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Image: tablet.jpg   400x423 43656 bytes 2005.02.04

quick doodle on my tablet.\r\n\r\ni like it a little.

Image: formaldehyde.jpg   500x501 92020 bytes 2005.01.17

it's true.\r\n\r\ni've been staunchy childfree since i was eleven or so. i don't like kids and i have no interest in giving birth to one. :]\r\n\r\nain't gonna change.

Image: quicksilver.jpg   700x516 105188 bytes 2005.01.17

for Mel (\r\n\r\nI doodled this, inked it, then I was like, "Damn, this is someone... WHO?" Then I realized, "Oh... Quicksilver! :D" I fucked up a bit, I believe on the hair, mostly. x_x Maybe some piercings I left out and shit. But oh well. Hope she likes--random gift. :3

Image: eat_you_alive.jpg   521x700 163063 bytes 2005.01.02

it looks kind of like a kaena, but it's not. it could have been, but it didn't occur to me post-ink. :]

Image: rurik_thorn_drunky.jpg   600x577 123765 bytes 2004.12.26

rurik, my wolfy character, and his brother Thorn. they're all fucked up on wine and life. :p

Image: cold_somniferum.jpg   590x810 164207 bytes 2004.11.27

"somniferum by the sea"\r\nsomniferum delirium sitting on rocks by the sea at night.again, i'm not too hot at backgrounds... but i'm in love with somniferum and the moodiness of this. :P watercolor, pencil, gel pen, ink, and... CRAYON?! plus a little bit of digital editing.\r\n\r\nif anyone has links for sites with watercolor techniques, or tutorials, i'd love to see them. <3

Image: summersend.jpg   635x810 205255 bytes 2004.11.26

"summer's end"\r\nnot quite an accurate title, more like winter's end... but i like it anyhow. i drew this all today. it took me a while. i'm not so hot with backgrounds, but, eh... oh well, i guess. =/

Image: 1smallwolf.jpg   737x727 118433 bytes 2004.11.04

uh... this took me a while. i'm not sure if it's that good, but i like it, and it's probably going to be some part of the new BS website layout, if i can ever get around to starting it, finishing the RP guide, and doing a new acetonic layout. no i'm not busy. \r\n\r\ni started this before the election when i had hope, and finished it today. i did it entirely with my tablet, no scanned sketch beforehand. done in photoshop 7. i tried to do it in corel photopaint, and in openCanvas, and in Illustrator, but i don't have a good enough grasp of either of those programs. moon picture from [link] .\r\n\r\ncompression killed my gradient in the background, but it looked like poopie without the gradient, since you couldn't see the outline and i didn't want a gray or totally blue sky. i had to compromise.

Image: stormsie.jpg   545x700 117516 bytes 2004.10.09

probably the best reference sheet i've made so far, she hasn't changed much, but i've never really done a good reference picture of her. =3\r\n\r\n21 grams is an excellent movie.

Image: dead_girl.jpg   345x927 110638 bytes 2004.08.20

last upload of this was missing the smoke. shmee reminded me to edit it in. therefore, i did. :3\r\n\r\nphotoshop 7 edits + colored pencil + ink. :3

Image: missing.jpg   477x700 126021 bytes 2004.08.20

"missing you"\r\n\r\n I was like, on vacation. And I brought his tool shirt, a red shirt of his, a red jacket of his, and his broken guitar cord. yay. I sorta slept like this.\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil

Image: total_preparation.jpg   261x700 69990 bytes 2004.08.20

"total preparation"\r\n\r\ni bring like, everything with me, everywhere. seriously. you can drop me off anywhere and i can do what i need and be okay. o_o;; yeah.\r\n\r\nink and colored pencils.

Image: lovelovelove.jpg   400x400 47299 bytes 2004.08.20

"lovelovelove!"\r\n\r\ntim and me. referenced from a picture of us.\r\n\r\nadobe ps 7 + aiptek tablet

Image: music_addiction.jpg   255x500 54468 bytes 2004.08.20

"music addiction"\r\n\r\nreally cheesy/cheap background, but that's okay, i'm a lazy fucker anyway.\r\n\r\nps 7 + aiptek tablet.

Image: pocket_lover.jpg   427x591 92898 bytes 2004.08.20

"pocket lovers"\r\n\r\nI like tim's hair. inspired by a song by the white stripes. i probably totally misconstrued the meaning of the song, but oh well. ;3\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil

Image: loner.jpg   261x290 19157 bytes 2004.07.15

"loner"\r\n\r\nIf I have to be.\r\n\r\ntablet, PS 7.

Image: kiriska_trade.jpg   600x600 51952 bytes 2004.07.09

too-long overdue trade for kiributt. <3\r\n\r\nstill re-learning how to mess with the tablet. x_o my cliffs and mountains are the suck. \r\n\r\nadobe ps 7, tablet, mouse.

Image: newtablet.jpg   538x600 77877 bytes 2004.07.09

"I got a tablet."\r\n\r\nyes i did. last piece i did with a tablet was on 2001.10.20 . see the progression? :P probably not with the coloring, since i'm badly out of practice. oh well. my tablet pen broke, and it took me two years to figure out where to buy a new one. anyway, yeah, this took me the better part of a day. \r\n\r\nadobe ps 7 (arr), aiptek 8000u hyperpen.

Image: mmmtechnology.jpg   473x500 63984 bytes 2004.07.08

"mmm, technology!"\r\n\r\ntech junkie addict here.\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil, marker.

Image: just_happy.jpg   379x700 92137 bytes 2004.07.08

"maybe just happy"\r\n\r\nme clinging to my timmy. i'm not sure if our legs are too short. could be.\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil.

Image: hunting_stars.jpg   697x499 183089 bytes 2004.07.08

"hunting stars"\r\n\r\nstormy tries to bottle stars, i guess? oO;;\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil, and a little bit of marker.

Image: floatingdownthespiral.jpg   465x700 139961 bytes 2004.07.08

"floating down the spiral"\r\n\r\nmy absinthium delirium lost in a haze of drugs, booze, and unrequited love.\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil, marker.

Image: rock_star_.jpg   434x527 67648 bytes 2004.07.01

my tim's gonna be a rock star. :)\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil, sketch paper.

Image: stormywolf.gif   637x358 14890 bytes 2004.06.24

paint doodle, bored at work. took me a few days. oO; not consecutive time, though, that would be a few hours.. heh.

Image: begging_for_it.jpg   345x575 79178 bytes 2004.06.18

My tim and I. Ink, colored pencil. computer paper.

Image: stars.jpg   498x527 64650 bytes 2004.06.14

basically me messing with paint and photoshop. all with a mouse--sketched in ms paint, copied to adobe, colored in adobe. the background was experimental.

Image: snarl.gif   517x572 19102 bytes 2004.06.12

paint doodle in school.\r\n\r\n"Recommendation: Use yours, my version sucks"\r\n\r\nwhat the fuck?

Image: arr.jpg   517x700 195107 bytes 2004.06.09

a pirate's life for me!

Image: absinthium_hat.jpg   404x600 69121 bytes 2004.06.05

SIN playing with his hat.

Image: mother_FUCKER.jpg   398x600 70050 bytes 2004.06.05

i don't know why i drew this o.o but it was fun, like screaming obscenities randomly is fun. :>

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