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Image: library1.jpg   457x648 55632 bytes 2002.01.15

Cover art from last year, acrylic on illo board. About 10 x 15 in.

Image: rift1.jpg   810x498 40808 bytes 2002.01.15

Dramatic terrain on Fehnnia (Elin Winkler's Tales of the Fehnnik world), the Great Central Rift, what would be a mid-ocean spreading rift is instead a vast deep desert valley, amost 3000Km long and 500Km wide, on average 1500m below sea level. Watercolor and acrylic on illo board, about 10x15 in.

Image: ermas.jpg   469x640 29213 bytes 2002.01.15

Pencil and airbrushed acrylic on canvas Erma bit. 12x18 in.

Image: ermab.jpg   517x640 32984 bytes 2002.01.15

Simple pencil and airrbrusehd acrylic Erma bit. On canvas, 9 x 12 in.

Image: girld.jpg   561x839 35078 bytes 2002.01.15

"Girl in a dream, sitting on a pillow, waiting for night to come..." I've always loved the old Three Dog Night tune. Acrylic on illo board, about 8 x 12 in.

Image: Zim1.jpg   527x600 47891 bytes 2002.01.14

Anthropomorphized Invader Zim and freinds.

Image: 2001cc.jpg   460x650 42344 bytes 2002.01.14

Our Christmas card for 2001. Waterrcolor and acrylic on illo board. About 8 x 10 In.

Image: nf1.jpg   1035x1314 261719 bytes 2001.02.08

sketch book request of cuddling fennecs

Image: captjw.jpg   516x850 55148 bytes 2001.01.20

Capt Jack Washington and his P-61A in the South Pacific

Image: hadj2.jpg   486x648 154440 bytes 2001.01.09

A close up of a larger peice, a Family of Fehinnks on a Hadj find cover from the hot day's sun. From Elin Winkler's Fehnniks c 2001. watercolor on canvas\n

Image: witch.jpg   393x648 62144 bytes 2001.01.03

"Season of the Witch" by Donovan got me to thinking of this one. Rather cropped in image due to not big enough scanner. Watercolor and acrylic on canvas.\n

Image: srabbit.jpg   378x507 43698 bytes 2001.01.03

"Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids" in a whole new light. Pandar for FC2001. \n

Image: ccr2000.jpg   1104x1600 142867 bytes 2000.12.20

My alternate Christmas card for 2000. The Seargent and his Grand Niece enjoying his Holiday Leave. watercolor\n

Image: cc2000.jpg   1643x1028 96733 bytes 2000.12.20

Our Christmas card for 2000. My sweet Jasmine and the deamon dog Dru waiting for something exciting to happen with all those mystery packages. Watercolor and pencil\n

Image: ready.jpg   808x956 78386 bytes 2000.11.14

A simple line art of a Federal WotR Infantry.\n

Image: erma4.jpg   952x1532 91317 bytes 2000.11.14

Another large monochrome sketch in acrylic and pencil on canvas. This technique would be used as an underpainting, layering on transperent glazes of color for a finished painting, but I'm short on time for Midwest Furfest and this and others will go as is. Still a stiking effect. \n

Image: erma3.jpg   652x1050 71197 bytes 2000.11.14

More monochrome acrylic and pencil. In this case, a much larger peice, 12x16" (somewhat cropped as my scanner isn't that big) on canvas. Erma and young Rojigo\n

Image: erma2.jpg   809x1403 66590 bytes 2000.11.14

some new experiments with pencil and acrylic. Just a simple monochrome study of Erma in her post EDF days.\n

Image: natives.jpg   955x752 96269 bytes 2000.11.10

A simple watercolorsketchbook request of some Spontoon Island girls grooming and gossipping. Done at Conifur. \n

Image: odonata.jpg   1475x1147 104144 bytes 2000.11.10

Sketch of the two-crew Odonata fighter from Tales of the Fehnnik. Not shown are the thrust vanes, like long thin dragonfly wings, that propell the craft. It is not, however, an ornithopter. The vanes simply aim the plasma jet thrust and provide some aerodynamic lift while in the atmosphere, then can swivel to vector thrust for exoatmospheric maneuvering.\n

Image: vixen.jpg   653x444 15146 bytes 2000.11.01

Monochrome pencil and airbrushed acrylic study of a few years ago.\n

Image: Dru.jpg   407x514 12850 bytes 2000.10.31

Anthropomorphized image of my Wife's deamon dog Dru, also featured as a character in Albedo. An ill-tempered little terrier-cross, now nearly seventeen years old.\n

Image: 7wis.jpg   509x627 51356 bytes 2000.10.31

Sort of self-portrait as a private in Co.I Seventh Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteers as they appeared in the spring of 1863. In general, the nine-button coat and black hat would be the normal formal enlisted infantry uniform, but the optional four-button "sack coat" and small "forage" cap was more common in most other units while in the field. Acrylic and watercolor on gessoed board.\n

Image: h.c.pose.jpg   669x412 60024 bytes 2000.10.31

Older bit of a Homo Cetacea Orca. Acrylic on canvas.\n

Image: Hptmn.jpg   669x412 42401 bytes 2000.10.31

A Luftwaffe Hautpmann (Captain) standing by his Bf109G10 in the Winter of '44/'45. Airbrushed acrylic. \n

Image: H.C.delphis.jpg   643x530 16004 bytes 2000.10.31

One of the other subspecies of Homo Cetacea. There are about a dozen variations, roughtly analogous to several whale and dolphin species. Airbrushed acrylic. \n

Image: sbrcat.jpg   493x627 20792 bytes 2000.10.31

Another Frazetta parody done some years ago. Airbrushed acrylic\n

Image: Shayzorr2.jpg   1168x1655 68748 bytes 2000.08.24

Shayzorr Zodd, scion of the august house Zodd, in cerimonial armor and holding the Zodd honors standard, as a formal portrait apon his commissioning. Cover art for Tales of the Fehnnik 2. Watercolor on board \n

Image: oldfart.jpg   843x757 70873 bytes 2000.08.15

Here's the old fart playing soldier at Ft Stellicoom in May. Co.I 7th Reg. of Wisconsin Vol. Inf.\n

Image: fhkink3.jpg   605x736 51293 bytes 2000.08.10

Inky bits for Tales of the Fehnnik work\n

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