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Image: mikewings2.jpg   563x650 171822 bytes 2002.10.24

character : mike ; michael l. baird\r\ndescription: Eh.. I gave this to mike for his birthday.. I'm surprised he didn't spit in my face.\r\ninspiration: none\r\nmaterials: colored pencil and ink on sketch paper\r\n\r\nimage is stormy

Image: mikeycandy.jpg   383x500 63553 bytes 2002.11.25

Character : Mike [ Michael Baird]\r\nDescription : Mike all happy in a sword store or something. 'Like a kid in a candy store' I said, and he said, 'Oh, the epitome of ADHD: Sharp, shiny, pointy things.' Or something like that.. it's funny, me and my two best friends both have that "disease." however I think I was misdiagnosed. *beady-eyed glare at her doctors*\r\nInspiration : Birthday present for Mike..\r\nMaterials : Ink\r\nReference : None\r\n\r\nImage is Kate Walsh 2002

Image: missing.jpg   477x700 126021 bytes 2004.08.20

"missing you"\r\n\r\n I was like, on vacation. And I brought his tool shirt, a red shirt of his, a red jacket of his, and his broken guitar cord. yay. I sorta slept like this.\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil

Image: mmmtechnology.jpg   473x500 63984 bytes 2004.07.08

"mmm, technology!"\r\n\r\ntech junkie addict here.\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil, marker.

Image: mockery_copy.jpg   350x380 114053 bytes 2001.11.07

Why the fuck can't we all learn to -respect- each other's different preference of style? Yes, you have the right to your opinion, but why do you -HAVE- to make a public mockery of it? Does it make you feel better about yourself to know you have just insulted one's preferred style?\r\n::Snort::\r\nStormy and Image (C) StormyBlackWolf

Image: moimarker.jpg   380x500 47210 bytes 2003.01.22

Character: Moira Draykan [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: I decided to do a marker version of this picture as well..\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Ink and marker\r\nReference: None?\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: moira.jpg   453x514 37779 bytes 2002.12.30

character: moira [ kate walsh]\r\ndescription: blah. another... experiment on the whole adobe thing. >_< i don't like it. i need to make an anthro cockroach character.. i love cockroaches. i dunno why people hate them so much.. they don't do anything to us. .. *stare* animal planet + stormy + 3:23 am =... weird thoughts. :/\r\ninspiration: *shrug*\r\nmaterials: adobe.\r\nreference: none.\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: moiraanthro.jpg   335x600 169865 bytes 2002.08.31

character : Moira Drakhn\r\n to : Stormy\r\nbackground : Just me having fun and imagining what Moira would be like as an Anthro.. she probably wouldn't wear the fishnet sleeves though. x_x\r\ninspiration : None; random piece\r\nmaterials : Ink; Colored Pencil ; Green marker [hair!]\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 02

Image: moirahair.jpg   400x397 130999 bytes 2002.09.16

character : moira drakhn\r\nmoira drakhn stormy 02\r\ndescription : Moira dyed her hair white. o.o She's in undies. oooo.\r\ninspiration : *shrugs* I started this a long time ago. Ish.\r\nmaterials : cp, ink, adobe, on computer paper\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 02

Image: moiramarkered.jpg   320x500 40447 bytes 2003.01.22

Character: Moira Drakhan [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Moira.. again.. ^^;\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Ink and marker\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: moiranatural.jpg   500x359 49390 bytes 2003.01.24

Character: Moira Draykan [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Moira.. naturalised. This is just temporary; I'm not keeping her hair like this. I just liked to do a natural picture of her.. she should have a nipple, hmm, but I didn't feel like applying it. XP\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\nTime: 1.5 hours\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: moirapencil.jpg   500x334 46215 bytes 2003.01.25

Character: Moira Draykan [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Moira.. randomly.\r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Pencil\r\nReference: None\r\nTime: half hour\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: moiraplay.jpg   495x700 151712 bytes 2006.04.30

play with me?

Image: moirareference.jpg   505x600 62887 bytes 2002.12.01

Character: Moira Draykan [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: I decided to finally settle on Moira's last name. It's Draykan. Not as pretty-looking as Drakhn or any of the other ones, but it's the proper pronuncation so no one fucks it up. -_- Gah. my coloring sucks.\r\nInspiration: Nothing..\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencils\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: moirasitstare.jpg   495x556 38619 bytes 2003.05.31

Character: Moira Draykan\r\nDescription: I need to start roleplaying her again. \r\nInspiration: None.\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencil.\r\nReference: None.\r\nTime: 45 minutes, tops.\r\n\r\nImage is copyright Stormy 03.

Image: moirasittingmarker.jpg   368x500 26268 bytes 2003.08.08

character: moira\r\ndescription: this picture SCREAMED at me, 'MARKER! MARKER!'.. i'm not sure if it was correct or incorrect.\r\ninspiration: none\r\nmaterials: ink and marker\r\nreference: yep, the back cover of my sister's ym mag\r\n\r\nimage stormy 03

Image: moirawithajacket.jpg   336x477 42959 bytes 2003.08.16

character: Moira\r\ndescription: Moira in a jacket.. yay. Anatomy problems. More yay.\r\ninspiration: None.\r\nmaterials: ink, cp, marker.\r\nreference: yup.

Image: moix.jpg   340x500 38681 bytes 2003.01.22

Character: Moira Draykan [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: This was supposed to be a reference picture, but I changed my mind.. I sort of switched Kaena's anthro clothing style with Moira's, to make moira seem more.. tough girl? heh. I don't know.. Kaena's 'style' is now more of a .. leather, bondage, trenchcoat type thing. o_O;\r\nInspiration: none\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: molochai.jpg   500x300 57572 bytes 2005.08.19

character design for one of kae's babies. he's the one i'm picking up. i really like him.\r\n\r\nhe's not really so bright gold. but it's hard to represent in marker, eh?

Image: mommy__s_been_a_bad_girl.jpg   522x700 158462 bytes 2004.01.30

previous image, colored.\r\n\r\nim on DA now. .\r\n\r\ni upload there 'cause of the comments, and the general sense of community? -shrug- i dislike the 'discrimination' against 'furs' though. eh.

Image: monsters.jpg   509x600 155712 bytes 2005.11.30

Like it says.

Image: moondust2.jpg   400x372 130586 bytes 2001.10.29

Commission for Moondust! (Yes, I *DO* take commissions, go to for more information and PLEASE COMMISSION ME! ;.; I cannot live on pocket lint forever!)

Image: mooneyes.jpg   532x500 75905 bytes 2002.07.06

-old- picture of mooneyes. the back is ew.

Image: moonypokesstormy_copy.jpg   265x300 79956 bytes 2001.10.22

a pik-chur fer Moonahy, aka MoondustTheWolf. happy birthday!\r\nmoondust (c) herself, stormy (c) me, art (c) stormy '01

Image: morbidelirium.jpg   350x444 66177 bytes 2002.01.05

my opinions on the hallways at school. inconsiderate fools.

Image: morbidelirium2.jpg   400x507 143215 bytes 2002.01.17

heheh, morbid and delirium are such kick ass words.. uhm... yeah, colored pencil, all colored pencil since i "lost" my pigma micron.. maria stole it --;.. and i couldn't find a decent black non-ballpoint to ink it with. my scanner sucks, but yes, her shirt IS red.

Image: mother_FUCKER.jpg   398x600 70050 bytes 2004.06.05

i don't know why i drew this o.o but it was fun, like screaming obscenities randomly is fun. :>

Image: msdemare.jpg   257x581 50819 bytes 2003.06.14

Character: Ms. DeMare.\r\nDescription: ^^;; My english teacher.. when she was a kid, she used to force her kid to brush the fringe on the rug .. because she's ocd and it annoys the hell out of her when the fringe on rugs that have fringes aren't straight.. XD\r\nInspiration: my english teacher\r\nMaterials: ink and colored pencil\r\nReference: no\r\nTime: 1 hour\r\n\r\nImage copyright Stormy 03.

Image: muahaha_copy.jpg   400x322 115321 bytes 2001.11.07

Text inspired by a picture by a great artist, Huskie. ( This is just a sketch. I'm going to modify it later. :D

Image: music_addiction.jpg   255x500 54468 bytes 2004.08.20

"music addiction"\r\n\r\nreally cheesy/cheap background, but that's okay, i'm a lazy fucker anyway.\r\n\r\nps 7 + aiptek tablet.

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