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Image: twintroubles2.jpg   898x684 146778 bytes 2002.12.05

MwaHAHAHAHAAA! I is evil. It's the twin, in terrible trouble. Can you even begin to imagine the bondage possibilities with this? If they were double jointed it would be even more, but seeing thier knees bend the wrong way would squick even me. Ah...err.....well, it's the twins. More to come! June and July (c) me

Image: typopixie.jpg   536x728 59157 bytes 2001.07.12

Ok, this one needs explaining. It's V, my personal pixie. Realizing I'm not the type to be ridden with guilt for long periods of time, she reports to the head office to be transferred. Instead, the head office suggests a much more annoying position for V to take. TYPO PIXIE!!! That's right, the nefarious Typo Pixie will do anything to distract a person so they always hit the wrong keys. And being a half-nude busty little puprle thingie, she has many resourses at her command, including a large anime hammer. Also, I'm sorry for the background, but that's the same ugly green color my rl room is. And YES, I typer with only two fingers. Ph33r the typo pixie! Ph33r... V and Scrubs (c) me

Image: uberpetgorevudu.jpg   442x615 52502 bytes 2003.02.04

More of Vudu, the uberpet. Vudunessss! Vudu & Uberpets (c) me

Image: uh-oh.jpg   787x578 142268 bytes 2001.05.07

COOL scene. Count Necronomica's casting a powerfil spell that will banish Shade deep within his coffin, plummeting endlessly into a hellish nightmare world. This leaves poor innocent Wink at the count's does it end? Well if I get any requesnts, I'll show ya. Necronomica, Wink and Shade (c) me.

Image: undeadaction.jpg   76x104 18460 bytes 2003.01.20

Ok, I know...usually I don't go in for all the new hype and bandwagon stuffies, but, this is just too cool a concept to ignore. So, this is my first one. Not very good, I know, but hopefully I'll get better. if anyone wants to give me some pointers, the advice will be well recieved. Hmm, now, how to make one with the twins.... Rancid (c) me

Image: undertaker.jpg   265x600 43100 bytes 2003.10.12

Ok, explaining. I waa/am working on a Wild Arm's style fantasy western storyline, and was even playing with making an RPG. This is Rancid dressed up as a Wild West necromancer, Called Undertakers. Unlike the typical necromancers, they're more like doctors, who are stilled in surgery, but usually nobody trusts them, so they mostly tend the dead, hence thier name. They use spirit energy, or the remaining life force from bones to draw their power, and can explode it. So spells like Bone Grenade are quite popular. Hey, let's face it, no matter how he's dressed, Rancid is the least scary zombie EVER. Cid (c) me

Image: urthsaves.jpg   692x718 87981 bytes 2001.07.12

YES! The completion on my first series of pics...altho this may become an ongoing thing. Urth won! WHOOPIE!!! Here Urth claims his prise, a very shooken up, but grateful Djinni. A happy romantic ending. Don't get used to it tho, happy endings are way too cliche. And the bad guys never die the first time. Urth and Djinni (c) me.

Image: V.jpg   620x718 47488 bytes 2001.05.10

Guilt Pixies!!!! AAAAAHH! Guilt's looking a whole lot better.This is my guilt pixie V. V supposedly stands for violet,but she's got such a temper I started calling her violent. So she shortened it to V. V and guilt pixies (c) me

Image: vaccine.jpg   679x716 122853 bytes 2001.07.31

Another megamorph, of sorts. It's Vaccine, the first all digital sentient virus protection program. Containing the memories of a long dead superhero who's real name has long since been forgotten. She answeres to Jazz, which was her spiffy superhero name back before she was nothing more than downloaded memories. Now she roams cyberspace searching for a sentient computer virus so sinister it's become and intergrated part of the internet itself. If he's fully destroyed, the whole net would crash permanately. Thus, these two battle it out eternally all across cyber space. Vaccine's only friend is an attachment program named Scat. Scat assists her, and goes on small little missions whenever needed. And Scat also has a small robotic body out in the real world, giving Vaccine a definate edge over her nemisis, who's now permataly trapped in Virtual Reality. Expect more of these two. Vaccine and Scat (c) me

Image: vengence2.jpg   649x716 105023 bytes 2001.08.09

Vengence is Mine! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! It's a better version of Vengence. He's all mummy bandaged and his cloak conceals most stuff. Gee, I wonder who this masked man really is. Hmmm.... Vengence (c) me

Image: vox.jpg   515x708 60737 bytes 2001.06.05

This is a design for a new supervillian band named Psycho Ward. This is the lead singer. For now his name's Vox, but I may change it when I think of a better one. He's super powered, and can scream loud enough to shatter bones, hence the stitches. He doesn't seem too upset about it tho. Vox (c) me

Image: vudu.jpg   671x813 88740 bytes 2003.01.11

It's Vudu, one of my Überpets. As you know (yeah right) Überpets are like evil Neos. Vudu are usually found in swamps, often as zombies or even voodoo dolls. Thier arms are useles, so they use thier ears for everything. They can pick up objects, use them to increase thier running speed, and can glide for short distances. Cute, but deadly. Master of voodoo magic. Boo. Vudu (c) me

Image: watertroll.jpg   488x848 65117 bytes 2003.01.07

It's a troll. This is inspired by a Troll design from japan, in a play I saw...Goku the monkey kind, or some damn thing. In any case, she's green. Her name is Toll. Toll (c) me

Image: whatsune.jpg   444x618 52406 bytes 2002.11.12

Ok, this was inspired by someone in Anthrocon. She was wearing a whole bunch of different furtails. And thus the Whatsune is born. A vixen with a severe tail fetish. Nice. Whatsune (c) me

Image: whenpixiesattack.jpg   808x588 150581 bytes 2001.05.11

When Guilt Pixies attack. This is what happens when a crazy person is afraid of the voice in his head. V and Xunk (c) me

Image: wildyDDRchallange.jpg   517x600 73872 bytes 2004.07.22

I met Wildy again this year at AC. The real thing is almost as small as her counterpart (just kidding). I DDR's against her, and did pretty good for a first timer. So, no, this isn't a sexual thing, it's merely that rambunctious tube rat asking der zombie to dance. Wildy-san (c) Herself. Rancid (c) Steve Burt

Image: wings.jpg   808x547 40586 bytes 2001.06.18

This one goes out to a very special lady. You are my Muse, my inspiration, quite possibly my soul mate, but only time will tell. This is for you. I wish I had wings so I could fly to you, and never be apart. Love ya. pic (c) me

Image: winkdesert.jpg   680x681 107784 bytes 2001.04.13

YES! So far, my absolute BEST PIC EVER!!!! I LOVE this pic. And I kicked ass at the coloring too. I RULE!!! Ok, I'm a bit biased. When I was making this, random old people said I was talented. If that's not an ego boost, I don't know what is. Actually, I did pretty decent with all this. Wink's a mute, one eyes little Warp Rat. Warp rats being magically mutated creatures of darkness....but she's a cute little mousey! AWWW. anyway, Wink, her doll Orcy, Junk and Stupid (zombies) are all (c) me

Image: winkdruid.jpg   558x718 50881 bytes 2001.08.28

It's Wink, the adorable urchin orphan with the hiddeous facial scars. Thats right, behind that oddly dyed tuft of hair are several zombie blade scars that are so horrible they scare nuns. Anyway, change of backstory. She was taken in by a legendary white mage, which of course involves holy and healing spells. She's a warp rat, a naturally magically saturated creature, but all the magic she was taught warped horribly to give her white attack spells. In my world, healing magic shouldn't be used for attack, but there you are. Holy bombs and agressive protective shields that melt undead like butter. She has that stick, which for attack purposes is utterly useless, but it helps focus her power. Also, as far as I know she can't talk at all, but she is a warp rat empath. She basically relays emotions to people, so when she's happy, everyone around her becomes happy. But this also means she can create intense pain, by say transferring the pain of one creature and putting it into an attacker. Anyway, that blob is affectionately know Doesn't matter what you call it, it won't come. Just like a squishy cat. But it adores Wink, and she loves it like a pet. Blob is aggressively loyal, and he once ate a wolf that tried to attack wink, slowly digesting it while it was still alive for a whole week as a warning to other wolves. Needless to say, no wolf has ever attacked wink since. Wink and Blob are (c) me

Image: winkpriestess.jpg   197x510 32752 bytes 2003.11.03

ok, who remembers this cutie? Give up? Wink, my one-eyed mute fantasy mouse. Usually she's this big power priestess of profistess...she's a white mage here. Wink (c) me

Image: wolfsteed.jpg   1101x706 137713 bytes 2002.05.18

An orc Wolfsteed. In a storyline I'm working on, Steeds and orc riders are paired together at birth, male to male and female to female. They share a symbiotic relationship, caring for one another and fighting to defend the other. When the orc falls in love with another orc, the steeds mate for life. When the orc dies, the steed sits by the body untill it starve to death, and most orcs commic ritual suicide if the steed dies. despite this fact they are the strongest of the orc armies, and the most loyal. Oh, and orc wolves are also part mule, hence the hooves. This one is named Pack. Pack (c) me

Image: wraif.jpg   558x690 82426 bytes 2002.11.12

Another Undead, actually this one represents my friend and Roomie, Merick. He's a wraith, and his name is Wraif. I was going to color him, but with all the back pics I have, I'm not gonna bother. Ooh, red cross. Wraif (c) me

Image: yolkbutt.jpg   639x854 54558 bytes 2001.05.14

Another Yolk. I messed up on the saddle, but her hair's too long for you to notice. Yes, she's an antho birdo, and not technically a furry. But don't bitch or I'll stop drawing her naked! Yolk and her babies (c) me.

Image: yolkmomma.jpg   713x849 91705 bytes 2001.05.12

YOLK! It's Yolk, and her babies! After a tragic egging accident, These little flyer goombas started following her around, thinking she was thie mommy. Since it was her fault thier mommy got egged, she took them in. Yolk and her babies (c) me. \r\n

Image: yolkride.jpg   854x696 128813 bytes 2001.05.22

Yolk! *drool* she is with a specially made saddle and bridle, custome fit to suit her unusual muzzle. Her wide hands make it easy to ride, and Yolk's docile nature makes her the perfect companion for short trips. Just don't take her for long rides or else you may end up with an exhausted nude biroshi on your hands....not that that's a bad thing. Yolk (c) me.

Image: yolkschoolgirl.jpg   489x609 64170 bytes 2003.02.23

wai wai! Here's someone you haven't seen in a while. Iiiiit's Yolk! Everyone's favorite birdoshi in a sexy school uniform. Mmmm, she loock just ripe for a spanking doesn't she? Yold (c) me

Image: zombibishovday2.jpg   561x760 121772 bytes 2003.02.24

Late Valentines day pic. Bleh. Blarg. Chest ripiness. He dyes his pubes! Rancid (c) me. Bleeeahahaha.

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