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Image: punx0r.jpg   379x650 84063 bytes 2004.06.05

random avrilite-looking wolf. i was bored. :D

Image: sin_bw.jpg   800x434 103733 bytes 2004.06.05

Image: sleeping_lovers.jpg   522x700 115821 bytes 2004.06.05

guess who.

Image: beautifullife.jpg   568x600 125329 bytes 2004.05.23

deviantart deleted this. :| faggots.\r\n\r\ncharacters: stormy, tim\r\ndescription: it was deleted for "sexual content." which is dumb--if they were fucking, i'd have made it obvious. :>\r\ninspiration: i love my tim.\r\nmaterials: ink, colored pencil\r\nreference: nah.\r\n\r\nimage is kate maire walsh

Image: jackal_sie.jpg   511x600 127248 bytes 2004.05.23

character: sie\r\ndescription: look ma, i'm temporarily a jackal. i was just wondering what i'd look like as a jackal with poor coloring so yeah. i really don't like the color on this. :|\r\ninspiration: curiosity\r\nmaterials: ink, cp\r\nreference: naw\r\n\r\nimage is kate walsh

Image: kae_stance.jpg   600x350 60290 bytes 2004.05.23

kaena's new reference sheet

Image: go_back_to_sleep.jpg   484x700 89603 bytes 2004.05.23

characters: stormy and tim\r\ndescription: hmm... i'm not sure what to say, other than, hey, i'm gonna upload here again, and cool, i like the coloring on this.\r\ninspiration: just your usual crap.\r\nmaterials: ink and colored pencil.\r\nreference: no.\r\n\r\nimage 2004 kate walsh

Image: mommy__s_been_a_bad_girl.jpg   522x700 158462 bytes 2004.01.30

previous image, colored.\r\n\r\nim on DA now. .\r\n\r\ni upload there 'cause of the comments, and the general sense of community? -shrug- i dislike the 'discrimination' against 'furs' though. eh.

Image: insideyou.jpg   388x592 105777 bytes 2003.12.06

character: stormy, tim\r\ndescription: thats my safe place. lyrics halo in reverse, "you", brushes and this is gunna look like shit after its compressed.\r\ninspiration: -shrug-\r\nmaterials: ink, colored pencil.\r\nreference: no.

Image: weloverahway.jpg   375x459 67741 bytes 2003.12.06

characters: stormy + tim\r\ndescription: we hate the people on our bus. they called my shoes faglike. just because they're purple and green. =/ and this one girl keeps touching us. violently. and she's going to get her ass kicked.\r\ninspiration: people on the bus.\r\nmaterials: ink, colored pencils. yeah, thats my handwriting. when i want it to be. \r\nreference: no.

Image: bigfux0ringaxe.jpg   412x500 73386 bytes 2003.12.06

character: tim.\r\ndescription: yeah... um... this boy likes sharp things... so ... yes. he gets a sharp thing and a demon form. <3<3< 3\r\ninspiration: i dunno.\r\nmaterials: ink, colored pencil.\r\nreference: no, sir.

Image: befriendingthedemon.jpg   566x450 79971 bytes 2003.12.03

character: random\r\ndescription: shockingly, this has nothing to do with tim. it was meant to have something to do with him, but i failed.\r\ninspiration: umm.. not sure.\r\nmaterials: ink! LOTS OF INK, dammit. \r\nreference: no.

Image: nuclearglow.jpg   530x500 86272 bytes 2003.12.03

characters: sie + timmy.\r\ndescription: OH YEAH. this is what i was like after he [censored]. XD just kidding. um. well. kind of. he did give me the best orgasm of my life. except. yeah. well. whatever. oO; this emoticon thing is fun.\r\ninspiration: -<3love-\r\nmaterials: ink & cp.\r\nreference: nope.

Image: thegodshavemercy.jpg   409x422 68771 bytes 2003.12.03

characters: sie + tim\r\ndescription: they really, really are. -falls over and starts purring- \r\ninspiration: umm.. heh. his fingers. <3\r\nmaterials: ink, and colored pencil.\r\nreference: nope.

Image: completion.jpg   600x465 87290 bytes 2003.12.01

character: stormy\r\ndescription: this is me... incomplete. the words are half mine, half NIN's.\r\ninspiration: i do stupid things with a boy i love.\r\nmaterials: colored pencil, ink.\r\nreference: nope.

Image: sharingbuzzes.jpg   582x690 169454 bytes 2003.12.01

characters: sie & timmy\r\ndescription: post sex, sharing a cigarette, laying around naked. he says he wishes he were that skinny, i say he could be, if he didn't eat for six months. i draw things too skinny. and i should start paying more attention to this gallery... it rots. go to my DA account if you wanna see more of my junk. -nods-\r\ninspiration: more <3. and real life.\r\nmaterials: ink, colored pencil.\r\nreference: no.

Image: togethernow.jpg   700x535 130753 bytes 2003.11.10

character: sie timmy\r\ndescription: we're so bound by so many different things its scary.. but.. eh.. survive. etc. whatever.\r\ninspiration: oi, not sure. \r\nmaterials: ink, cp, markers, adobe\r\nreference: nah

Image: fuckinyea.jpg   363x600 64829 bytes 2003.11.10

character: sie\r\ndescription: THIS IS TO YOU, TIMMYS MOMMY. \r\ninspiration: har.\r\nmaterials: ink and colored pencils\r\nreference: none

Image: sweetyou.jpg   468x600 91793 bytes 2003.11.07

character :: sie\r\ndescription :: we took the "carve your name into my arm" thing very literally. \r\ninspiration :: blah. \r\nmaterials :: ink, cp, adobe.\r\nreference :: nein

Image: laropalaropa.jpg   230x550 51878 bytes 2003.11.06

character: dunno\r\ndescription: this is a spanish project.. hah\r\ninspiration: none.\r\nmaterials: ink, cp.\r\nreference: no.\r\n

Image: justtobetherewithyou.jpg   247x600 51678 bytes 2003.11.06

character: sie + timmy.\r\ndescription: duh..\r\ninspiration: <3\r\nmaterials: ink, cp, adobe, <3.\r\nreference: mm. no.

Image: colorofinsanity.jpg   296x600 54596 bytes 2003.11.06

character: kaena.\r\ndescription: just kaena.. she looks dwarfy retarded in this one. yay.\r\ninspiration: eh.\r\nmaterials: ink, cp.\r\nreference: no.

Image: apolleeon.jpg   600x443 98284 bytes 2003.11.06

character: apollyon\r\ndescription: stormy's dragon form. whee.\r\ninspiration: i don't draw enough damn dragons.\r\nmaterials: ink, cp.\r\nreference: nein.

Image: ana.jpg   293x400 30344 bytes 2003.11.06

character: anorexia nervosa\r\ndescription: she looks really girly in this one. i think. s'what i was aiming for.\r\ninspiration: nein.\r\nmaterials: ink, colored pencils.\r\nreference: nein.

Image: inkedthing.jpg   276x600 65862 bytes 2003.10.22

character: sie.\r\ndescription: this is sie.\r\ninspiration: nien.\r\nmaterials: ink.. experiment?\r\nreference: nien.

Image: theguitarlovesyou.jpg   617x800 271353 bytes 2003.10.22

characters: sie, tim, random.\r\ndescription: um.. this motif is probably growing old, but people have yet to catch the message. -le sigh- YAY for random splotchiness in the background.. i like that, i think i'll do it on my comic things from now on.\r\ninspiration: well, gee, i dunno, two people asking us if we were fucking.\r\nmaterials: ink, marker\r\nreference: no.

Image: grungetastic.jpg   561x700 99936 bytes 2003.10.22

character: sie\r\ndescription: since when do i smoke?! .. since a while ago. so there.\r\ninspiration: umm. none.. maybe.. i dunno. nirvana + (boxcutter + pants) + impressionable kid + cigarette + 12 AM = this picture\r\nmaterials: ink, cp, marker. i only had a ballpoint and my microns when i started to ink this. blah.\r\nreference: none.

Image: GoBackToSleep.jpg   215x500 38270 bytes 2003.10.06

Character :: Moira\r\nDescription :: Moira as a humanz. Her hair should be white. -_- Or maybe bald.\r\nInspiration :: I want to draw people more. I suck at people so I must get better at them. So I must draw them more often. Vicious cycle, yo.\r\nMaterials :: Ink, CP.\r\nReference :: Nuh.\r\n

Image: y0m0therfucker.JPG   319x600 65397 bytes 2003.10.01

character: kaena (kay-nah, not kay-ee-na)\r\ndescription: bow bow bow.\r\ninspiration: her awesomeness.\r\nmaterials: ink & cp\r\nreference: nein

Image: takearide.jpg   305x599 59442 bytes 2003.10.01

character: stormy\r\ndescription: i am finally starting to feel right in my own skin.. i lost weight and i feel kind of normal and almost good about myself so this is stormy trying to look hawt as a staten islander would say\r\ninspiration: my body?\r\nmaterials: ink & cp\r\nreference: nein

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