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Image: kae_copy.gif   600x370 80054 bytes 2002.12.15

Character: Kaena Lykoi [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: I decided to cg a random picture of kaena. She's so skinny in this one. But then again she's dying on the inside rotting out [no joke] so it's only natural for her to waste away.\r\nInspiration: A picture.\r\nMaterials: Ink and adobe\r\nReference: I saw this picture on the cover of the associated humane society's magazine thing so I decided to draw it.. and it turned out to be kaena. Poor puppy had a collar embedded in his neck and an infected leg.. they pulled maggots out of the leg. *shudder*\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: ed2.jpg   240x500 37532 bytes 2002.12.15

Character: Eddie [ Himself]\r\nDescription: Eddie, with a freakyass background. Eddie's giving me webspace so he's god. I don't have to steal from Taa anymore. o_o;\r\nInspiration: Payment. =P HEY! It's better than selling my body for webspace.\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil, adobe for the background\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: cerinreject.jpg   400x506 42402 bytes 2002.12.15

Character: Cerin [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Cerin.. he looks sort of like a dark german shepherd, dunne? But, it's guaranteed if you call him such a thing he -will- kick your ass. =P I'm not sure why I gave him purple hair.. It's sort of a feminine color. But Cerin is a girly man. XD\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencil\r\nReference: none. the desk sucks.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: background.jpg   388x600 42240 bytes 2002.12.15

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: This is a very weird picture for me. o_o; It's not very good, but it's supposed to symbolise all of my musical backgrounds..\r\nNirvana shirt - Symbolising of course my favorite band and all time love Nirvana\r\nKilt/Skirt thing - Symbolising my LOVE of celtic/scottish music..\r\nSkull & roses patch - Symbolising the band I grew up on, the Grateful Dead\r\ncheckerboard pattern on kilt thing - My tendency to like ska/emo [I got the checkerboard 'stereotype' from my friend leo.. who wore a checkerboard suit to school one day.. i dunno.]\r\nleft hand - love of metal\r\nright hand - tendency to like punk on occasion [the whole flipping off thing is sort of the rebellious quality that punk music has.. which is decidedly the quality that avril lavinge lacks entirely -_-]\r\nglasses - I spent my childhood listening to the blues brothers and soul and such too.. so.. =P\r\ni dunno, this is a silly picture.\r\nInspiration: Nothing\r\nMaterials: Ink\r\nReference: Nothing - and I can't fucking believe I didn't mess up the checkerboard o_o\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: anarchist.jpg   329x384 27696 bytes 2002.12.15

character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\ndescription: Stormy in an anarchy sign. o_o; It's funny, my only rank-holding wolf in the anarchy sign.. Kaena or even Moira would have been more appropriate for this -_-; But oh well. =P Yeah, I am somewhat of an anarchist even though my character isn't.. somewhat meaning I think that while a world without government is possible we need to make some social leaps and bounds first. o_o;\r\ninspiration: *shrugs* I was bored in class and something like this entered my strange little head.\r\nmaterials: Ink and colored pencil.\r\nreference: None.\r\n\r\nimage is Stormy 02

Image: secksimoira.jpg   361x600 46236 bytes 2002.12.14

Character: Moira Draykan [ Stormy]\r\nDescription: WOW. I did NOT know I could color this well. This is my best colored image for a VERY long time; I really like my coloring on this one, though compared to what a lot of people do it probably sucks. But that's okay because I gave it my all and that's really all that matters. =P\r\nInspiration: Working on coloring and inking techs.\r\nMaterials: Pen and colored pencil\r\nReference: A picture from people magazine... I found it on the floor.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02.

Image: randomsiehalloween.jpg   363x500 114789 bytes 2002.12.12

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Stormy.\r\nInspiration: None.\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencils.\r\nReference: A picture of me taken last halloween. I was myself.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: ohmygod.jpg   143x226 18620 bytes 2002.12.12

Character: Random\r\nDescription: I want to turn this into a character. Ahaha.. It's just so fucking CUTE. I want to SQUEEZE it. Another Zim piece.\r\nInspiration: Invader Zim\r\nMaterials: Adobe\r\nReference: Invader Zim\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: invadersiegreen.jpg   360x500 58520 bytes 2002.12.12

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: I was watching the Invader Zim christmas special and I decided that another Invader Sie picture was in order.. I fucking love Jhonen Vasquez. O_O;\r\nInspiration: Invader Zim\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil\r\nReference: Invader Zim\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: fightcrimeshootback1.JPG   500x387 62010 bytes 2002.12.12

Character: The infamous 00129 aka Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: I want $80 dollars worth of shirts for christmas.. This one is one of the top ones, 'Fight Crime: Shoot Back.' XD I just found this HIGHLY amusing when I saw it. if you want to check out some other shit.. Good fuckin' stuff there.\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: cerin.GIF   397x370 53733 bytes 2002.12.12

Character: Cerin [ Stormy]\r\nDescription: This is a preliminary sketch for the anthro form of a new character of mine, Cerin. The name is Celtic for.. I'm not sure. I just know that it's Celtic. Anyway, his entire history was inspired entirely by a song.. 'She Took to the Air - Everclear.' It's a good song. XP But anyway.. he's a girly type of guy, but he's not gay.. just feminine. =P\r\nInspiration: Character development\r\nMaterials: Ink\r\nReference: None.. Calvert I guess since I was staring at his pose while I was drawing this. He asked me what I was staring at, so I said his meaty crotch. ^^;\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: bestwishesc.jpg   359x500 46588 bytes 2002.12.12

Character: Random\r\nDescription: Best wishes, colored.\r\nInspiration: none\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil, blood.\r\nReference: My own damn hand.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: toomeywolf.gif   392x500 18195 bytes 2002.12.05

Character: random\r\nDescription: Some pornfreak at my school requested this from me.. so I said, 'Give me money.' and he gave me a dollar. which I lent to cal. who is paying me back. tomorrow. or he's getting his nuts cut off. anyway. this'll be colored, but you'll never see it because the next time I have a chance to scan this will be next wednesday.. and the pornfreak won't wait that long. XD masturbationt time.. *sweet grin*\r\nInspiration: none\r\nMaterials: ink\r\nReference: none.. thats why it sucks.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: throughmyeyes.gif   600x538 142716 bytes 2002.12.05

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh] and Mike [ himself]\r\nDescription: XD.. this actually happened. He was laying on top of me, with this absolutely -wicked- grin on his face.. this was the same day he fucked me, too, so.. bleh. o_o;\r\nInspiration: actual events =D\r\nMaterials: ink\r\nReference: none\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: the_one_who_bares_fangs_at_god.jpg   512x460 56186 bytes 2002.12.05

Character: Stormy [ kate walsh]\r\nDescription: Stormy snarls at whatever is currently pissing her off.. at the moment this happens to be people with sticks up their asses. -_-; what else is new? anyway.. the title, 'the one who bares fangs at god' is an midi. but i stole it. nyeh. and therefore that's stormy's new title.. instead of morbidelirium or rechargeablesoul, it's going to be simply The One Who Bares Fangs At God. Because I feel like it, and it's just -sooooo kewl!!1- to reject gods without any basis whatsoever. [sarcasm. i have a perfectly good bunch of reasons for rejecting the so called 'God' and taking on my own belief system. unlike the trendy goth rejection because it's just so cool and everyone else is doing it.]\r\nInspiration: Dislike of people.\r\nMaterials: Colored pencil, ink\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: happyfuckingholidays.jpg   524x600 58094 bytes 2002.12.05

Character: Zulifer Yfel [ Stormy 02]\r\nDescription: Some nice, happy, all around holiday cheer from everyone's favorite chaotic black wolf, Zulifer... have a nice holiday. =)\r\nInspiration: Hating family gatherings.\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil.\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: fromhell.gif   388x500 67163 bytes 2002.12.05

Character: Random\r\nDescription: A random demonwolf rides on his horse from hell.. *shrug* x_x;\r\nInspiration: Lord of the Rings\r\nMaterials: Ink\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: drowninginyourconformity.jpg   600x450 38645 bytes 2002.12.05

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh] ; 3 Random\r\nDescription: Ooh, deep. It's supposed to be Stormy ripping free of the three black figures, representing the three greatest evils of society (in my opinion): Prejudice (in general, not just talking racism here), Greed (for power and money), and Conformity (the human tendency to go along with everyone else.) It looks mor elike she's being sucked in though.. -_-; But that's okay, either way it's a cool picture. You can interpret it however you want, that she is falling into the evil or escaping it. Whatever.\r\nInspiration: Nothing, really.. it just came into my head one day.\r\nMaterials: Pencil & ink [yes, the black figures are colored pencils.. *whines and points at her stub of a black pencil*]\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: bestwishes.jpg   466x600 31873 bytes 2002.12.05

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Best wishes.\r\nInspiration: *shrug*\r\nMaterials: Blood, ink.\r\nReference: My own hand.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: moirareference.jpg   505x600 62887 bytes 2002.12.01

Character: Moira Draykan [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: I decided to finally settle on Moira's last name. It's Draykan. Not as pretty-looking as Drakhn or any of the other ones, but it's the proper pronuncation so no one fucks it up. -_- Gah. my coloring sucks.\r\nInspiration: Nothing..\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencils\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: voiseophile.jpg   510x555 92450 bytes 2002.11.29

Image: theonlytime.jpg   325x500 83872 bytes 2002.11.29

Image: sillypeople.jpg   383x500 64077 bytes 2002.11.29

Character: Stormy [ kate walsh] & mike [ mike.]\r\nDescription: will edit later\r\nInspiration:\r\nMaterials:\r\nReference:\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: siedie.jpg   556x600 73420 bytes 2002.11.29

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh] & Inverse [ Jared]\r\nDescription: XDDDD. I -really- hope that we're not related.. the little face says it all : Incest is so not cool.\r\nInspiration: A conversation. 0=)\r\nMaterials: Blue pen\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: reno.jpg   355x500 54740 bytes 2002.11.29

Character: Reno Maxwell [ herself]\r\nDescription: Wow.. I actually do draw things for other people. And I still owe Lacey Vamp a picture.. *kicks self* Work, dammit.. Anyway, this is Reno. Inspired by events she relayed to me.. We agreed on some stuff, and I just figured that this would be a nice Anti-Reno-Hate picture. ^^ Hah, I love the tattoo for some reason..\r\nInspiration: Eh..\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: likeananimal.jpg   367x500 97893 bytes 2002.11.29

Character: Stormy [ Stormy 02]\r\nDescription: You can really see where my mind was when I drew this... The lyrics are to nine inch nails. Dammit, my hair-person dated Trent about 15 years ago.. -_- She broke up with him! Fucking broke up with him! *sniffle* Dammit. I want her secondary handmedowns.\r\nInspiration: [sexual?] boredom\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencils, adobe\r\nReference: none\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: kaenacollage.jpg   445x523 101973 bytes 2002.11.29

Character: Kaena Lykoi { Stormy 02}\r\nDescription: Since my scanner is broken and I wrote shit poetry, I decided to make a collage for my kaebitch..\r\nInspiration: *shrug* Boredom.\r\nMaterials: Adobe\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: crazy.jpg   500x626 153436 bytes 2002.11.29

Character: Random [ No one]\r\nDescription:I am trying to work on the stature and build of the werewolves I draw... it's not working out very well. -_-\r\nInspiration: Pose work.\r\nMaterials: Pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: weee.jpg   279x620 66297 bytes 2002.11.25

Character : Leesa [ Herself]\r\nDescription : XDD Leesa... Gonads and Strife. . Go. O_o\r\nInspiration : The video.\r\nMaterials : Ink.\r\nReference : None.\r\n\r\nImage is Kate Walsh 2002

Image: theeye.jpg   477x700 67026 bytes 2002.11.25

Character : Kaena Lykoi [ Kate Walsh 02]\r\nDescription : Kaena cries out in protest of the slaying of her father, mother, and brother. She is saddened because of the death of her father. She loved him deeply. Kaena is angered, however, at the slayings of her brother and her mother; she would have rathered she herself killed them. So, she cries out, 'give me back my flesh and blood.'\r\nInspiration : None.\r\nMaterials : Ink, colored pencil, blood.\r\nReference : None\r\n\r\nImage is Kate Walsh 2002

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