VCL Artist Stormy :: Information

Basic Information

Hello! I am Sie! You may know me as Sie or Kate or possibly even Stormy. I float around a lot on 'Souls RPG these days, although I can be found in a few other places, as well. If you'd like to know more, my personal site is a good place to start.

I've been on VCL the longest of any galleries, and though it primarily houses my older art, I do plan to stick around on here -- the longevity of my stay (since 2001!) as well as the fact that I can upload mature art, should I feel frisky enough to make any, has me pretty well stuck to this place. :3 However, you may find that in recent times I have been making an effort to make more digital art -- as this gallery here only houses very old examples of digital art, I'm making something of an effort in separating my galleries. Therefore, you may wish to check out some of the other places and galleries where I upload art.

Comments, Critiques, Etc

When I comment, I typically attempt to give some sort of constructive criticism, whether it's to the finished image itself or potential reoccurring areas of weakness in an artist's work. As artists, we should strive to improve our art, and I am no different from the rest. I love to receive comments that offer advice, criticism, or other helpful hints. Naturally, I appreciate compliments, from detailed ones to simple "good work :)" type comments, and even if I do not reply to every comment, I read them! Thank you for taking the time to comment! If you wish to comment on my art, you can e-mail me.


I have a lot of “homes” on the Internet, and while I don't have them all stored in one particular place (I need a home base, ack!) if you want to float around and check some things out, here you go:

Commissions, Trades, Requests

For more information about any of this stuff, please see my commission site. Note the status of commissions -- they may be OPEN or CLOSED. Request and trade information can be found there as well -- note that I don't take random requests, however, and my ability to trade art is pretty dependent on whether or not I have commissions to do. :)