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Image: BebopnJazz.jpg   800x533 101592 bytes 2005.10.21

Heres a gift pic i did for, hope that everything is in approval of course.. just drew her dancing.. in.. her undergarments, because atleast for me, i just hear some music sometimes and just wanna dance...really put alot of effort into this one, although its a gift.. hope she likes enjoy!\r\n\r\nFYI- the background is from cowboy bebop, with the intro song tank... (hopefully those are the right words.. )\r\n\r\nJazz-chan (c),\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Ro1503Fin.jpg   1000x1000 103527 bytes 2005.09.04

Drew this for my dashboard card.. when i gotta go to my parents appartment, i gotta display the apartment number on the dash.. well.. atleast my gf Ro can help show it off.. enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) Ro\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: RoCookFlats.jpg   639x800 74020 bytes 2005.06.17

Well, Ro wanted to cook for me one day, and when she told me that, this idea came into my head.. hehe.. ;) sexy Ro ONLY wearing an apron! kuuu! enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) Ro\r\nArt by StrikerFox\r\n\r\nPS Just flats, again, ill get details in later.

Image: StrikerFoxBloodClaw.jpg   1024x768 144281 bytes 2005.06.17

Heh, i love playing Warhammer 40k, what can i say? and since im the spacewolves, well, i just figured i would best be as a bloodclaw. So yeah, here i am, in space marine armor, ready to battle the spawns of chaos! enjoy!\r\n\r\nStrikerFox (c) StrikerFox\r\nArt by StrikerFox\r\n\r\nPS- crappy shading, but bleh, this has been sitting around my comp for TOO long!

Image: RoPoolsideFlats.jpg   652x800 59068 bytes 2005.06.17

Pic of my Ro by the pool about to go in for a bit of a swim. Even tho she says she CANT swim, i know she can.. she just needs to be confident in herself. I love you Ro! enjoy!\r\n\r\nPS this is just the flats, get the finished details later..\r\n\r\nRo (c) Ro\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: RoStrikerCompleted.jpg   800x600 98737 bytes 2005.05.05

To my beloved Ro, who makes my whole world complete. Without her, I would be lost in the darkness of this world. You bring happiness and joy to my life in ways only you know how. I love you with all my heart Ro.\r\n\r\nRo (c) Ro\r\nStrikerFox (c) StrikerFox\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: RoKimonoFinal(1).jpg   800x654 63197 bytes 2005.04.12

This past spring break Ro came down and visited me. I finally got her the kimono i wanted to get her, and it looks SO good on her sexy body, that i HAD to draw her.. :) of course, only now i had the chance to draw her, so here she is! ;) enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) Ro\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: RoBambooForest.jpg   450x600 71274 bytes 2004.11.12

Well this was an old pic i drew, that i dont think i ever got around to coloring.. but heres the colored version.. with a bg.. (I believe Ro is best defined as Bamboo) but yeah..just her being her beautiful, sexy self ;) anyway, enjoy! ;)\r\n\r\nRo (c) Ro\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: 100ADCmembers.jpg   800x637 65525 bytes 2004.08.27

well the ADC yahoo group i teach at is 3 members short of reaching a 100, so i just decided to put it up anyway, hopefully able to bring in those last three.. lol.. but yeah, its just Charlene, hair pulled back of all things..perspective is a bit skewed but only cuz its kinda fish eye like ish....whatever.. lol enjoy!\r\n\r\nCharlene(c) StrikerFox\r\nart by StrikerFox

Image: RoBikiniBeach.jpg   1024x768 109147 bytes 2004.06.04

;) Ro said she would never wear a bikini, esp one from Fredericks (not shown here, design was too hard), but what do you think? should she wear a bikini? ;) i think she should! ;) enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) Ro\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: CharleneReturns!.jpg   621x800 80431 bytes 2004.06.03

"All you baddies beware! Charlene is back, and ready fer some BUTT-woopin!"\r\n\r\nAfter Charlene was defeated by the evil mage that created her, she went and trained under the watchful eye of her master who trained her since he found her half dead in a river..only this time she obtained blessed armor and a new armlet that brings out more of her Were-Rabbit gene thus making her magic casting ablity better, as well as her brute strength.. anyway, enjoy!\r\n\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: ScaredNekoColor.jpg   615x800 62905 bytes 2004.05.27

HEHE this is funny cuz like, i was at work, and two japanese tourists were sitting down, and one of them was like, AAHH! its a bird! aHH! shoo! shoo! lol. so i just HAD to draw this...why would ANYone be afraid of a dumbass pigeon? so then i figured, why would a cat? ;) anyway, enjoy!

Image: RoStep.jpg   504x700 40314 bytes 2004.05.16

trying to work on that "just took a step" figure...pose...thing.. forgot what its called, had to go to the ER last night...stupid headaches that wont go away! *grumbles* :( anyway, heres Ro, her beautiful and sexy self..kinda looks like she was sneaking away from me, but i caught her..or something..i dunno! *sigh* i miss her..anyway enoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) Herself\r\nARt By StrikerFox

Image: RoStrikerPiggyback.jpg   750x600 75044 bytes 2004.05.13

WEE! okay, even tho i put this on a beach background..i carried Ro on my back thru the mall on Kauai..i couldnt find a pic of the mall, so i just threw it on the pic of the beach there.. :) it was really fun carrying her, even tho she kept saying she was heavy and fat, which she was TOTALLY not! lol ;) i miss her so much! anyway, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nStrikerFox (c) me\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Roclouds.jpg   800x600 94796 bytes 2004.05.04

*sigh* so many things have happened to my sweetie.. to me, she is my angel, so pure and innocent and loving.. *sigh* i love her so much! i just wish i could keep her from harm and being hurt..trying to draw her angel wings...wings is hard for me.. but yeah.. hope it works.. (and hope no one steals this..!) \r\n\r\nRo(c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: SleepingBeauty.jpg   800x600 82294 bytes 2004.04.27

my gf says i have the most beautiful eyes..or rather, eye but yeah, even tho i was like this last in her lap in her sisters car on the way to the airport, i still dream of doing this in our bed..just lying her arms as she plays with my hair...i miss her so much! *sigh* anyway, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo(c) herself\r\nStrikerFox (c) me, StrikerFox\r\nart by StrikerFox\r\n\r\nps- i saved this in a desktop size :) so enjoy!

Image: RoWelcomeHome.jpg   800x600 117823 bytes 2004.04.20

my first upload since i got back home from my trip to Kauai to visit my gf, Ro.. :) i couldnt post this earlier because if she saw it, it would give away my surprises.. ;) but yeah, the plushie i made for her, and the nighties i bought her.. :) this made me cry, because its her welcoming me home at OUR home.. *sigh* but yeah, oh, and Akira is my japanese name.. ;) just for those wondering.. ;) enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Ri'Kashi.jpg   500x701 66032 bytes 2004.04.15

This is Rianna.. met Dr.Krazy thru Fred Perrys 51st issue of Gold Digger (i LOVE Fred and GD!!) but yeah, saw Ri'anna, and wanted to do some guest work for Dr. K...and on top of everything else, hes a fan of Kakashi Sensei aswell!! ;) so heres Ri, in Kakashis gear! ;) enjoy!!\r\n\r\nRi'anna (c) Dr. Krazy\r\nARt By StrikerFox

Image: TogetherFinal.jpg   1000x710 147875 bytes 2004.04.13

up to you what you think is happening...*sigh* poem Ro wrote for me a long time ago...

Image: CharEggLay.jpg   500x513 46768 bytes 2004.04.11

:D well, this idea came from my Gf, Ro, saying, why not have her lay an egg? or coming out of one...well, i figured coming outta an egg would be a lot more messy..and this..well, she is just laying a giant egg! lol.. anyway, enjoy\r\n(ps) kept it a wee bit more pg (or 13) for younger ones..\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: RoBenkyo!.jpg   800x615 65244 bytes 2004.03.30

thing i love doing is sneaking up on my Gf and tickling her, or taking a random picture of her.. ;) of course, she is studying hard, and i caught her in a sexy position.. ;) hehe, lil shocked and embarassed..but hey, when you got a sexy body like hers, why should she be? ;) enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Oceanriderwater.jpg   500x381 41305 bytes 2004.03.25

Here's the one with the BG..i dunno, i just didnt have any idea for it, so i put hir in a waterfall like thing...with just some "steam" or "mist" or yeah.. i really like how the shirt turnd out tho.. ;) enjoy!\r\n\r\nOceanrider (c) hirself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: ChakatOceanRider2.jpg   700x542 69820 bytes 2004.03.25

heres Chakat Oceanrider, finally got to do a peice for hir, and one that shi actually likes... anyway tho, this is just the color, plus a lil shading done to it...gonna post the BG one up in a enjoy!\r\n\r\nOceanrider (c) Hirself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Roshop.jpg   800x921 87436 bytes 2004.03.20

this i drew a while back, didnt scan or color it i think...anyway, for my beautiful Ro..whom i love so much..*sigh* i just wish i was a good enough bf..*sigh*\r\nanyway, she just went shopping...i love shopping with her! hehe so yeah..enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: PeeKid.jpg   700x487 39953 bytes 2004.03.09

HAHA i drew this cuz when i went to pee, some lil kid just kept STARING at me! and then when i went to wash my hands, kept STARING at me! i got scared after a yeah i thought this was funny.. :) enjoy!\r\n\r\nStrikerFox (C) himself

Image: RoPreg.jpg   500x493 34162 bytes 2004.03.09

Ive wanted to draw my gf pregnant for such a long time, i put it off, until tonite, when i saw so many ppl walk by pregnant..or with thier lil kids...hell i even had a dream! so yeah, hers Ro, with our first Kit within her growing..:) (shes not really preg in RL but yeah, just my thought :) i love her so much! enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself

Image: RoAfterShower.jpg   270x344 32000 bytes 2004.03.05

After a hard day at practice, my sexy sweetie takes a hot shower...and..OH! looks like she got out! actually drew this during art, and put some random shower BG in... (dont have a pic of her bathroom..yet.. ;P but yeah enjoy! i know i am.. ;)\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nARt by StrikerFox

Image: RoStretch.jpg   600x645 78985 bytes 2004.03.05

:D drew this tonite, at work :) my sweetie stretching after a long run at track practice.. :) this woulda been better BEFORE, but *shrugs* i drew it after.. ;) enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: BannerSM.jpg   800x376 60072 bytes 2004.02.25

smallerfied version :)

Image: Banner.jpg   2000x941 179141 bytes 2004.02.24

damn, this is HUGE...but yeah, its the banner for my new group:\r\n:) go there! hehe, thats if you like my work :P\r\nanyway, me and Ro in the middle, Julia and Charlene in the back :) i really like how it turned out :) one of my best i would say.. :) anyway, enjoy!\r\nJulia (C)Armando\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox\r\nStrikerFox and Ro (c) their players

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