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Image: doom.jpg   230x500 37622 bytes 2003.01.17

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: lmfao. Bought a jthm comic.. and I decided that it was like. omg. so cool. that i had to draw a jthm-esque stormy. exploding head nuns.. XDD\r\nInspiration: johnny the homicidal maniac!\r\nMaterials: ink & colored pencil\r\nReference: johnny the homicidal maniac comic.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: deaf.jpg   264x486 31707 bytes 2003.01.17

Character: Garou [ her player]\r\nDescription: Garou.. will go deaf for music.\r\nInspiration: Conversation.\r\nMaterials: Ink & markers.\r\nReference: None.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: crosspiss.jpg   415x500 52431 bytes 2003.01.17

Character: Zulifer Yfel [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: ihategod.jpg colored. XD I wrote I hate cod.. lmfao. *finds this temporarily amusing* Sorry bout the ihategod description.. I wasn't -trying- to be pissy/ranty/offending. For serious, I was censoring myself.\r\nInspiration: None?\r\nMaterials: Ink & colored pencil.\r\nReference: None.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: charcoaldog.jpg   514x300 41522 bytes 2003.01.17

Character: Unnamed [ Stormy]\r\nDescription: My dog.. I'm going to turn him into a character again. Anchein wasn't a good name for him, and the personality the character had.. eh. It just didn't work out.\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Charcoal\r\nReference: My dog was laying down, so I drew him hastily with a pencil then later redid it in charcoal.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: cerinmarkers.jpg   331x600 44660 bytes 2003.01.17

Character: Cerin [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Cerin. Unfortunately I stopped playing him at Confusion.. I stopped playing Moira there too. It was short lived, unfortunately, but not because of anything that the people/I did. Hostile attitudes toward myself have just caused me to throw up my hands and say, 'fuck it.' If people don't want me around, then I'm going to retreat back into my hole at Souls. Maybe it's me, maybe not; who cares?\r\nInspiration: My gym teacher was standing like this so I sketched it, then decided to color it.. he wasn't pleased with the results, heheh. Guess he doesn't like purple haired, effeminate [sp?] heterosexual males. ^^\r\nMaterials: Ink, marker. I like this best of all my markerdone pics. Eh.. by the way, the markers i'm using are crayolas. I'm not going to waste my money on prismacolor markers..\r\nReference: Mr. del Prete.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: blinkroxc.jpg   425x500 54949 bytes 2003.01.17

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh] and random.\r\nDescription: Blinkrox, colored.\r\nInspiration: People.. again. No, contrary to what my descriptions may cause one to infer, I am not a people-hating bitch who walks around in school with her lips sown shut and refuses to talk to anyone that's not wearing at least 50% black. On the contrary; I have friends in real life and none of them are (to quote them) "like me." Except for maybe Mike and Anthy. And they don't count.\r\nMaterials: Ink & marker.\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: betternowc.jpg   435x500 80811 bytes 2003.01.17

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Betternow.jpg, colored.\r\nInspiration: Parental troubles & troubles with people in general. People expect me to be a certain way. I don't want to be that way. So, I've ripped off whatever pretense of a mask I ever wore, and I've bared my soul. Whatever that means. =p Yeah, you can see this is an angsty picture that I just attempted to turn into something deep and poetic.. I failed, unfortunately. Oh well. We're all prone to our bouts of angst once in a while.\r\nMaterials: Ink & colored pencils.\r\nReference: None.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: addict.jpg   500x352 39901 bytes 2003.01.17

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: I haven't uploaded in a long time, because a, I haven't had a scanner for a while, and b, I'm trying to work on 'my' style. I realise I draw in a huskie/jamie sidor esque sort of style.. and I'm trying to work on it. Not that there's anything wrong with their drawing styles.. but I'd rather be independent & original than just another suckup little twit running around drawing stickfigures. o_O; Taking art class more frequently, trying new mediums, etc.. whatever. Yeah.. anyway. This is Stormy, on a leash with a giant.. penis. It's supposed to be funny, and yet if you study it its supposed to make sense.. like.. sexual addiction or something. Not that I'm a sex addict.\r\nInspiration: *shrugs*\r\nMaterials: Marker [new medium. yay. ^^] and Ink.\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: redkae.jpg   600x376 57514 bytes 2002.12.31

Character: Kaena Lykoi [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Randomly dyed her hair red.\r\nInspiration: None.\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencils.\r\nReference: This pic I found on google..\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: contemplation.jpg   530x500 53725 bytes 2002.12.31

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Stormy.. *shrugs* I was thinking about past events in my life last night. This is what came out. I do not like the hands. At all. But the rest is okay.\r\nInspiration: Actual events.\r\nMaterials: inkyness.\r\nReference: None.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: colorcerin.jpg   500x357 52170 bytes 2002.12.31

Character: Cerin [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: A.. somewhat [!] disproportionate Cerin. I think this will become my only reference piece of him, because Confusion, where I roleplay him at, is dying out... and I doubt he'll get rp'ed again after that. Like Moira, he may well die out after the rp dies. But, Moira lives on. Sort of.\r\nInspiration: *shrugs* Needed a reference for Cer\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: blinkrox.jpg   434x600 58426 bytes 2002.12.31

Character: Random & Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Sort of .. gently mocking those of the Avril Lavigne followers. Avril herself isn't terrible [I don't listen to her music, but I think she's tolerable] but the vile thousands of punk-poser wannabes she's sort of spawned is... less than tolerable. Especially when four extremely blonde ones run into Hot Topic and start hugging a random employee.\r\nInspiration: Actual events?\r\nMaterials: Ink.\r\nReference: None.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 2002

Image: ihategod.jpg   518x600 36968 bytes 2002.12.30

Image: moira.jpg   453x514 37779 bytes 2002.12.30

character: moira [ kate walsh]\r\ndescription: blah. another... experiment on the whole adobe thing. >_< i don't like it. i need to make an anthro cockroach character.. i love cockroaches. i dunno why people hate them so much.. they don't do anything to us. .. *stare* animal planet + stormy + 3:23 am =... weird thoughts. :/\r\ninspiration: *shrug*\r\nmaterials: adobe.\r\nreference: none.\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: kaena.jpg   600x490 38267 bytes 2002.12.29

character: kaena lykoi [ kate walsh]\r\ndescription: experimenting with adobe. i like this pic. a lot. i didn't use much smudging either. =)\r\ninspiration: none?\r\nmaterials: adobe\r\nreference: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02.\r\n

Image: siegreen1.jpg   252x500 29340 bytes 2002.12.24

charcter: stormy [ kate walsh]\r\ndescription: invader sie 2? less of that jhonen vasquez style. but that's okay.\r\ninspiration: none?\r\nmaterials: ink & colored pencil\r\nreference: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: shadowfax.jpg   600x306 42122 bytes 2002.12.24

character: shadowfax [ his player]\r\ndescription: beta male of storm @ bleeding souls [] in his favorite spot.. a tree! =) i may color the background, i may not. depends on how lazy i get.\r\ninspiration: wanted to give my friend a gift for christmas..\r\nmaterials: ink & colored pencil\r\nreference: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: rape.jpg   402x444 44626 bytes 2002.12.24

character: stormy [ kate walsh]; johnny depp [ himself?]\r\ndescription: blah.. i want him. i do him no inked justice.\r\ninspiration: desperate need?\r\nmaterials: ink\r\nreference: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: nothingreallybothersher.gif   495x600 73754 bytes 2002.12.24

character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]; Random\r\ndescription: all of my desires are splitting my head. part of me just wants a nice fuck, and the other part wants.. closeness, warmth, love... i don't know.\r\ninspiration: feelings\r\nmaterials: ink\r\nreference: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: need.jpg   600x507 140813 bytes 2002.12.24

character: Stormy [ Kate walsh], random.\r\ndescription: again trying to focus on the non pornographic aspects of sex. I LOVE the way her hair came out.. and most of the rest of the picture too. =)\r\ninspiration: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Majik\r\nmaterials: ink & colored pencil\r\nreference: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: mysecretlament_copy.gif   598x600 102422 bytes 2002.12.24

character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\ndescription: Bland, upset picture of Stormy. I drew this actually to express my sorrow over Kurt Cobain's death. I remember sitting up and watching my TV when I was a little kid and remembering seeing his face on TV, and hearing that he was dead.. no lie. Unfortunately I was small [around six] and I didn't understand how significant that was. \r\ninspiration: Blah.\r\nmaterials: Ink.\r\nreference: None? No, wait, another picture in my mother's catalogue.\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: majora.jpg   313x500 32995 bytes 2002.12.24

character: Stormy [ 00129/kate walsh]\r\ndescription: Stormy stares blandly at her hand? I like the shirt.\r\ninspiration: None\r\nmaterials: Ink, colored pencil.. I almost put down none =p\r\nreference: A picture of the Skull Kid from Majora's Mask\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: indestructible.jpg   330x600 38891 bytes 2002.12.24

Character: Kaena Lykoi [ Stormy]\r\nDescription: Kaena's all.. industrialized? now. I don't know, I was bored and I felt like playing around with her anthro form. By the way, my characters - with the sole exception of Stormy - do not reflect me. I respect people that choose to smoke, but I wouldn't do it myself. Maybe once to say that I did it. But I don't.. want to smoke. So nyah.\r\nInspiration: Fiddling with kaena's character.\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil.\r\nReference: This picture in my mom's catalogue.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02.

Image: alwaysknewitdcometothis.jpg   465x600 80320 bytes 2002.12.24

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh] & Random.\r\nDescription: Trying to focus less on the pornographic aspect of sex and more on the.. spiritual? aspect of sex. I don't think it's 'special' sex is, but I do think that it is.. deep? Bah. You wouldn't understand. His hand looks wonky. But I like the rest of it.\r\nInspiration: *shrugs* I was watching Quills, and the dream-scene where the Abbey [?] has sex with the corpse [but in his dementia he saw her as alive] of Kate Winslet [forget her name in the movie] and I suppose that inspired this. I love that scene. Yeah, I am a perv.\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil.\r\nReference: None.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02.

Image: strengthtocare.jpg   485x600 80023 bytes 2002.12.19

characters: stormy [ kate walsh] & mike [ michael l. baird]\r\ndescription: sometimes, i really do wish i had the strength to care about things that happen in my life. sometimes i wish i just could lift a finger, sometimes i wish i just weren't so unfeeling. it should hurt, and maybe in a way it does, but i can't feel it even if it does... i just don't care. maybe it's unhealthy to separate yourself from your feelings, but it's working pretty well for me. a year ago i would have been distraught and broken. but after all, he's not my love and certainly not my mate.. just the guy that took my virginity.\r\ninspiration: if its not obvious, you shouldn't know.\r\nmaterials: charcoal. -very- releasing medium.\r\nreference: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02.

Image: luvdavoise.jpg   550x480 48334 bytes 2002.12.19

Character: voise [ jared i forget your last name regrettably =P] and sie [ kate walsh]\r\nDescription: sie licks voise. hehehe. this is such a cute picture. ^^;; just for the hell of it i made this... cuz i love my voise. yes i do. *clingrapes him* ^^;; ohh, and voise is anatomically correct. i drew voisepenis. *drools*\r\nInspiration: cause i love my voise.\r\nMaterials: adobe 6.0! 6. point. oh. i upgraded. =)\r\nReference: none.\r\n\r\nimage stormy 02

Image: disclaimer.jpg   459x600 46044 bytes 2002.12.19

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: i reserve certain rights, which include:\r\ninterpretation, development, invention, change, remake, improve.\r\nin six months, i won't be the same person i am now. judge me not by what i was but what i am.\r\ni'm not saying that in six months i'll be drastically different than i am now. i'm just saying that in six months i won't be -exactly- who i am now. i won't think the same way, i probably won't act the same way. i'm not saying i'm a totally different person. bah. you understand.\r\nInspiration: a disclaimer? =P i wanted to make some sort of whoa, hold on there type of thing.\r\nMaterials: ink\r\nReference: none\r\n\r\nInspiration:

Image: angelspreadherwings.jpg   500x330 35223 bytes 2002.12.19

Character: Random\r\nDescription: angel of death flying? i dunno.. done today in art class.\r\nInspiration: nothin'\r\nMaterials: ink and watercolor\r\nReference: an angel statue thing in art class\r\n\r\nInspiration:

Image: sucksass.jpg   413x600 49552 bytes 2002.12.15

Character: Random, random\r\nDescription: The kid payed me a dollar for this. =P It SUCKS ASS. But that's okay. He'll like it, because it's nice and pervy.\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Ink & colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: sellsoul.jpg   321x600 22710 bytes 2002.12.15

Character: the incredible 00129. [ kate walsh]\r\nDescription: i don't know why i drew this.. o_o but I know that on monday i will carry around a sign that says that at school.. and se how many people say "HA HA you suck".. and wow, the little i - beam is moving and it's not typing anything.. very slowly too.. oh there we go. i fixed it ^^; i think the compression on this is -really- screwed up\r\nInspiration: nothing\r\nMaterials: ink and adobe\r\nReference: none\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

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