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Image: auction.jpg   800x701 71932 bytes 2002.08.18

Wanna look like a furry? you DO? With the magic of photo editing that can come true! Visit my auction at furbid...\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nall art copyright me.\r\n\r\nThe person on top is ME! :p

Image: cat.jpg   771x911 81132 bytes 2002.06.11

this guy is 2001 Steve Farfan\r\n\r\nme.

Image: nasaiyo.jpg   400x719 37883 bytes 2002.06.11

Nasaiyo is 2002 Steve Farfan\r\n\r\nAt first I thought of making it genderless... I like her\r\nbetter this way! Girls look cool!

Image: Solid.jpg   500x784 61218 bytes 2002.06.11

Orange is a color that really has been forgotten.\r\nAll the other colors mean something, but not orange.\r\n\r\nTo remember the cool color I drew solid\r\nsolid is Steve Farfan ... me.

Image: tomi.jpg   530x728 45417 bytes 2002.07.04

oh no! It's a color inverted image! \r\nThis is Tomi blue's actual colors.\r\nHe is copyright 2001 Steve Farfan <-- me

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