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Image: despair.jpg   600x780 344918 bytes 2000.11.12

Anothe atmospheric piece.\r\nAn angel of some type is taken prisoner\r\n by some kind of supernatural Lord of Evil.\r\nThis was supposed to be one of a series of plates-\r\nThe next one would have been a Knight challenging the Evil Lord to battle, \r\nfinishing through several plates to the angel's rescue by the Knight.\r\nBut I ran out of enthusiasm by the time I finished this one, \r\nand never did any of the others.\n

Image: dragonvsplane.gif   1080x1449 208349 bytes 1999.11.08

This is an older pic; but a favorite of mine.\r\nThe aircraft is a Pfaltz DIII- a competitor of the better known Albatross series.\r\n The Pfaltz was a little less maneuverable than the Albatross types, but because it was a tougher mount, and able to take more abuse without falling apart, it was a favorite choice as a balloon buster.\r\nThis illo originally went to a story I had where a WW1 German pilot just after the armistice suddenly found himself in a world where evil dragon lords terrorized poor furry peasants.\r\n The pilot decided to even the odds.- and went back to recruit his squadron mates, and some allied pilots to fight the dragon lords with their canvas falcons and aerial machine guns.\n

Image: dragonwarrior.jpg   600x770 78461 bytes 2000.09.25

A random dragonish fighter.\r\nThe weapon is a Madu- a middle eastern design.\r\nI used one when I was a fighter in the SCA- it is designed \r\nfor stabbing or shield punching only; you can't slash with the\r\nblades due to the angle it forces your hand into.\n

Image: edbainimage.jpg   498x650 171053 bytes 2004.01.28

Winning pic done for Ebdain during the pawpets charity telethon auction.\r\nThen I mis-spelled his name on the original.\r\nD'oh!

Image: FFScoverimage.jpg   458x700 93720 bytes 2002.08.13

This is the completed cover art for the next issue of Fantastic Furry Stories from Shanda Fantasy Arts.\r\nI worked my ass off to get this one done in time for the deadline.\r\n(It was a rough couple months- couldn't even decide on a final layout till the last minute.)

Image: foxgirl.gif   527x673 22368 bytes 1999.11.08

just a generic, cute toon vixen.\r\n \r\n\n

Image: foxshark.gif   599x775 43546 bytes 1999.11.08

A gentle poke in fun at Amara.\n

Image: furryhead1.gif   263x255 8433 bytes 1999.11.08

The final design selected by Shanda Fantasy Arts for a temp. tattoo they were working on- it was used for a T-shirt, as well.\n

Image: furryhead2.gif   261x261 7355 bytes 1999.11.08

One of the designs that was not selected.\n

Image: Hanno&Loris.gif   327x530 52451 bytes 1999.11.08

This is actually Neres and Keres, Loris' children from Brock's stories of the same name.\r\n(For those interested, these stories are printed in the fanzine Yarf!, and will be available shortly in a collected format from Silverfox publishing.)\n

Image: haremvixnew.jpg   441x570 52830 bytes 2003.02.11

More harem girl goodness..

Image: ironbadger.jpg   530x726 88739 bytes 1999.11.07

I have a liking for pulp style advnture.\r\nAfter seeing the movie "The Mummy", \r\nI had to draw The Iron Badger in a pseudoegyptian setting, seeking danger,\r\nand to stop the evil one!\n

Image: Jaguarundi.jpg   542x730 95399 bytes 1999.10.06

My part of an art trade with Jag. It is thanks to her that I have anything in my archive, since I don't have a scanner!\r\n \r\n\n

Image: keyo.jpg   600x777 120561 bytes 2000.11.12

The last member of the Adventurers!\r\nAlong with Chun, Torval, and Morra-\r\nFrom the story I couldn't seem to finish.\n

Image: landsknechts.jpg   600x825 150084 bytes 2001.06.09

Some Landsknechts; Mercenary soldiers of the rennaisance period, from the holy roman empire.\r\nThey were recruited mostly from german peasants, and were noted for their incredibly gaudy and flamboyant clothing.

Image: legion.jpg   600x827 117255 bytes 2000.11.12

A minor officer of the French Foreign Legion\r\n in North Africa in the 20s.\r\nI drew this piece after seeing "The Mummy."\n

Image: lion.jpg   600x767 214617 bytes 2000.11.12

Image: Loris.gif   328x524 34999 bytes 1999.11.08

An illo from the Collected Hanno & Loris,\r\nwritten by Brock Hoagland, and available some time soon from Silverfox publishing.\n

Image: lyssette.jpg   600x810 116595 bytes 2000.11.12

Dana Evans' character out of Tai-Pan.\r\nA black panther, (Which is actually a melanistic leopard or jaguar in real life-\r\nThere is no such thing as a seperate and distinct species called "black panther.")\r\n She was an interesting character though- lots of piercings and considered sex an art form.\r\nI liked her, but I haven't had any contact with Dana in years.\n

Image: MandyBadger.jpg   460x600 148736 bytes 2003.11.24

For mah badger girl!

Image: Morra.gif   608x808 73839 bytes 1999.11.07

The mage and Chun's love interest from the adventurers.\r\nMorra is a coyote, for those interested.\n

Image: mousethief.jpg   600x825 62999 bytes 2001.06.09

A character for my friend Brock Hoagland.

Image: obsdragon.jpg   600x768 162137 bytes 2000.09.25

An Obsidian Dragon.\r\nAn older creation of mine, I haven't done a lot with them,\r\nbut they are kind of neat.\n

Image: old1.jpg   600x825 115400 bytes 2001.07.23

Image: old16.jpg   500x754 46905 bytes 2001.07.23

Image: old17.jpg   500x579 58699 bytes 2001.07.23

Image: old7.jpg   600x825 127115 bytes 2001.07.23

Image: oldselfportrait.gif   389x565 30745 bytes 1999.11.07

As the name says- in my Teddy Roosevelt uniform. (Which I occasionally wear to cons.)\n

Image: perrissa.jpg   600x767 140287 bytes 2000.11.12

Brock Hoagland's leopardess assasin character, Perissa.\n

Image: quakebadger.jpg   600x770 69926 bytes 2000.09.25

is it a surprise I love the original "Quake?"\r\nThis piece inspired me to do some costuming-\r\nas of this writing, I have finished the armor,\r\nand am working on the mask to hit the cons as the quake badger.\r\nBe afraid- be very afraid....\n

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