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Image: Pray.JPG   553x1056 66373 bytes 2001.01.17

Ever have one of those days where you just want to... Well, nevermind. Colored in M-Soft Paint, of all programs.

Image: Raising_Flags-_Color.jpg   455x843 126344 bytes 2002.10.11

Aerie Mulkahey, GSIF commando, displaying her native Jadelandian flag in her own particular idiom...

Image: Ruby.jpg   627x812 142348 bytes 2003.10.17

>Fox breed: Red\r\n>Age: 26\r\n>Eyes: Crimson\r\n>Fur: Deep red with black (Deep brown) ears, gloves, tailtip, and boots\r\n>Cup size: DD (E in certain countries)\r\n>Place of Birth: Houston, TX\r\n>Team occupation: Heavy Weapons\r\n>Weapon of choice: Colt Python .357\r\n>Friends: Her boyfriend, Stanley\r\n>Likes: Stanley, Texas, truckiní, playing acoustic guitar, blowing things up\r\n>Dislikes: Girly women, girly men, girly guns, Tofu\r\n>Skills: Demolitions, frontal assault, playing guitar

Image: ruby_&_stanley.jpg   668x787 205946 bytes 2004.12.12

While Ruby has somewhat of a following, sadly she is already quite enamored by Stanley, a naive country boy who has no idea that his girlfriend rips apart tanks for a living!

Image: Ruby_20k.jpg   638x785 197357 bytes 2005.06.26

20,000 unique hits at! Yee-haw!\r\n\r\nIf you haven't heard the news, take a gander!\r\

Image: Sapphire-_Swimsuit.jpg   800x600 162211 bytes 2003.03.20

The first and foremost member of Nick Hardin's "Jewel Vixens", a raucous ride of hilarity and parody taking place in the anthropomorphic 70's, Sapphire heads up a team of elite superspy/supermodel vixens whose secret exploits primarily involve saving the world from injustice, grave peril, and those who want to dominate it for whatever reason. Sapphire, of the Jewel Vixens. She's the resident arctic fox vixen, though not akin to a certain Artica Lagopus (Copyright Shawntae Howard), for she is a leader figure, a seasoned veteran of the spy trade, and a world famous swimsuit model. She also loves a wide variety of sports ranging from Tennis to Table Tennis, and has a crazed passion for cotton candy.

Image: sapphire_martini.jpg   406x573 62248 bytes 2004.08.26

part of the stuff I drew while on vacation, this is going to be an item in the Sapphire portfolio- in color, of course. I want to see the difference between a 'surprise' folio like Emerald's and a previewed one like Sapphire's. Stay tuned!

Image: Shelby.jpg   1038x499 112648 bytes 2003.09.24

Before you complain... this is admittedly not an anthropomorphic picture, of course, but it DOES pertain to the Jewel Vixens in that it is one of their primary vehicles.\r\n\r\nSo there.

Image: Sisruan_Infantryfur.JPG   750x1136 64912 bytes 2002.08.07

this was fun! Essentially an equivalent to a Russian soldier (apparently switching letters around in names is the 'in' thing in the Extinctioners world) in the Season II plot. This is just your average garden variety badguy, too... kinda justifies a bit 'o good weaponry, doesn't it?

Image: Sleeping_In-Pencil.jpg   800x767 117487 bytes 2003.01.26

Joshua "The Samurai" Knode's Angela Aeon, a commando with a gentle, laid back attitude- when she's off the job. It was a rather satisfying Mustie study, and he enjoyed it, so it was pretty gratifying for all... all except the alarm clock :)

Image: Sniperwolf.jpg   576x446 38911 bytes 2001.05.05

Image: Solid_Vulp.jpg   716x510 66485 bytes 2003.03.05

Three-hour project! Thanks, Brad, for letting me do this... and, in case there's any trouble about it, Metal Gear Solid, the obvious inspiration behind the story, is copyright Konami.

Image: Solid_Vulp__Color.jpg   838x850 116301 bytes 2002.10.23

No, the resemblance is not merely coincidental. This is a request from a colleague at Club Extinctioners of his fursona, Solid Vulp, who is basically an anthropomorphic supersoldier along a similar vein as the hit videogame series. I guess I should kudo MGS, to be safe... \r\n\r\nSolid Vulp (C) Brad Clark \r\nMetal Gear Solid and associated characters (C) Konami \r\n

Image: Stalking.jpg   800x1044 228393 bytes 2003.01.26

Another favor for Aelius... I guess I've got a real weakness for his characters. This is Kanta, more along a spy/operative type, but also a mother and a wife. This naturally causes some personal trouble...\r\n\r\nin any case, Kanta is (c) Nick Hardin

Image: StarfoxLC.jpg   750x970 138396 bytes 2002.10.20

Treading on a lot of occupied territory here, but boy, was it fun! I always saw a resemblance between Scarlet Starfox and Lara Croft, and since It's halloween, I figured I'd dress Her up a bit. Which 'her' is subject to speculation, cause they make a pretty cool match!\r\n\r\nScarlet Ann Starfox (c) Shawntae Howard\r\nLara Croft & "Tomb Raider" (c) Core Design/Eidos Interactive\r\n(I hate legalese...)

Image: Steelwind_pg1.JPG   1000x1319 487587 bytes 2001.06.07

The not-so-long awaited page 1... my first "editor" (dad) says there's too much text, but I admit it's a necessary evil to build the story. In any case, sorry, it won't happen again.

Image: Steelwind_pg2.JPG   1000x1331 554888 bytes 2001.06.04

This is page 2 of my action/sci-fi/thriller Steel Wind. The helicopters were tough, but definitely worth it, I think.

Image: Supaspy.jpg   600x678 71463 bytes 2001.12.05

Erica "Foxy" Starfox, a la 1960's superspy.\r\n\r\nThanks to Shawntae for letting me dress up his characters like this!

Image: Ter.jpg   601x772 148542 bytes 2002.02.10

Another character from Season II

Image: TerrikHangin'Out.jpg   1000x1205 152692 bytes 2003.03.16

Ael's character, Terrik Arrin. This isn't a new picture, but one I thought I uploaded a while back. Sort of a character update.

Image: timocharsheet.jpg   981x810 161405 bytes 2002.08.07

I kept the character sheets clean cause all sorts of people see this... besides, how well do you think I'd do? I rest my case...

Image: topaz.jpg   572x791 175316 bytes 2004.03.05

>Topaz \r\n>Fox breed: Red \r\n>Age: 18 \r\n>Eyes: Gold \r\n>Fur: Bright golden yellow and white with white tailtip, gloves, and boots \r\n>Cup size: B \r\n>Place of Birth: Santa Monica, CA \r\n>Team occupation: Scout/Sneak \r\n>Weapon of choice: Morrison Whitney 9mm Tranquilizer Gun \r\n>Friends: Aquamarine, Onyx \r\n>Likes: The beach, surfing, dancing, hot dogs, hunks, roller skating, hanging out with friends \r\n>Dislikes: She keeps forgetting. \r\n>Skills: Scouting, gymnastics \r\n\r\nCheck out her creator's modelsheet and others at

Image: Topaz_Swimsuit.jpg   619x822 138409 bytes 2003.07.16

Topaz is the Jewel Vixens' primary reconnaisance expert, which often involves elaborate infiltrations, pickpocketing, and breaking into big, secret vaults. Petite, agile, and light footed, this unlikely candidate for a safecracker is actually more of an avid surfer and hipster than a thief or a spy. While her lexicon consists primarily of the words "Like," "Far Out," "Groovy," and "Dude," she is a cunning thief trained well in evasion and, if necessary, escape.

Image: Tracer_At_The_Beach.jpg   558x746 168012 bytes 2002.04.20

Edited pic, now MUCH better than the last version- she's now better muscled, has thicker arms, more realistic hands, and better eyes.

Image: tracercolor.jpg   609x817 127405 bytes 2002.08.19

The character illustration for Rebecca "Tracer" Archer, the team sniper and hard-to-get hottie. A friend of mine noted all sorts and mannerisms of mistakes I'd made in this picture, but I still admit that I like it. Live and learn, I guess...\r\n\r\nAs for the character, she doesn't like being stolen, and she probably doesn't like you. Sorry, but that's just how she is! Tracer (c) me.

Image: Tragedy_and_hope.jpg   504x714 152431 bytes 2002.08.07

Scene from Extinctioners Season II- Dec after a rough day on the job... yes, it's kinda hastily put together, but that aside, I think it's alright.

Image: Trellin.JPG   800x812 158268 bytes 2001.06.16

Trellin, my main character, and his pistol of choice

Image: Twin_Scythe.jpg   2161x973 387799 bytes 2001.10.18

Yes! Gun buffs of the world, UNITE!\r\n\r\nOkay... obviously there are none here. I have two reasons for celebration. 1, this is by far my most detailed and wonderful gun design yet, and 2, it is the last picture I will ever have to scan on my craptastic scanner, which is not actually a scanner, but a joke in poor taste.\r\nAnyway! My I'm taking up space tonight... okay. The gun has components similar to the AK-47, the "Sturmgewehr" assault rifle, and the HK G36. It's capital feature is a revolving magazine feed capable of quick-loading and interchanging between two magazines.

Image: Uniform.jpg   800x1042 152928 bytes 2002.10.11

Arkady "Spooky" Volkov of Extinctioners Season II, with an outlined basic uniform.

Image: Uzi.JPG   1202x1427 231099 bytes 2001.01.12

First experiment with colored pencils. I'm sort of a buff on guns, and I really like the Uzi, but I wish the scanner hadn't screwed it up. I also should have made the picture smaller. Oops.

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