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Image: helotes_copy.png   921x1311 145740 bytes 2012.01.18

helotes lykoi

My half of a trade. C: Helotes Lykoi, Kaena's grandson by Kerberos. He belongs to toast4nat@deviantART. <3

Image: twilight-miqui-siv-harrow.png   1604x450 161332 bytes 2011.11.27

twilight, miqui, siv, and harrow

Twilight Hallow, Miqui Kimaris, Siv Helsi, and Harrow D'Angelo, respectively.\r\n\r\nThey're all adoptable characters at 'Souls RPG. The latter two -- Harrow and Siv -- have players now, but Twilight and Miqui are still available for roleplay.

Image: priest-sig.png   1200x686 115909 bytes 2011.09.08

Commission: Priest de le Poer

Priest de le Poer (belongs to Kiki) of 'Souls RPG.

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Image: sypriest-sig.png   1200x868 169881 bytes 2011.09.08

Commission: Symera and Priest

Priest (belongs to Kiki) of 'Souls RPG.

Image: apaqt_notes.png   593x1189 141058 bytes 2011.09.01

commission: apaqt saqaliet

another one for sylvey. c:

Image: symera.png   1365x1248 262799 bytes 2011.09.01

commission: symera

symera. she belongs to Sylvey. C:

Image: machi_big.png   777x755 117682 bytes 2011.09.01

machidael sutekh lykoi

another character i roleplay. he has a gold tooth. awesome.

Image: myrika.png   1004x894 138150 bytes 2011.09.01

myrika tears

myrika tears. i roleplay her, but Kiriska (on dA and FurAffinity and probably 238912301 other places) designed her.

Image: erislark.png   1636x820 137315 bytes 2011.06.14

Eris and Larkspur

Larkspur D'Angelo and Eris Eternity of 'Souls RPG. Larkspur is &copy; Mel, and Eris is &copy; K. Walsh. Both are characters at 'Souls RPG.\r\n\r\nI guess Eris is trying to divine something from guts.

Image: _commish-shae-sig.png   950x507 72316 bytes 2011.04.12

Commission - Magnolia Monroe

Commission of Magnolia Monroe of 'Souls RPG. :3 character is Shaeniire/Kate.

Image: _commish-viking-final-sig.jpg   423x950 82292 bytes 2011.04.05


Commission for Noelle of her character Viking Sigurdr, resident of the Anathema pack at 'Souls RPG. Viking (C) to Noelle~\r\n\r\nViking is a burlyman. :D

Image: sylvey_final.jpg   1350x653 156476 bytes 2011.04.04

Commission - Sylvey

Commission of Puck and Santi, Sylvey's characters. They are finger-painting with puppy blood/ash (the red on the wolf's shoulder is blood; the spots are ash-blood mixed together), since this concept seemed to cause confusion elsewhere... >_> It actually wasn't originally a puppy, it was a cat, but the commissioner thought the super-duper rough sketch looked like a puppy rather than a cat, and looooved, so I rolled with it.\r\n\r\nThey are also brothers, and both of them are wearing the snakeskin gris-gris thing, though only Santi's is visible. :x I am actually weirdly proud of the way the gris-gris came out, though it may or may not actually resemble snakeskin.

Image: rurik_2010.jpg   550x600 84193 bytes 2010.05.19

Rurik Russo

I feel like I've been using the same avatar for a decade for him, so I guess I scratched this out or something. IDK. I need a tablet, very badly. :|\r\n\r\nRurik is mine, played at since November-ish, 2005 in a few random spurts.

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Image: ryandelepoer.jpg   456x608 87567 bytes 2009.12.20

Ryan de le Poer

Ryan de le Poer of\r\n\r\nAnselm's daughter, Gabriel's second cousin once removed, I think. IDK. I'd have to sit down and sketch out the whole damn tree again. ;P

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Image: rikka.jpg   550x644 134277 bytes 2009.12.20

Rikka de le Poer

Rikka de le Poer of\r\n\r\nKaena's daughter by Ahren de le Poer.

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Image: raze_fullsize.jpg   650x635 150785 bytes 2009.12.20

Razekiel Lykoi

Razekiel Lykoi of\r\n\r\nKaena's son by Astaroth Kimaris, half-sibling to Vieira via him.

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Image: viei.jpg   631x550 100092 bytes 2009.12.20

vieira lykoi

vieira lykoi, for\r\n\r\nKaena's slave-type thing.

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Image: warrior_sie_by_00129.jpg   516x700 86368 bytes 2009.05.28

warrior sie

this was just a doodle i liked that i colored. :D i like the way it came out, though.\r\n\r\nmaterials: markers, colored pencils, ink\r\n\r\nno reference. inspired by fable, I believe.

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Image: anger_by_00129.jpg   507x576 79855 bytes 2009.05.28

angry kae

yeah, another one. \r\n\r\nyou know, I'm honestly not certain if she really has any other emotions. ;D

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Image: deuces_wild_by_00129.jpg   650x515 82024 bytes 2009.05.28

deuces wild

aha, one of my favorite poker hands and nipples. :O yes.

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Image: ST3RILIZ3D_by_00129.jpg   452x640 56117 bytes 2009.05.28


sure wish I was.

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Image: werewolf_maire_by_00129.jpg   666x482 90897 bytes 2009.05.28

werewolf maire

a werewolf form of Maire from Inadequate.

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Image: smoke_and_old_bones_by_00129.jpg   420x665 78748 bytes 2009.05.28

smoke and old bones

eh. some sort of... "self-portrait" I guess. I'm not entirely displeased with it, but eh.

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Image: 4_step_transformation_maire_by_00129.jpg   729x501 147830 bytes 2009.05.28

4 step transformation

aha. i am quite pleased with this. the human is obviously my least favorite, but i like the way the werewolf came out as well as the 3/4ths wolf.

Tags: wolf shift transformation werewolf   [More Info]
Image: who__s_got_problems_now__by_00129.jpg   750x576 117896 bytes 2009.05.28

who's got problems now?

huh, bitch? ;D\r\n\r\nI don't remember if this was a fit of anger at a specific person or anything. Probably not, probably just venting general frustration.

Tags: wolf anger blood beheading decapitation   [More Info]
Image: lovely.jpg   377x650 81111 bytes 2009.05.28


just me and drew. :DD

Tags: wolf love   [More Info]
Image: blacksnake.jpg   548x700 107575 bytes 2009.05.28

a black snake

not really, but... zomg it's a sie.\r\n\r\nit totally wasn't supposed to be a sie at first, but I ended up liking the body before it was a sie, and I ended up liking the face after it became a sie.

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Image: chris_ratagoatwhore.jpg   519x750 87384 bytes 2009.05.28

chris ratagoatwhore

one of my friends, as a rat because he really likes rats.

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Image: smoke.jpg   406x640 72452 bytes 2009.05.28


I'll smoke as long as my birthdays pass\r\nAs long as my paychecks last\r\nAs long as I can't relax\r\nsocratic -- may I bum a smoke?

Tags: wolf smoke   [More Info]
Image: dontgiveuponthedream.jpg   453x600 81725 bytes 2008.07.24

don't give up on the dream


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