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Image: CTFP3a.jpg   1242x1617 539167 bytes 2002.02.20

After a month of drawing everything BUT Catch The Fox, you may see some improvement.

Image: CTFP4a.jpg   1225x1598 551592 bytes 2002.04.20

This just keeps getting less and less coherent :p

Image: CUTTER.jpg   1500x1140 120354 bytes 2002.01.18

Hi-Res picture of the C.U.T.T.E.R. submachine gun. Guns are good, femmes are better... keep yer skirt on, lad!

Image: Declun.jpg   680x1349 116540 bytes 2001.10.18

Lemme explain this picture...\r\n\r\nTotally off site, I have been writing a fanfic for the Extinctioners. A really good one. I am a far better writer than I am an artist, obviously, cause my art is as mediocre as it gets, if not worse.\r\nAnyway! I tried a different style of muzzle, that worked okay. I also designed the superhero/military costume and think it turned out moderately okay. Skintight is easier than I thought!

Image: Declun_Charsheet.jpg   982x769 161697 bytes 2002.08.07

Declun's Character Sheet, done in a similar fashion to Shawntae's... so I'm an admirer, can ya blame me?

Image: Disposable_Henchfur.jpg   450x626 66634 bytes 2003.04.01

Another image pulled from the artistic ass of Steve Swanson... enjoy!\r\n\r\nEvery villain needs legions of specified henchmen/women to employ... whether you don't want to be hassled by the neighbors for 'borrowing' their grill for permanent use in your evil lair, or you need a non-legal solution to copyright infringement, or if you just need to protect yourself from those pesky superspies.\r\n\r\nThe case is no different with S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M., the first line of villainy in Nick Hardin's "Jewel Vixens", and the world's first color coordinated evil empire! Spies attempting to infiltrate their organization have reputedly laughed to death. The reason, so far, is unclear... \r\n

Image: Dossiers-_Sapphire.jpg   1024x768 308287 bytes 2003.09.09

Quiet, shy, timid- these are good words that have nothing to do with Sapphire. A veteran of the 1960's superspy craze, Sapphire has been granted the opportunity to lead her own team of operatives, the Jewel Vixens. A quick thinker and combat genius as well as a renowned supermodel, Sapphire may not be the perfect vixen, but she's damned close.

Image: EchoCharSheet.jpg   825x638 118956 bytes 2001.12.05

For "Dust" (AKA Season II). The character sheet for "Echo", the team demolitions specialist.

Image: ElseworldsPreview.jpg   601x676 158449 bytes 2003.08.30

This is, hopefully, a panel from the Extinctioners: Elseworlds annual, with a retro take on the Extinctioners. It's gonna take a lot of patience and a bit of brain damage to get this done. Fortunately, I have plenty of the latter.

Image: Emerald_Swimsuit.jpg   567x746 138320 bytes 2003.12.11

>> Emerald \r\n>Fox breed: Red\r\n>Age: 20\r\n>Eyes: Green\r\n>Fur: Orange and white with dark brown ears, gloves, and boots\r\n>Cup size: C\r\n>Place of Birth: Chicago, IL\r\n>Team occupation: Interrogator and Weapons\r\n>Weapon of choice: Ingram Mac 10 (unfortunately, she is forced to carry a slightly smaller gun)\r\n>Friends: Jade, Sapphire\r\n>Likes: guns, action movies, motorcycles, baking cakes\r\n>Dislikes: people calling her “Emmy”\r\n>Skills: Interrogation, Brawling, kicking badguys into their hats.\r\n

Image: EmeraldFolioPreview.jpg   696x559 95539 bytes 2004.07.06

Sorry about the lack of updates, folks. This is why- Depending on a number of factors, the Emerald Folio will feature six more items. The exact price hasn't been determined, but circulation will be limited. Look for a guy in a shirt that reads "Innocent Bystander"

Image: EmeraldSpy.jpg   820x768 165905 bytes 2003.05.04

This is Emerald, of Nick Hardin's "Jewel Vixens". She's the team's psychological warfare expert... a polite term for a very, VERY naughty vixen. Having been passed between prison after prison for repeated brawls and riots, she was offered pardon under the condition that she apply her special skills as a superspy. In a world full of belligerent, overeducated henchmen, Emerald is the perfect tool to extract intelligence information by means of slapping people silly to get it. It's fortunate that she's on the side of good... \r\n\r\nRight?

Image: Emi_park.jpg   866x970 88447 bytes 2002.08.07

Emi Lockhart... Declun's steady pre-mate. Her face didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but the rest of her looks cute enough.

Image: Fenicia,_Color.jpg   800x1050 232767 bytes 2003.02.05

Mmmmm...\r\n\r\nI am doubly pleased with this picture. I really wish Nova were my character now, though. Ah, well.

Image: Fiona.JPG   800x888 129331 bytes 2001.06.21

Fiona Van Pelt, one of the main characters, and her weapon of choice, the MPL-10

Image: Jade-_Swimsuit.jpg   886x1396 185804 bytes 2003.09.07

She'll melt your heart... right before she blasts you out of your socks! The sultry seductress of the Jewel Vixens, Jade's cool allure masks a keen street smarts and finely tuned combat skills. More than capable of disposing of any jive-ass turkey.\r\n\r\n\r\nBut she can't cook worth a damn.

Image: Jade.jpg   576x793 132322 bytes 2003.09.06

Fox breed: Silver \r\nAge: 19 \r\nEyes: Deep green \r\nFur: Black all over \r\nCup size: BB \r\nPlace of Birth: Tokyo, Japan \r\nTeam occupation: Seductress, Martial Artist\r\nWeapons of choice: 8mm Nambu 14 pistol, Katana/parasol combo \r\nFriends: Emerald, Aquamarine (or so she says) \r\nLikes: Men, soul music, playing around with men, teasing men, teasing Aquamarine, movies, playing pranks, martial arts, showing off \r\nDislikes: people who condescend her \r\nSkills: Seducing, Sneakery \r\n(Character created by Nick Hardin, under Jewel Vixens. Art by Steven Swanson) \r\n\r\n

Image: JaredCommission.JPG   300x633 70110 bytes 2001.02.06

My first commission! Drawn entirely with colored pencils. Can't say I'm as good as half the people on VCL, though. Maybe I should start drawing backgrounds someday.

Image: Jerelle_Complete.jpg   710x579 201452 bytes 2002.02.10

funky posing... still another character from Season II

Image: KantaStalking.jpg   808x1031 195938 bytes 2003.03.18

Colored version of an earlier picture- Certainly adds a little extra something!\r\n\r\n

Image: Maniac.jpg   672x1014 133259 bytes 2003.02.07

Revamped picture of "Maniac", my first mail-in commission. I hope it's satisfactory, dude! :)

Image: Mendoza.jpg   509x671 116263 bytes 2003.11.13

Subtlely paying homage to one of the greatest spy comedies of all time... It's so subtle that I'm sure no one will recognize the connection! \r\n\r\n>Mendoza \r\n>Fox breed: Gray \r\n>Age: 26 \r\n>Eyes: Amber \r\n>Fur: Traditional Grey and white with chestnut/brown markings \r\n>Cup size: WHAT? \r\n>Place of Birth: Kent, England\r\n>Occupation: Advisor and agent/photographer for the Jewel Vixens\r\n>Weapons of choice: The Jewel Vixens\r\n>Friends: The Jewel Vixens \r\n>Likes: Plaid, his job\r\n>Dislikes: Not understanding what’s going on, people who make fun of his hair \r\n>Skills: Uh… being the team’s advisor and agent? \r\nCreated & Copyright Nick Hardin, Artwork by Steven Swanson \r\n\r\n

Image: mendoza_shirtless.jpg   563x782 128492 bytes 2004.08.26

Sorry about the long lapse, folks- it happens when you're compiling portfolio pics for Anthrocon, then going on a two-week vacation afterwards. Fortunately, I return with a little fan service for the ladies...

Image: Morning_Routine.jpg   900x1126 183549 bytes 2003.01.26

Aerie Mulkahey again, less nude than before. She's taller than I would have liked, and a bit over-accented, but it's a nice step along the neverending path to good art, I'll admit.

Image: Onyx.jpg   567x734 87783 bytes 2003.11.16

Onyx \r\n>Fox breed: Silver \r\n>Age: 30 \r\n>Eyes: Bluish-gray \r\n>Fur: Black with white headfur, tailtip, and boots \r\n>Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland (lived in Oregon for the last few years) \r\n>Team occupation: Sniper/sharpshooter \r\n>Weapon of choice: M-21 Match-grade Sniper Rifle \r\n>Friends: Sapphire, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Topaz \r\n>Likes: target practice, teaching the team, pinochle \r\n>Dislikes: People that don’t respect her, people she doesn't trust \r\n>Skills: Marksmanship, small-arms tactics \r\n\r\n

Image: onyx_m21.jpg   566x872 153311 bytes 2004.07.16

The comic will be up and running in no time! The last few weeks have seen a lot of preparation for Anthrocon, where this picture was created.

Image: Onyx_Swimsuit.jpg   610x805 82210 bytes 2003.07.16

Onyx is the Jewel Vixens' weapons expert. She's generally cool and nonchalant, with a very level head and a dry, mature sense of humor. She is well versed in a variety of weapons, particularly sniper rifles, as she demonstrated by thwarting a 1968 assassination attempt where 30 assassins tried to murder Charles DuGalle, all at the same time! Tough and tender, true to her Irish heritage, Onyx is the one to call when you need someone to watch your back.

Image: Pimp_Panther_&_Fast_Food.jpg   621x798 195019 bytes 2003.12.01

No, wait! Put the gun down! I can explain!\r\n\r\nRecently I entered a 'lil writing competition over at Club Extinctioners, and, remarkably, won. Since the competition was just for fun, there wasn't really any associated prize.\r\n\r\nSo, nutjob I am, I decided to try drawing my own victory picture, featuring two of the main characters, Tamar and Max Blackrabbit, as their superhero personas...\r\n\r\nOkay, now you can shoot.

Image: Pissed!.jpg   900x1118 261642 bytes 2003.02.19

Picture of Aelius Tennefurr, Nick Hardin's fursona and character in the GSIF. He's a heavy-hitter with electrokinesis, but also a loving mate and (maybe soon) father. He carries a fighting staff to channel electricity much like a Tesla beam, but isn't above using his two nine-millimeter pistols (though, in all honesty, he's a terrible shot!).

Image: Platano,_Republic_of_Banana.jpg   625x809 131111 bytes 2003.11.05

After a warm and very helpful review of this, I've decided to post it as a good establishing picture for one of the Jewel Vixens' many locales: The Republic of Banana. Think of a cross between Havana and Panama City, and you've got Platano, the Republic of Banana's burgeoning capital.

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