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Image: CTFP2.jpg   1240x1607 482095 bytes 2002.02.20

Page 2- you may have noticed that this is a 60's spy parody.

Image: CTFP1.jpg   1219x1605 615257 bytes 2002.02.20

"Catch The Fox"- a 7 page comic submission for the Extinctioners Annual- considering what I'm up against, I pray that I make it in...\r\n\r\nHey! Stop laughing! I know I suck, but I like to think that I'm getting better! :p

Image: Jerelle_Complete.jpg   710x579 201452 bytes 2002.02.10

funky posing... still another character from Season II

Image: Ter.jpg   601x772 148542 bytes 2002.02.10

Another character from Season II

Image: Crossfire.jpg   630x654 166200 bytes 2002.01.27

Photoshop coloring, playing with text, redesigning a character... for an experiment, I'd say this turned out pretty well.

Image: Commando.jpg   1850x1104 110145 bytes 2002.01.22

My second digital coloration ever! It's rough around the edges, but I'm really proud of taking this messy sketch to a nearly photographic picture. heh, it sort of has a "cinematic" feel, I think.\r\n\r\n*sigh*, still got a long way to go, though, but I'm only just beginning...

Image: Aquamarine-COLOR.jpg   750x1039 244828 bytes 2002.01.21

Pic for a friend of mine's character, Aquamarine. This is my first digitally colored picture. I hope Mr. Zog doesn't come and smack me with litigation- Sex Wax, 1970's phoenomenon, (c) Frederick Herzog

Image: ColorCatchTheFox.jpg   900x655 396092 bytes 2002.01.18

In Smashing Technicolor. I like this piccy a lot.

Image: Aveng-Extinct_Color.jpg   1266x1528 298136 bytes 2002.01.18

In color.

Image: CUTTER.jpg   1500x1140 120354 bytes 2002.01.18

Hi-Res picture of the C.U.T.T.E.R. submachine gun. Guns are good, femmes are better... keep yer skirt on, lad!

Image: EchoCharSheet.jpg   825x638 118956 bytes 2001.12.05

For "Dust" (AKA Season II). The character sheet for "Echo", the team demolitions specialist.

Image: 11-30.jpg   825x640 99648 bytes 2001.12.05

Sketch page for 11-30. Best durn Artica pic (actually, ONLY Artica pic) I've ever done.\r\n\r\nThe gun is just a hodgepodge of designs I threw together that looked cool. I think it would work! (still, who cares about the GUN, eh?)

Image: Avengers-Extinctioners.jpg   750x903 134840 bytes 2001.12.05

Inspired by "The Avengers". My friend will add poster stuff to it later, I think\r\n\r\nRed Firefox and Scarlet Starfox (C) Shawntae Howard.\r\n

Image: Supaspy.jpg   600x678 71463 bytes 2001.12.05

Erica "Foxy" Starfox, a la 1960's superspy.\r\n\r\nThanks to Shawntae for letting me dress up his characters like this!

Image: Twin_Scythe.jpg   2161x973 387799 bytes 2001.10.18

Yes! Gun buffs of the world, UNITE!\r\n\r\nOkay... obviously there are none here. I have two reasons for celebration. 1, this is by far my most detailed and wonderful gun design yet, and 2, it is the last picture I will ever have to scan on my craptastic scanner, which is not actually a scanner, but a joke in poor taste.\r\nAnyway! My I'm taking up space tonight... okay. The gun has components similar to the AK-47, the "Sturmgewehr" assault rifle, and the HK G36. It's capital feature is a revolving magazine feed capable of quick-loading and interchanging between two magazines.

Image: Declun.jpg   680x1349 116540 bytes 2001.10.18

Lemme explain this picture...\r\n\r\nTotally off site, I have been writing a fanfic for the Extinctioners. A really good one. I am a far better writer than I am an artist, obviously, cause my art is as mediocre as it gets, if not worse.\r\nAnyway! I tried a different style of muzzle, that worked okay. I also designed the superhero/military costume and think it turned out moderately okay. Skintight is easier than I thought!

Image: Comic_4.jpg   1056x383 113906 bytes 2001.10.18

Strip one of "The Coffee Commies"\r\n\r\nBased on the local Starbucks conflict.

Image: Comic_3!!.jpg   1056x386 102847 bytes 2001.10.18

An appropriate Response

Image: Comic_2!.jpg   1200x457 187261 bytes 2001.10.18

The joys of dealing with morons...

Image: COMIC_1!!.jpg   1800x740 234356 bytes 2001.10.18

Joe Sputz- Strip 1. In vibrant color that good artists may find offensive!

Image: Fiona.JPG   800x888 129331 bytes 2001.06.21

Fiona Van Pelt, one of the main characters, and her weapon of choice, the MPL-10

Image: Trellin.JPG   800x812 158268 bytes 2001.06.16

Trellin, my main character, and his pistol of choice

Image: Steelwind_pg1.JPG   1000x1319 487587 bytes 2001.06.07

The not-so-long awaited page 1... my first "editor" (dad) says there's too much text, but I admit it's a necessary evil to build the story. In any case, sorry, it won't happen again.

Image: Steelwind_pg2.JPG   1000x1331 554888 bytes 2001.06.04

This is page 2 of my action/sci-fi/thriller Steel Wind. The helicopters were tough, but definitely worth it, I think.

Image: 40mm.JPG   576x413 86408 bytes 2001.05.14

Yuck. Not particularly realistic in any way, this was drawn in class with a BALLPOINT PEN. The stats are nifty, and the concept is cool, but everything else, I have to admit, is ridiculous.

Image: AR22.jpg   576x443 36313 bytes 2001.05.14

From my story, this is the AR 22, the standard UNATCO (United Nations Anti Terrorist Coalition) firearm, a 5.52mm Bullpup assault rifle with a 40 round drum. Not too shabby, for now. Gun buffs might notice the resemblance to the GIAT FA-MAS. Most people, however, probably don't.

Image: Sniperwolf.jpg   576x446 38911 bytes 2001.05.05

Image: JaredCommission.JPG   300x633 70110 bytes 2001.02.06

My first commission! Drawn entirely with colored pencils. Can't say I'm as good as half the people on VCL, though. Maybe I should start drawing backgrounds someday.

Image: Pray.JPG   553x1056 66373 bytes 2001.01.17

Ever have one of those days where you just want to... Well, nevermind. Colored in M-Soft Paint, of all programs.

Image: Badass.JPG   1230x1467 73739 bytes 2001.01.13

Wanted to color this one, but it looked better this way. The gun was modeled off a Russian Kalashnikov RPK, though you can't see most of it. Character looks cool too... maybe I should develop him.

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