her the perfect companion for short trips. Just don't take her for long rides or else you may end up with an exhausted nude biroshi on your hands....not that that's a bad thing. Yolk (c) me.

Image: shymouse.jpg   656x863 94180 bytes 2001.05.22

This IS a furry, and a Mario critter as well. It's Shymouse, part Shyguy part Mouser. Mousers were a boss in Mario two, and a major flunkie with a bad german accent in the first show. A true child of the 80's, Mousers make me nostalgic...So here's a cute combo. Shymouse (c) me.

Image: hannibal.jpg   694x817 144265 bytes 2001.05.22

It's my cannibal bunny. No name yet, but he is a character I have planned for a new comic. He's a rabbit, and a cannibal. What other back history do you need? Cannibal Bunny (c) me

Image: flora.jpg   524x758 72871 bytes 2001.05.22

Uhm....whoever likes Darkwing Duck knows about this. She's Flora, the daughter of a particular half-duck half-plant supervillian. Flora (c) me.

Image: yolkbutt.jpg   639x854 54558 bytes 2001.05.14

Another Yolk. I messed up on the saddle, but her hair's too long for you to notice. Yes, she's an antho birdo, and not technically a furry. But don't bitch or I'll stop drawing her naked! Yolk and her babies (c) me.

Image: quilt.jpg   676x519 42394 bytes 2001.05.14

It's Quilt the patchwork Kitty! Quilt is a cute animate doll that was made out of a patchwork quilt. Or at least a quilt that was really torn up. In any case, what you get is a hyper cat who loves to bite people. Luckily his teeth are plush. Quilt (c) me

Image: yolkmomma.jpg   713x849 91705 bytes 2001.05.12

YOLK! It's Yolk, and her babies! After a tragic egging accident, These little flyer goombas started following her around, thinking she was thie mommy. Since it was her fault thier mommy got egged, she took them in. Yolk and her babies (c) me. \r\n

Image: whenpixiesattack.jpg   808x588 150581 bytes 2001.05.11

When Guilt Pixies attack. This is what happens when a crazy person is afraid of the voice in his head. V and Xunk (c) me

Image: sheep.jpg   808x588 82323 bytes 2001.05.11

Baa...I was in a bad mood, ok? Just commenting on how many people walk through life blindly and don't botherto question things,always trying to fit in without really thinking about the consequences. Following trends to fit in, fearing individualism...*sigh* I guess it'sprobably symbolic of society, but in the end,it's just a vorepic.Enjoy. All characters (c) me, I s'pose.

Image: piercelabcoat.jpg   422x832 38045 bytes 2001.05.10

Pierce design. It's a new coat. Uhm....yeah. Look I just saw this coat and had to draw it,ok? Dr. Pierce (c) me

Image: knuxtwirl.jpg   602x814 56186 bytes 2001.05.10

I LOVE this pic.Love it! This was inspired by the Sonic Movie, a cheezy Anime. But there was this supersweet scene where Knux spun his arms and TORE through the damn ground like it was toilet paper. Xunk's just flailing his arms like and idiot, but it's still one of his better pics. Oh, and Xunk can dig too, it's what echidnas do. I think. Xunk (c) me. Oh, and so's his little conscience.

Image: argument.jpg   489x640 47517 bytes 2001.05.10

Whu-oh...Xunk arguing with his evil conscience...dag, Xunk hates EVERYONE. Xunk (c) me

Image: V.jpg   620x718 47488 bytes 2001.05.10

Guilt Pixies!!!! AAAAAHH! Guilt's looking a whole lot better.This is my guilt pixie V. V supposedly stands for violet,but she's got such a temper I started calling her violent. So she shortened it to V. V and guilt pixies (c) me

Image: ashley.jpg   561x670 39340 bytes 2001.05.10

Guilt Pixie! This is my friend Jenni's guilt Pixie, Ashley. Looks familiar somehow... Guiltpixies (c) me

Image: uh-oh.jpg   787x578 142268 bytes 2001.05.07

COOL scene. Count Necronomica's casting a powerfil spell that will banish Shade deep within his coffin, plummeting endlessly into a hellish nightmare world. This leaves poor innocent Wink at the count's does it end? Well if I get any requesnts, I'll show ya. Necronomica, Wink and Shade (c) me.

Image: poodle.jpg   329x676 57298 bytes 2001.05.06

This was a request, a furson of a friend of mine. Cutie! pic (c) me,poodle (c)her alter ego.

Image: thecartoonist.jpg   426x434 33932 bytes 2001.05.02

It's me. A self portrat...and a pretty accurate one. Don't mind the hair. I'm (c) me.

Image: romanced.jpg   686x786 110855 bytes 2001.05.01

Well, here's a cheezy Romace novel-ish pic. My friend Jenni inspired this. Shade (c) me. Vallyrea (c) Her owner

Image: skimpy.jpg   451x820 46163 bytes 2001.05.01

It's Skimpy, my tubby cow. She's a cutie. Skimpy (c) me

Image: pounced.jpg   591x802 60410 bytes 2001.04.28

Another Shade and Vallyrea pic. She's my rl best friend, so whenever we hang out, I draw her. I think most of these come out pretty good, but the ears are off-center. Shade (c) me. Vallyrea (c) my best bud

Image: snoozin.jpg   536x582 73010 bytes 2001.04.27

More Shade and Vallyrea pics. My friend has been giving me a lot of inspiration lately. Shade (c) me, Vallyrea (c) her owner

Image: healingsprings.jpg   588x808 116139 bytes 2001.04.27

Shade And Vallyrea. This was the first time they really hooked up, Shade was beat up from battling, so he had to recouperate a bit before they both really got to know each other. Not such a good pic, lines are too thick. Shade (c) me, Vallyrea (c) her owner

Image: shrinkin'.jpg   800x577 51184 bytes 2001.04.26

Here's Pierce trying out his shrink ray. Looks like he has some more testing to do. Pierce (c) me.

Image: next.jpg   588x808 48563 bytes 2001.04.24

The new pierce, and he looks happy to see you. Why don't you come and play? Pierce (c) me

Image: discord.jpg   588x808 67614 bytes 2001.04.24

Discor, Pierce's comic assistant. A psychotic shape-shifting creature who sufferd from a personality disorder. She has one personality, but it's badly altered by her shape. She's usually pretty violent tho, and never takes off her straitjacket if she can help it. Discord (c) me

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