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Image: da-mirutes_sheet_copy.jpg   815x581 126844 bytes 2013.05.14

Commission, Mirutes Mwiyni, 'Souls RPG. Another on/off special.

Image: da-anton.jpg   832x573 100656 bytes 2013.05.14

Commission. Anton Arkadi. Really pretty character, I enjoyed this. Another on/off special offered through 'Souls.

Image: 2013-aprmay-commissions.png   900x471 84967 bytes 2013.05.14

Commissions - 2013 Apr/May. Offered through slots on 'Souls RPG. All characters from 'Souls.\r\n\r\nFirst two are Kentaro Lykoi: on/off special, showing character naked and clothed. Third is Safina Snowbird: chat pose. Fourth is the dark four-legged wolf, Dieter Kohler: chibi. Fifth is Samuel Dean Menue: chat pose.

Image: dravatar-bg.png   487x483 53826 bytes 2012.09.07

Draugr Avatar

Draugr helsi of

Image: marit.png   854x603 98664 bytes 2012.09.07

Commission: Marit Threadshot

Commission of Vesle Soul and Emwe Soul of

Image: 2012julycommissions.jpg   1000x797 163749 bytes 2012.09.07

2012 July Commissions

Most of these belong to Kahilli and are WWS characters! The others -- the pretty silver girl and the dark guy in the middle -- belong to Rebel, and are of the same game. :3

Image: 2012julyposes.png   834x543 88502 bytes 2012.09.07

2012 July Poses

Vasiliy Russo (me), Machidael Sutekh Lykoi (me), Levent Kartal (Raze) -- all of

Image: erispan-sig.png   500x697 51091 bytes 2012.09.07

eris & pandemic

Eris Eternity and Pandemic D'Angelo of

Image: 2012-july-commissions.jpg   1400x852 255516 bytes 2012.07.29

2012 July Commissions

Commissions from July.

Image: machidael.png   454x626 48149 bytes 2012.07.17

Machidael Sutekh Lykoi

Machidael Sutekh Lykoi of

Tags: jackal coyote wolf werewolf hybrid machidael lykoi   [Comment]
Image: eclipse-bg.png   557x607 68733 bytes 2012.07.16

Commission: Eclipse and Horse

Commission of Eclipse from

Image: 2012-june-commissions.png   1299x982 218138 bytes 2012.07.13

2012 June Commissions

All from\r\n\r\nLeft: Miskunn Stormbringer, commission for Jess\r\nTop Middle: Reykr Helsi, commission for J\r\nMiddle: Demetrius, commission for Nat\r\nBottom: Lavinia, commission for Nat\r\nRight: Ophelia, commission for Nat

Image: machi-2012.png   1112x868 134657 bytes 2012.07.13

machidael sutekh lykoi

Machidael Sutekh Lykoi of\r\n\r\n50% Egyptian Jackal, 25% North eastern Coyote, 6% Dog (breeds unknown), 6% Red wolf

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Image: aniwaya-naming.png   841x882 140151 bytes 2012.07.13

AniWaya Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremony for the AniWaya pack of\r\n\r\nCommissioned by Marit

Image: myrika_tears_by_00129-d576skg.jpg   900x592 91648 bytes 2012.07.13

myrika tears of, designed by

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Image: 2012_adoptables.jpg   493x785 89314 bytes 2012.07.13

2012 Adoptables

Top Left: Miqui Kimaris, an adoptable character.\r\n\r\nTop Right: Marika Russo, an adoptable character.\r\n\r\nBottom: Sepirah Lykoi. <3\r\n\r\nAll from

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Image: marya_russo.jpg   476x1296 143281 bytes 2012.07.13

Marya Russo

Marya Russo, an adoptable character of

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Image: myrives.png   555x587 90162 bytes 2012.07.13

Myrika Tears and Vesper

Myrika Tears and Vesper of

Image: levent_copy.jpg   658x715 109382 bytes 2012.02.17

Commission: Levent

Commission of Levent of 'Souls RPG. He belongs to Raze. :3

Tags: wolf werewolf hybrid canine canis lupus wolves werewolves luperci souls   [Comment]
Image: chatposes3.png   1272x466 113501 bytes 2012.02.17

Chat Poses 3

Chat pose commission for Nuki of Juliet Takekuro, Zalen Damaichu, and Titania Moonsong, all of 'Souls RPG.

Tags: wolf werewolf hybrid canine canis lupus wolves werewolves luperci souls  
Image: sepirah-bg.png   524x850 58160 bytes 2012.02.17

Sepirah Jendayi Lykoi

Commission for Rose of Sepirah Lykoi of 'Souls RPG.

Tags: wolf werewolf hybrid canine canis lupus wolves werewolves luperci souls  
Image: chatposes2.png   680x492 72487 bytes 2012.02.17

Moar chat poses.\r\n\r\nFirst one is Tony, a commission for Rose.\r\n\r\nSecond is Myrika, my character as designed by Kiriska@deviantART.\r\n\r\nThird is Khirot Marae, an adoptable slave of the Salsola pack.\r\n\r\nAll characters are from 'Souls RPG.

Tags: wolf werewolf hybrid canine canis lupus wolves werewolves luperci souls   [Comment]
Image: ezekiel-bg.png   403x464 65497 bytes 2012.02.17

ezekiel de le poer

Ezekiel de le Poer of 'Souls RPG. He belongs to Mel.

Tags: wolf werewolf hybrid canine canis lupus wolves werewolves luperci souls   [Comment]
Image: ataxia-bg.png   488x515 67944 bytes 2012.02.17

ataxia d'angelo

Adult Ataxia D’Angelo in her Optime form. She was initially supposed to be pretty dark, and she probably will be throughout childhood, but she’ll start to get grayer and lighter as she ages, probably ending up around this shade of pale silver.\r\n\r\nShe’s presently available for adoption at ‘Souls RPG for interested roleplayers. I’m picky, though, since she’s Eris’s kid. >_>

Tags: wolf werewolf hybrid canine canis lupus wolves werewolves luperci souls   [Comment]
Image: ithielLystrabg.jpg   750x715 99817 bytes 2012.01.30

ithiel + lystra

ithiel de le poer, one of my characters at 'Souls RPG (, and his horse Lystra.\r\n\r\nsketchy/doodly coloring, especially on lys, but whatevs.

Image: sylvey-art_copy.png   1116x516 95909 bytes 2012.01.24

commission: atreyu and artrax

commission for sylvey of a character for 'Souls RPG. there's actually a long, long biography that goes along with this i'm thinking about uploading. :3 character belongs to Sylvey.\r\n\r\n:iconbleedingsouls:

Image: poses.png   858x658 102472 bytes 2012.01.18

poses practices

poses practice. ithiel (the dude all the way to the right) is the only one I'd consider truly "finished" out of this bunch. c: all characters for 'Souls RPG.\r\n\r\neris (the black one) and ithiel (all the way to the right, dark) belong to me; myrika is *Kiriska's design, and wisteria is ~quicksilverx's character.\r\n\r\nwisteria is also available for adoption at 'Souls RPG.

Image: alaine-fin.png   566x950 107392 bytes 2012.01.18


commission for ~Mentalities of her character kastra hunting of 'Souls RPG.

Image: angel-transparent.png   280x750 45694 bytes 2012.01.18


commission for rose for her character Angel of 'souls rpg. c:

Image: vale.jpg   650x1014 112447 bytes 2012.01.18


commission for sylvey. there's another dude for this, but it uses the same lineart, recolored, so I am only uploading this one. c:


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