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Image: raze_fullsize.jpg   650x635 150785 bytes 2009.12.20

Razekiel Lykoi

Razekiel Lykoi of\r\n\r\nKaena's son by Astaroth Kimaris, half-sibling to Vieira via him.

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Image: rebelrebel.jpg   400x461 56619 bytes 2003.05.31

Character: Stormy\r\nDescription: Fuck you, Mr. President. I was angry with the president when I drew this. He is such a fucktard.\r\nInspiration: Anger. Resentment. "Hatred" if you can call it that. I doubt I can hate someone I have never met, though, as it is is hard enough to hate people I already know.\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil.\r\nReference: None.\r\nTime: 1 hour.\r\n\r\nImage is copyright Stormy 03.

Image: redbytchyruuuubyXD.jpg   350x443 125381 bytes 2002.01.29

tis ruby.

Image: redkae.jpg   600x376 57514 bytes 2002.12.31

Character: Kaena Lykoi [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Randomly dyed her hair red.\r\nInspiration: None.\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencils.\r\nReference: This pic I found on google..\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: reflection.jpg   479x500 54334 bytes 2003.01.22

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: .. Stormy? reflecting on old stuff that happened.. you know, the boring reminiscing about the old days sort of crap. =p\r\nInspiration: contemplating stuff\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: regret_copy.jpg   450x425 170605 bytes 2001.10.27

"In 20 years, you will regret things you did not do, rather than things you did do."\r\n..Bullshit.

Image: reno.jpg   355x500 54740 bytes 2002.11.29

Character: Reno Maxwell [ herself]\r\nDescription: Wow.. I actually do draw things for other people. And I still owe Lacey Vamp a picture.. *kicks self* Work, dammit.. Anyway, this is Reno. Inspired by events she relayed to me.. We agreed on some stuff, and I just figured that this would be a nice Anti-Reno-Hate picture. ^^ Hah, I love the tattoo for some reason..\r\nInspiration: Eh..\r\nMaterials: Ink, colored pencil\r\nReference: None\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: renomaxwell.jpg   300x406 27811 bytes 2001.12.01

Art trade with Reno Maxwell. She's up here and at Side 7 somewheres, really too lazy to dig up the URLS.. blargh.

Image: revolution.jpg   295x500 106438 bytes 2002.06.25

this was actually an -old- file of mine; i just finished coloring it a .. i don't remember when, but recently.

Image: ride_sally_ride.jpg   493x500 90956 bytes 2003.05.07

Character: Stormy\r\nDescription: <3 Marc.\r\nInspiration: <3 Marc.\r\nMaterials: Ink and colored pencils\r\nReference: None\r\nTime: 30 minutes.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy.

Image: rikka.jpg   550x644 134277 bytes 2009.12.20

Rikka de le Poer

Rikka de le Poer of\r\n\r\nKaena's daughter by Ahren de le Poer.

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Image: riley.jpg   432x500 67413 bytes 2005.08.19

riley corbett, at EUROsouls.\r\n\r\nshe's pwetty.

Image: rileygreen.jpg   396x560 78659 bytes 2005.08.19

riley again.\r\n\r\ni messed up on her hand, and her muzzle ought not to be so thick.

Image: rms.jpg   500x233 138365 bytes 2001.12.19

aww, aww, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... School friend sapiness ^^;\r\n\r\nFrom viewer's left to viewer's right:\r\nMaria, coyote, who I've only known for a short time, but I'm really good friends with.. ^^\r\nAngella, fox, who I've known for just about a year and a half. We agree on so many issues it's not funny. o__O;\r\nKate, wolf. This is.. Me obviously. Well, I've known her for thirteen whole years now, and.. well.. She sucks.\r\nLeesa, iguana. COME BACK TO US O THEE DEPRIVED OF THINE DIVINE PIXY STIX! o_O; Leesa used to be in our school but transferred ;.;\r\nLeo, German Shepherd. O.o He's poking my spikes, and he has pink and blondish dyed hair. I've known him about the same time as Maria. o.O; We all have special cycle classes together: RM 325, lower right hand corner: The Perverted Corner. BWAHAH.\r\nShantel, horse. I've known Shantell about the same time I've known Angella, we're good friends but we disagree on a lot of stuff ;P\r\nAna, Siamese Kitty Cat. (She wanted to be drawn as a frog O_o) I've known Ana about the same time I have Shantel & Angella.. We agree on a lot of stuff, too.. And Ana here introduced me to something called a ... 'social life' by inviting me to a halloween PARTAHY O__O

Image: rock_star_.jpg   434x527 67648 bytes 2004.07.01

my tim's gonna be a rock star. :)\r\n\r\nink, colored pencil, sketch paper.

Image: rose_copy.jpg   357x400 142499 bytes 2001.10.27

subliminal messages, anyone?

Image: ruby.jpg   582x376 76279 bytes 2005.08.19

my half of a trade with ruby.

Image: ruby_copy.jpg   387x455 125113 bytes 2001.10.27

wee, a friend, firesiderubywolf, all firey..\r\nruby (c) herself, art (c) stormy

Image: rum.jpg   330x500 61904 bytes 2005.09.01

in honor of carm, who did 10 shots of rum in five minutes.\r\n\r\ndamn.

Image: runetik.jpg   379x500 77215 bytes 2003.01.25

Character: Rune [ His player] Tiku [ Her player]\r\nDescription: For rune and tiku.. =)\r\nInspiration: Just cause I felt like it.\r\nMaterials: None\r\nReference: None\r\nTime: A while.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 03

Image: runraptor_copy.jpg   350x383 71539 bytes 2001.11.07

a random velociraptor, running in an odd pose. (Off topic, I suppose, since velociraptors aren't anthropomorphic.)

Image: rurik_2010.jpg   550x600 84193 bytes 2010.05.19

Rurik Russo

I feel like I've been using the same avatar for a decade for him, so I guess I scratched this out or something. IDK. I need a tablet, very badly. :|\r\n\r\nRurik is mine, played at since November-ish, 2005 in a few random spurts.

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Image: rurik_marker.jpg   344x550 58687 bytes 2005.08.19

rurik.\r\n\r\ni was going to give him another tattoo, but i decided to wait

Image: rurik_thorn_drunky.jpg   600x577 123765 bytes 2004.12.26

rurik, my wolfy character, and his brother Thorn. they're all fucked up on wine and life. :p

Image: ryandelepoer.jpg   456x608 87567 bytes 2009.12.20

Ryan de le Poer

Ryan de le Poer of\r\n\r\nAnselm's daughter, Gabriel's second cousin once removed, I think. IDK. I'd have to sit down and sketch out the whole damn tree again. ;P

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Image: sahira.jpg   497x600 78494 bytes 2005.06.07

sahira, character sheet in the works.

Image: sam.jpg   402x547 73185 bytes 2007.11.13


omg, it's sam! <3

Image: satisfaction.jpg   465x600 87349 bytes 2003.09.11

characters: stormy and a certainunnamedsomeone\r\ndescription: GODS that felt good. -grin-\r\ninspiration: neh.\r\nmaterials: ink, cp, highlighter\r\nreference: nuh.

Image: sauruq1.jpg   411x403 100321 bytes 2002.07.06

sauruq, alpha male of storm.

Image: SayHelloToEmotion.jpg   468x585 109734 bytes 2003.05.22

character: kaena lykoi\r\ndescription: kaena is introduced to some good old fashioned emotion, via zulifer.\r\ninspiration: none\r\nmaterials: ink, colored pencil, adobe\r\nreference: none\r\ntime: 1 hour maybe.\r\n\r\nimage copyright stormy 03

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