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Image: zero102599.gif   725x240 65988 bytes 2000.02.05

Zero: Episode #2. October 25, 1999. Zero:\n

Image: renee1.gif   519x700 80749 bytes 2000.02.05

Renee is a character from my comic series Zero. She is good friends with Kyle, and would love more than anything to play bass in a punk band. Unfortunately, Renee does not own a bass guitar, and does not know how to play one. Zero:\n

Image: daedra1.gif   325x580 42239 bytes 2000.02.04

Daedra was my first anthropomorphic creation. She loves to have fun, and makes sure others are having fun as well. She has a habit (some would call it annoying) of picking up her friends and taking them for an aerial ride... whether they asked for one or not.\n

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