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Image: RoTrack.jpg   500x547 39341 bytes 2004.02.12

YAY! my sweetie has been working really hard, and also she has joined track! god i love her! shes so great! anyway, simple color with a simple BG :) i got so much to do before i go to visit her! :) anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nart by StrikerFox

Image: Patience.jpg   500x333 22205 bytes 2004.02.05

HAHAH okay, i was trying to do one more b4 i was done with work..and was pacing can i describe patience.. well, i first thought of a stream or river and only way to cross was to wait until the sun dried it up..well..yeeaah, that wouldnt work, then i thought of how you have patience to catch fish...drew it wrong, then drew this one! :) but yeah, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nStrikerFox (c) me\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Happiness.jpg   500x369 29547 bytes 2004.02.05

YAY i re did the 3 cub happiness pic i did a long time here is the redone version! i think its realllly kute! :) i hope Ro likes seeing me playing with our (future) kits ;) anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nStrikerFox (c) me\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Forgivness.jpg   500x306 21356 bytes 2004.02.05

Was thinking what would forgivness be? and like, i just used the "after" Determination to show this..the apple bonking Ro on the head..but she forgives me because the apple i worked so hard for makes her happy :) but yeah, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nStrikerFox (c) me\r\nARt by StrikerFox

Image: Determination.jpg   500x321 25604 bytes 2004.02.04

did i spell it right? O.o anyways, my MOM actually helped me a bit with the legs...but when she drew it, kinda looked like i was humping the rock! O.O so yeah..i shortened the leg and whatnot...if i was where Ro is tho, i think i could actually GET the apple without stretching! @.@ lol, anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nStrikerFox(c) myself\r\nart by StrikerFox\r\n\r\nPS, all these pix i have been doing recently, tie in with love :) somthing for valentines day.. ;) peace..

Image: Romance.jpg   500x598 28528 bytes 2004.02.04

*sigh* i wish my gf was here..i love and miss her so much! she was the first person i actually took to look at the stars... *sigh* i want to hold her! dah! anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nStriker (c) myself\r\nand Art by StrikerFox\r\n

Image: Tenderness.jpg   500x313 25133 bytes 2004.02.03

StrikerFox gently cleaning his love.. :) i love bathing with her! ;) i just love her, period! :) hope she loves this too! enjoy!\r\n\r\nStrikerFox (c) me\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Wonder.jpg   500x305 18870 bytes 2004.02.03

KAWAAII! (well not as kute as the first one to me..) thing was, i was debating if i should have the butterfly on her nose, or flying..i was like, flying? or nose? flying? or nose? lol but yeah, flying is fine.. :) my kute gf! WEE! enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself \r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Mystery.jpg   500x337 17330 bytes 2004.02.03

WHOOO!! okie, another really kute version of my GF..this time watching a creepy crawler walk its way infront of her.. :D i dunno, i just thot of this.. :) i love my gf... so much! hope she likes this one too! enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: 3YrAnniCard.jpg   500x557 38774 bytes 2004.01.22

Next month will make 3 years of me and my gf being together! gonna make this card for her...just better :) i love you Ro! Itsumademo Aishiteru!\r\n\r\n

Image: KuteRoFoxIcon.jpg   500x426 21495 bytes 2004.01.22

Drew this for my GF Ro, of her just very KUTEness!! :D so kute ne?! im using this for a placard thingy and possible aim buddy icon :)\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: 2003-2004.jpg   500x407 50212 bytes 2004.01.17

this shall be the first upload of the year...sorry i took so long even to scan it..just gettin thru some hard times is all..\r\nbut anyways, heres Julia and Charlene showing off a lil of their New Year spirit! ;P anyways, enjoy and happy new year!\r\n\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox\r\nJulia (c) Armando

Image: ThankYouSecuritycolor.jpg   800x977 127077 bytes 2003.09.29

okay, trying the recompress rule! *rolls 3d6*\r\n\r\nanyways, this is Ryoken Hakubis version of sammie...pretty damn nice i can say! :) like the colorations :) i think this is what armando maybe had in mind?\r\n\r\nanyways, enjoy!\r\nSammie (c) StrikerFox\r\ncoloring by Ryoken Hakubi

Image: Sammie.jpg   1000x670 87055 bytes 2003.09.29

hmm..i wonder why the colors look better once i upload it? hmm\r\n\r\nanyways, heres sammie, pretty much all finished...thanx to armando for the hair and eye colorscheme....ryoken sent me his colored version...i really liked it..but i kinda alredy started coloring...SOOO..anyways..enjoy!\r\n\r\nSammie (c) StrikerFox

Image: RoSweetieSmile.jpg   800x869 85405 bytes 2003.09.29

my beautiful sweetie..she has such a sweet and warm smile.... :D anyways, she got contacts recently..soooo, this one is just with her glasses (since i never did draw her WITH them on) but this was inspired by one of the pix she took and sent for me.. :) i miss her so much, and she is SOO beautiful!! (wants to kiss the SCREEN!!! haha) anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself

Image: RoShower.jpg   800x862 97499 bytes 2003.09.29

:) well, i remember when my gf was here, and we was in the shower together...and just thinking of her, brought back this image/memory... :) i hope she knows how much i DO think about her....and hope she sees how damn SEXY she IS! *sigh* but yeah...anyways...\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself

Image: SammieSit.jpg   800x930 92108 bytes 2003.09.29

Sammie the security guard sitting on a chair...*shrug* dont know why...just did this again at work..*yaawn*\r\n\r\nher boobs are SUPPOSED to look like they are pressed together..(still trying to GRASP that concept) :(\r\nanyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nSammie (c) StrikerFox

Image: SymptomsMayInclude.jpg   800x1004 171482 bytes 2003.09.29

WTF IS A TIM TAM?!?\r\n\r\nlol, anyways, was BORED at work...made me stay til 1am...with NO CARS!! *grumles darkly* but yeah, did this, after reading the pain reliever i took for my the idea from it...*yaawn* but yeah, hope you find some humor..(and TRUTH) in this..might make a shirt outa it...hmm. enjoy!\r\n\r\nPS. if you didnt get it...death is breathing like Darth Vader :)

Image: ThankYouSecurity.jpg   800x977 100363 bytes 2003.09.24

AANNNND finally, before i go, here is ANOTHER thank you card i did, for the security guards... (they are so kool, doing so much for us!) so yeah, i did this for them, made up a new character at the same time.. :) hope they like it!\r\nenjoy!\r\n\r\nSammie (c) StrikerFox\r\n\r\nP.S. anyone who can come up with a colorscheme for her, gets a free photoprint colored, and autographed! :)

Image: ThankYouKiss.jpg   800x1092 82946 bytes 2003.09.24

theres this older guy who keeps stopping by to have a smoke at work, and everytime, he keeps us company, talks to us..hell, he even gave me and my co-worker MONEY to get food since business was slow!! anyways, this is a thankyou card i made fer him..(he likes my art) kept it a bit PG-13, but yeah.. ;) hope he likes it! enjoy!\r\n\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox\r\nin case you was wondering, he gave us 20 bucks! such a nice guy!

Image: PlsStopValet.jpg   800x897 80750 bytes 2003.09.24

HAHA okay, so yeah, i was working sunday, i was bored, asked my co-worker, what i should draw, he said a sexy female stopping ppl for valet! well, since we was talkin about JPO before...well i just threw ideas together.. :P Charlene, not liking having to do this...buuut, hell, we valets gotta do what we gotta do! :P hahah, anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\n(and pls, valet park your car, and tip nicely :) \r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox

Image: RoBack.jpg   800x956 86670 bytes 2003.09.24

i love drawing my gf, she is always on my mind.. *sighs* i wish she was here! :(\r\n\r\nanyways, this is her, sitting back... she said that i keep drawing her boobs too big..i dont think so... O.o anyways, isnt she just BEAUTIFUL?! AND sexy?! hmm, okay, better go! \r\n\r\nRo (c) herself

Image: NotFat.gif   425x329 176897 bytes 2003.09.24

well im in a hurry, so i really dont know if this will work...i hope it does! anyways, proving another point...hope you dont get tooooo scared! i know i was! hahah, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nStrikerFox (c) me

Image: 17thbdayarmando.jpg   800x998 138240 bytes 2003.09.20

HEY! happy bday to my fan, (the most LOYAL! my god!) its been what, a YEAR again! more than that, and he still loves my work! :D well, happy bday to Armando! heres his vixen, Julia, surprise!! lol\r\nhappy bday! enjoy!\r\n\r\nJulia (c) Armando\r\nart by StrikerFox

Image: Ro-Ro_copy.jpg   800x1185 99850 bytes 2003.09.16

well it was downsized a bit from the first time i tried to upload this! :P\r\n\r\nanyways, b&w of my lovely gf, Ro! she so damn sexy! *mrrs* \r\n\r\nRo(c)my gf\r\nart by StrikerFox

Image: Bill.jpg   500x1035 55364 bytes 2003.09.16

AAHHAHAH! its BILL! we love bill! the security guard at work! i love him! he really does remind me of a DEPRESSED sloth... (hopfully i was able to portray him as one...) but we love him! so ADORABLE!! ;)~\r\nanyways, enjoy! (oohe just noticed i missed a spot! haha oh well!)

Image: ChareleneBikiflatcolor.jpg   500x809 69643 bytes 2003.09.09

\r\nCharlene, in a blue bikini...its just the flats i ACCIDENTALLY did wrong...buuuut, imma finish this one...part of a series i believe...*work=boring* so enjoy!\r\n\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox\r\nart by StrikerFox

Image: YiffBind.jpg   435x563 74381 bytes 2003.09.09

This is Paul Spicers slaves going at it..did it a VERY long time ago...with the BG and all...was gonna have a GIF of them bouncing across the screen, WAS gonna be funny..forgot to do it... enjoy!\r\n\r\nSlaves and ARt (c) Paul Spicer\r\ncoloring by StrikerFox

Image: 3cubhappiness.jpg   800x565 71904 bytes 2003.06.26

GWEE!!! ^^ okay, i was working and i saw a lil kute kiddie with his grandpa, and it got me thinking about my future..and how i want to have kids (cubs in the pic) myself, and how many i want!! ^^ i just think its really kute what i drew!! :D imma color this later too! heheha enjoy!\r\n

Image: ASSPOI.jpg   800x373 69334 bytes 2003.06.14

BWAAHAHAHA!! okay, well, theres a joke my friends had, and it involved ASSPOI, and then i was thinking, hmm..Indiana Jones..the last scene of Raiders of the lost Ark (arc?) how everyone melted and stuffs, well, this is ASSPOI! BEHOLD! even the FIREY FLAME FLAME in the back!! haha, and the ripping of the eyes, and yes, thats DEATH BY MAMBA! that old joke! okay, anyway, enjoy!\r\n\r\n~StrikerFox

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