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Image: sayhellotojack.jpg   409x600 74212 bytes 2002.10.15

Character Stormy; StormyBlackWolf/K Walsh 02\r\nDescription XD.. I drew a smily face on my middle finger, flipped people off, and said, "Meet Jack. Jack says, 'Hello, [name]!'" A lot of people got mad at me. O_o; I'm not quite sure why. XD\r\nInspiration Actual events.\r\nMaterials Ink on sketch paper.\r\n\r\nBy the way, yes, her shirt does say, "Fuck me; I'm sexy!" It's sort of a play on those, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" shirts.. x_x\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: sbw_stormyLEATHER1.jpg   350x440 103132 bytes 2001.10.27

leather.. bitch.. stormy.. *drool?*

Image: schoolishdeath.jpg   362x500 146557 bytes 2002.06.25

drawn in school, while watching romeo and juliet.. i hate that play. i hate shakespear. die.

Image: secksimoira.jpg   361x600 46236 bytes 2002.12.14

Character: Moira Draykan [ Stormy]\r\nDescription: WOW. I did NOT know I could color this well. This is my best colored image for a VERY long time; I really like my coloring on this one, though compared to what a lot of people do it probably sucks. But that's okay because I gave it my all and that's really all that matters. =P\r\nInspiration: Working on coloring and inking techs.\r\nMaterials: Pen and colored pencil\r\nReference: A picture from people magazine... I found it on the floor.\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02.

Image: secksybeetch.jpg   400x396 79433 bytes 2001.10.15

o.o.. dominatrix stormy? the background was too noisy, so I had to fill it in and slap a quick background onto it.. lazy stormy.. stormy is (C) to katie walsh.

Image: sefaz.jpg   549x744 100796 bytes 2005.06.07

sef and aziza; character sheet in the works.

Image: sellmysoul.jpg   550x549 247939 bytes 2002.06.25

i drew this recently, and i am very proud of it. the wolf in the corner sucks, but i am very happy with the person, despite the fact that it sucks. i like the way it looks, especially the hands, which i can never manage to get right.

Image: sellsoul.jpg   321x600 22710 bytes 2002.12.15

Character: the incredible 00129. [ kate walsh]\r\nDescription: i don't know why i drew this.. o_o but I know that on monday i will carry around a sign that says that at school.. and se how many people say "HA HA you suck".. and wow, the little i - beam is moving and it's not typing anything.. very slowly too.. oh there we go. i fixed it ^^; i think the compression on this is -really- screwed up\r\nInspiration: nothing\r\nMaterials: ink and adobe\r\nReference: none\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: sepirah-bg.png   524x850 58160 bytes 2012.02.17

Sepirah Jendayi Lykoi

Commission for Rose of Sepirah Lykoi of 'Souls RPG.

Tags: wolf werewolf hybrid canine canis lupus wolves werewolves luperci souls  
Image: sept11.jpg   338x500 92707 bytes 2002.09.12

character : stormy\r\n stormy 02\r\ndesc: happy september 11, america! < go there, read 9.11 entry.\r\ninspiration: *Points to journal, tv, radio, internet, etc, etc, etc*\r\nmaterials: ink\r\n\r\nimage stormy 02

Image: sessybitch.jpg   313x430 81190 bytes 2002.11.12

Character : Stormy : Kate Walsh\r\n\r\nDescription : Sie looking sexy?\r\n\r\nInspiration : None\r\n\r\nReference : My own body.. *prods it* O_o;;\r\n\r\nMaterials : Ink and colored pencil\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

Image: sessyboy.jpg   362x500 134370 bytes 2002.07.03

He's sexy.. Inspired by some random guy I saw at the local supermarket with purple hair..

Image: sexualboredom.jpg   450x560 59685 bytes 2002.10.03

character : stormy ; k walsh\r\ndescription : a sexually bored stormsie. i miss mike. XD\r\ninspiration : my own feelings\r\nmaterials: ink\r\n\r\nimage stormy 02

Image: sexyfuckingbitch.jpg   315x500 64517 bytes 2002.09.01

Character : Zulifer Yfel\r\n Stormy 02\r\nDescription: I like Zulifer a lot, but.. I can't seem to find a proper place to roleplay him. And what's even worse, I can't find the time to roleplay him. x_x I play three characters currently, Stormy, Moira, and Kaena. Kaena is my least active; she's only in one thread. Moira is next, only in one or two at the moment, and Stormy is the most active, probably.. er.. five? x_x Closer to three. \r\nInspiration : Oh my gods I love this character fit.\r\nMaterials : Ink.\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 02.

Image: sexypenboy.jpg   360x500 38286 bytes 2002.10.12

Character Sexy Pen Boy fka Miroslaw ; copyright himself\r\nDescription .. XD This kid has a nice pen. Not that I did anything sexual with it. .. Really. I swear. o_O;; He also downloads Tetris from the 'Net and transfers it to my calculator, hence the tetris. Yeah, I'm so cool I can play tetris on my calculator and make it -look- like I'm doing work.\r\nInspiration Nothing.\r\nMaterials Ink on sketch paper.\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 02

Image: sha.GIF   393x500 34059 bytes 2003.02.19

Character: ? ( Leesa Johnson)\r\nDescription: Leesa started this and drew the head. Maria finished it and drew the body.. Only I told her what to put on it. XP\r\nInspiration: Leesa's character's head sitting on a piece of paper. oo;\r\nMaterials: pencil\r\nreference: None\r\nTime: ::shrug::\r\n\r\nImage Leesa, Stormy, Aand Mawia\r\n

Image: shaBITCH.jpg   344x550 82047 bytes 2002.09.13

character: the incredible edible leesa\r\n herself\r\ndescription: this is my other bitch. leesa. but she's .. leesa. yeah.\r\ninspiration: nothing.\r\nmaterials: ink.\r\n\r\nimage stormy 02.

Image: shadowfax.jpg   600x306 42122 bytes 2002.12.24

character: shadowfax [ his player]\r\ndescription: beta male of storm @ bleeding souls [] in his favorite spot.. a tree! =) i may color the background, i may not. depends on how lazy i get.\r\ninspiration: wanted to give my friend a gift for christmas..\r\nmaterials: ink & colored pencil\r\nreference: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: sharingbuzzes.jpg   582x690 169454 bytes 2003.12.01

characters: sie & timmy\r\ndescription: post sex, sharing a cigarette, laying around naked. he says he wishes he were that skinny, i say he could be, if he didn't eat for six months. i draw things too skinny. and i should start paying more attention to this gallery... it rots. go to my DA account if you wanna see more of my junk. -nods-\r\ninspiration: more <3. and real life.\r\nmaterials: ink, colored pencil.\r\nreference: no.

Image: shell.jpg   273x600 45401 bytes 2005.08.28


Image: shetooktotheair.jpg   325x550 78705 bytes 2002.06.25

Just a sketch of me.. I'm trying to work on my pants, considering they suck and look completely unreal :P I'm pretty happy with this picture, cept for the hand and the pants.. and the fact that my flood tool fucking broke through the hand line..

Image: shitschool.jpg   317x550 79515 bytes 2002.09.13

character: stormy\r\ncopyright stormy 02\r\ndescription: drawn in a fit of anxiousness on the first day of school. i was shaking physically, i was so fucking scared.. and i don't know of what; i suppose the people, but.. i dunno. yeah. i now also know why exactly artists in high school rarely color their pictures.. no fucking time anymore.. oh well.. supposedly, my skillz are dope.\r\ninspiration: nothing..\r\nmaterials: ink\r\n\r\nimage stormy 02

Image: sickness.jpg   535x431 95789 bytes 2002.11.01

characters: moira, kaena, and stormy; all kate walsh\r\ndescription: my three favorite characters of all time gathered in one picture.. which.. in all honesty would never happen. kaena would try to kill both moira and stormy, and stormy due to her alpha-like nature would protect herself and moira. but moira would resent stormy for protecting her, seeing as moira hates all pack life and pack members. well, not -hates- but she would rather live alone and die free than live with wolves and chained up.. aside from the fact that moira and stormy/kae are from different worlds entirely.. O__o; anyway.. i don't know what I was trying to do with this or why I drew it...\r\ninspiration: none\r\nmaterials: ink on computer paper\r\nreferences: none\r\n\r\nimage is stormy 02

Image: sie.jpg   308x500 122598 bytes 2002.05.20

it's just me.. o.O

Image: sie_anthro.jpg   510x600 91058 bytes 2008.02.01

stormy anthro

part 2/3 of the massive character sheet i have semi-thought out for her. anthro/fur/whateveryouwannacallit form. forthcoming is the werewolf/wolf form sheet. i don't need to do a different one for each of them, because they're essentially the same.

Image: sie_face.jpg   386x500 65533 bytes 2005.09.01

it's a sie. :)

Image: sie_marc.jpg   384x500 64046 bytes 2003.04.08

Characters: Stormy [ Kate Walsh] & Marc [ Marc P.]\r\nDescription: I got really really bored. And I needed an outlet. XD But fuck physical relationships, you know? I <3 Marc. ^^;\r\nInspiration: ::points at Marc:: Him!\r\nMaterials: Ink, coloured pencil.\r\nReference: None\r\nTime: about 2 hours..\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 03

Image: sie_reference_picture.jpg   233x500 37523 bytes 2003.04.18

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Stormy, showing off her 'new' Chartreuse-violet hair strip. It's there permanently, I suppose, till I get bored of it and go back to some generic colour like red. Eh. This is for my web-comic, the adventures of sie. \r\nInspiration: None\r\nMaterials: Ink, coloured pencil \r\nReference: None\r\nTime: 70 minutes?\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 03.

Image: sie_sitting.jpg   400x473 71295 bytes 2003.04.18

Character: Stormy [ Kate Walsh]\r\nDescription: Sie. Sitting. Wolfhome Pose.\r\nInspiration: None.\r\nMaterials: Ink, coloured pencil.\r\nReference: None.\r\nTime: I forget.\r\n\r\nImage Stormy 03.

Image: sieandthundieundie.jpg   446x500 79338 bytes 2002.11.12

Character : Stormy & InverseThunder; Kate Walsh/Jared\r\n\r\nDescription : Sie.. and thundie.. inked..\r\n\r\nInspiration : none\r\n\r\nReference : none\r\n\r\nMaterials : ink\r\n\r\nImage is Stormy 02

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