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Image: ana_sheet.jpg   142x600 31474 bytes 2006.10.24

Ana. Final, I guess.

Image: ana_skulls.jpg   371x600 77896 bytes 2005.11.30

Image: ananess.jpg   375x500 45000 bytes 2002.10.12

Character Anastasia ; herself\r\nDescription Ana has been bothering me to draw a picture of her for ages.. x_x I finally got around to it, and this is the only piece of shit I can pump out of myself. Rar.\r\nInspiration None.\r\nMaterials Ink on sketch paper.\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 02

Image: anarchist.jpg   329x384 27696 bytes 2002.12.15

character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\ndescription: Stormy in an anarchy sign. o_o; It's funny, my only rank-holding wolf in the anarchy sign.. Kaena or even Moira would have been more appropriate for this -_-; But oh well. =P Yeah, I am somewhat of an anarchist even though my character isn't.. somewhat meaning I think that while a world without government is possible we need to make some social leaps and bounds first. o_o;\r\ninspiration: *shrugs* I was bored in class and something like this entered my strange little head.\r\nmaterials: Ink and colored pencil.\r\nreference: None.\r\n\r\nimage is Stormy 02

Image: anchien3.jpg   232x532 87018 bytes 2001.11.01

An oollddd now-dying character of mine based off my real life mutt, Dewey.. His name is Anchien, he's a pitbull/husky mix. Anchein (C) StormyBlackWolf 2001.

Image: angel-transparent.png   280x750 45694 bytes 2012.01.18


commission for rose for her character Angel of 'souls rpg. c:

Image: angels.jpg   339x600 63714 bytes 2008.07.24

angel's wings

only sometimes. ;)

Image: angelspreadherwings.jpg   500x330 35223 bytes 2002.12.19

Character: Random\r\nDescription: angel of death flying? i dunno.. done today in art class.\r\nInspiration: nothin'\r\nMaterials: ink and watercolor\r\nReference: an angel statue thing in art class\r\n\r\nInspiration:

Image: anger_by_00129.jpg   507x576 79855 bytes 2009.05.28

angry kae

yeah, another one. \r\n\r\nyou know, I'm honestly not certain if she really has any other emotions. ;D

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Image: angry_kaena.jpg   445x600 88319 bytes 2006.10.24

Very angry kaena.

Image: anguish.jpg   370x514 218354 bytes 2001.11.29

ugh. i hate you stormy. i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE you. you're a bitch. you don't have morals. you don't care for anyone but yourself. you can barely live on your own without FUCKING SOMETHING UP. sudden fits of depression cause one to talk to oneself.\r\n\r\n..Stormy the Bitch (C) MYSELF. hah.

Image: aniwaya-naming.png   841x882 140151 bytes 2012.07.13

AniWaya Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremony for the AniWaya pack of\r\n\r\nCommissioned by Marit

Image: ankh.jpg   293x500 93381 bytes 2002.07.03

This was quite random.. Not inspired by anything. Just something that popped into my head.. She's supposed to be Egyptian themed, but you know? What I know about Egyptian culture could fit on the head of my sister, so I just gave her some stereotypical tattoos, like the ankh and the snake ring around her arm.

Image: annoyed.jpg   315x500 49231 bytes 2006.02.26

Annoyed. Gray because I only had gray markers and shit like that with me.

Image: anorexia.jpg   269x500 41747 bytes 2005.12.23

anorexia nervosa

Image: anthro.jpg   350x456 126621 bytes 2001.11.11

random colored pencil of stormsie's anthro form.. stormy (C) kate walsh

Image: anthyclaus.jpg   430x600 68247 bytes 2002.10.18

character : anthony; anthony russo\r\ndescription : jussa random anthyclaus. ^^; and i think i finally figured out how to draw the pot-leaf thing. >< i tried to draw it with the correct number of branch things, but i never could do it and always ended up saying fuck it and just drawing poison ivy and attempting to pass it off as pot. O__o; oh well. i'm not a pothead - i wouldn't fucking know what a leaf looks like anyway. heh.\r\ninspiration: missing friends. :(\r\nmaterials : ink on sketch paper\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: antikhristos.jpg   235x500 49975 bytes 2003.01.23

Character: Antikhristos Diabollein [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Antikhristos, in his 'demon' form. He really has no true form, I guess, but he likes to appear as a .. dragony type thing, black and red to appease people's general misconceptions about demons. His wings [which look creme because my dad's scanner butchered it] are supposed to be white.. so that as he descends upon a dying soul they might be filled with hope that they are being preyed upon by an angel and not a demon... eh. Fantasies of a fourteen year old, I guess.\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: anubis.jpg   383x500 59060 bytes 2002.10.17

character: anubis; those egyptian people.\r\ndescription: I was randomly thinking about a curse I'd read earlier, and I sketched this. The legs suck. But otherwise I like it. XD\r\nInspiration: curse\r\nMaterials : Sketch pencil & paper\r\n\r\nImage is stormy 02

Image: anubis2.jpg   524x700 111300 bytes 2008.04.25


anubis, jackal god of the egyptian dead. as if you didn't know. ;]

Image: anubisblack.jpg   318x696 96561 bytes 2002.11.04

Character: Anubis; to no one because he's a god and you can't copyright shit like that. :)\r\n\r\nDescription: Just.. random Anubis. He's such a popular fucking subject to draw.. And YES, I am actually LEARNING about Egyptian culture now that my World History teacher is showing a video on it. *squeal* ^^;;\r\n\r\nInspiration: None, really.. XD I think I sketched this when watching Queen of the Damned, again, and I liked the body so I gave it a head and such.. probably inspired by Lestat and Stuart Townsend's HOT BODY. Too bad Johnny Depp didn't play Lestat.. he would have made a super-hot super-yummy Lestat.. Heh heh.\r\n\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencil.\r\n\r\nReference: Lestat.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 2002.

Image: anxiety.jpg   600x538 149368 bytes 2002.11.18

Characters : Stormy-kate and Mike ; Kate Walsh and Michael Baird\r\n\r\nDescription : Heh.. Typing well with proper capitalization is cool, people. Anyway. This is Stormykate and Mike.. sorta. I guess; I was bored at about one am a few nights ago and decided that this would be the best way to relieve my boredom. x_x;; Whatever. It's probably an overused pose, but it was inspired by some porn video Mike put on the last time I was over his house... Agaim, whatever. I really need a life or something.. ><;; \r\n\r\nBy the way, my uploads may or may not be scarce, due to my current lack of an in-home scanner. I can scan pictures from my Information Technology class [which means, CLEAN PICTURES ONLY!!!] or my dad's, which means, takes forever to email them to my house. Ah, well; my image-editing program should be at my dad's soon enough anyhow, which would seriously cut down the time it takes for me to upload things. As it is, this image was scanned at my father's - which explains the.. darkness and clarity of color, I guess; he has an expensive Visioneer scanner which r0x0rz.\r\n\r\nInspiration : One AM boredom/want of mike..?\r\n\r\nMaterials : Ink and colored pencil. Surprisingly, this took me a while to color.. O_o;\r\n\r\nReference : I used my [NOT naked. >_< gah.] body for reference on the almighty Sie, but that's about it for reference on this picture.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 2002.

Image: anything.jpg   405x562 50449 bytes 2003.07.09

Character: Stormy\r\nDescription: Eh.. I don't know.. she's not sitting on anything, but pretend it's there.. I didn't want to cover her dress.. she's leaning on a pole, though?\r\nInspiration: The gangs of new york.\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencil.\r\nReference: None.\r\nTime: Maybe an hour..\r\n\r\nImage is Copyright Stormy.

Image: apaqt_notes.png   593x1189 141058 bytes 2011.09.01

commission: apaqt saqaliet

another one for sylvey. c:

Image: apolleeon.jpg   600x443 98284 bytes 2003.11.06

character: apollyon\r\ndescription: stormy's dragon form. whee.\r\ninspiration: i don't draw enough damn dragons.\r\nmaterials: ink, cp.\r\nreference: nein.

Image: apollyoncg.jpg   400x525 110158 bytes 2001.11.30

BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I fucking love my dragon form. She's.. indomitable, cool, wonderful, and makes ONE HELL OF A PICTURE! ^___^ Apollyon is (C) Stormy, of course. Steal, and I will personally hunt you down to carve my oh-so-sloppy signature into your forehead with a knife. Have a nice day.

Image: archie.jpg   300x429 63518 bytes 2001.11.17

i drew this the night a little kitten we were fostering had major seizures.. ::shakes head:: it was spasming out, panting, and it couldn't stop shaking.. it died in the morning after a night of sitting there in the corner shaking with its eyes bulging out..

Image: areyoueverwrong.jpg   496x597 98390 bytes 2003.04.18

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Blah blah blah.. a handless Stormy. trying to work on colouring pictures. I suck anyway, but I think it's a minor improvement. Wankers.\r\nInspiration: none.\r\nMaterials: Ink and coloured pencil.\r\nReference: None.\r\nTime: 2 hours.\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 03.

Image: arr.jpg   517x700 195107 bytes 2004.06.09

a pirate's life for me!

Image: aryeh.jpg   337x600 46467 bytes 2002.10.12

Character Aryeh, himself\r\nDescription Aryeh paid me a water bottle for this picture.. O_o;;\r\nInspiration None\r\nMaterials Ink on sketch paper\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 02

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