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Image: Villains!_Diego_Fresas.jpg   626x655 119989 bytes 2003.10.08

One of the many villains of the Jewel Vixens, Colonel Diego Fresas is the corrupt, hilariously inept military dictator of the Republic of Banana, an obscure Central American nation with a fruit-based economy and multiple ties to evil organizations. At left is one of his bodyguards, a member of the elite Banana Republican Guard. At right is one of Diego's many fruit-hatted mistresses.

Image: Yoink!_(Ruby_Swimsuit).jpg   822x1127 276976 bytes 2003.04.03

You finally get the time in your busy world-saving schedule to take a relaxing trip to the beach, and, like clockwork, some moron sends his goons to try and assassinate you!\r\nAs a Jewel Vixen (all vixens owned and operated by Nick Hardin), life can get quite frustrating when, while spending valuable vacation time, the grim reality of dumb henchmen comes to plague you. Luckily, as Ruby, the largest Jewel Vixen (in more ways than one) is demonstrating, dealing with badguys in good form, flair, and humor can liven those harsh realities.\r\n\r\n

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