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Image: TangBarSamp.jpg   800x600 95983 bytes 2005.10.15

Heres the first of the two pics i was just recently commissioned to do by The Janitor. Heres one of his chars, Tang Cho, a chow-chow bartender serving up drinks. He really liked it, and i did too. kinda hard to find a bg pic with the angles of the bar, etc. But i still think it turned out good enjoy!\r\n\r\nTang Cho (c) Johan Van Kerckhoven (The Janitor)\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: warrensamp.jpg   800x599 86079 bytes 2005.10.15

Heres the second pic that The Janitor commissioned me to do. His other char, Warren McDonnagh, a Belgian draft horse, playing the bagpipes out on the fields of Scottland. (atleast thats where the bg pic is) dont really know if he COMES from Scottland.. but i just kinda assumed since... hes..playing the bagpipes.. but yeah, enjoy!\r\n\r\nWarren McDonnagh (c) Johan Van Kerckhoven\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: StacieFluffyBunFinalpostable.jpg   768x800 98424 bytes 2005.05.04

Third pic commissioned by The Janitor, and his char Stacey "Fluffybun" Knockers, sitting very seductively, inviting you in for a lil fun ;) \r\n\r\nStacey "Fluffybun" Knockers (c) Johan Van Kerckhoven\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: KaishaTennanFinaPostable.jpg   752x800 72582 bytes 2005.05.04

Another pic done for The Janitor. His char Kaisha, working hard on some paperwork, takes a break to think of what to do next.\r\n\r\nKaisha Tennan (c) Johan Van Kerckhoven\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: MarkFinalPostable.jpg   800x680 148385 bytes 2005.05.04

Commission i did for "The Janitor" over in the drawing group i 'teach' at. :) one of his characters, Mark. \r\n\r\nMark (c) Johan Van Kerckhoven\r\nArt by StrikerFox

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