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Image: ThinkingOfYou.jpg   713x571 82509 bytes 2003.06.14

well, i drew this up at work, missing my gf..*sigh* shes gonna be here in a month! and i cant wait!!!! ohh the things i would do with her!!! hahaha ;) maybe just kiss her all over and and and...bwahahaha anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\n~StrikerFox

Image: RoVix.jpg   800x1010 95855 bytes 2003.06.11

WEEE!! okay, thanx goes out to Checkers Crossfox for teaching me how to do this right!! lol, i have to practice mai SKILLZ at dis, *cracks knuckles* but yeah, this WAS originally just another car model vix, but then i did another pic with my gf as a vix, so i just decided hey, this would work as her aswell! (and it works perfectly...cept maybe the shoes) :P but yeah, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nart by me!

Image: StrikerPozeFinal.jpg   800x750 80927 bytes 2003.05.05

heres the final verson of StrikerFox, aka me, uhh, well, i just channeling Chi/Ki, and i tend to think i have a blue aura when im yeah...heres the finished product! Enjoy!\r\nStrikerFox(C) Me\r\nArt by...ME

Image: StrikerPozeColor.jpg   800x750 75203 bytes 2003.05.05

SImple Coloring of me, StrikerFox, doing a very VEIRD POZE! i dont know, had to do some RL modeling for this.. =P thas just gross..=\\ so yeah, hahah, anyway, for tha ladies..BWAAHHA riight, anyways, enjoy! gonna work on the shaded one in a bit..\r\n\r\n~StrikerFox (c) himself, ME\r\nart done by, well, ME!

Image: Easter.jpg   800x1056 105910 bytes 2003.04.20

weell, im BACK, and YES im alive, i was just away for spring break, and was also without internet for around a yeah...heres my first work back, its Charlene! yay! Easter is here, so be good, and maybe Charlene will give you a treat! ;P anyways, enjoy!\r\nCharlene (c) by ME

Image: PPtimecolor.jpg   600x600 103507 bytes 2003.04.03

WEE!! colored version done in 5 mins!! bwaahahahah! okay, well, same story, just now i going nows..hahahah okay, peace out!\r\n

Image: PPtime.jpg   600x600 102110 bytes 2003.04.03

*GWEEE!!* okay, im on vacation, visiting my gf, and well, she had sku, so i went to pick her up, and she needed to finish her schoolwork, so i stayed, and in the computer lab just drew this up in PS! she on the computer, i just standing there, (tho im sitting NEXT to her doing this..)yay! the first time i drew somthing COMPREHENDABLE...i think i spelled that right, anyways, i almost forgot the password the ADMINS gave me.. damn, its good! hahah ;P anyways, enjoy!\r\n-StrikerFox

Image: comic.jpg   1200x618 168903 bytes 2003.03.24

Okay, well, at worktonite, i pulled up the last car, and the owner had only 20 dollar, instead of GIVING me the twenty to GET him change upstairs, he keeps telling me to GO and take MY ten, (all that i had), to get it changed up stairs...and then he kept turning away from me, trying to ignore me...well, i couldnt just LET him DRIVE away without paying the flat, cuz then i would have to pay outta MY own pocket to my, his friend it seemed came along and "spotted" him with the five, and fun filled evening..enjoy!

Image: Red.jpg   800x800 89250 bytes 2003.03.19

wow! this was done by my friend Chris Tokunaga up in ART sku, and i must say, his rt has improved GREATLY.... :) thanx for the submission Toks!\r\n\r\nArt By Chris Toks

Image: 404.jpg   320x320 38559 bytes 2003.03.19

did this for the 404 error, i kinda ran it thru my younger brother, he didnt get it...but i like it! oh well, hope you get it! enjoy!

Image: doink.jpg   400x684 48443 bytes 2003.03.17

well this was done by my good fried Emi! upon MY request, and DAMN! i must say!! she is STILL BEING HER BAD ASS SELF AND STILL KICKING GREAT ARTWORK!!! (wonders tho, whats up with the finger..) this was a PHOTO she took of her pic, because her scanner was being gay, but STILL!! my god!! damn girl!! you rock!\r\nArt by Emi Tanji\r\n

Image: Swordyfinal.jpg   800x844 87686 bytes 2003.03.12

weeeelll..i dont know what to say about this, other than i always wanted to draw a vixen with a sword..for some reason i just find it very sexy.. :P anyways, yeah, thats supposed to be a beach behind her, and like, with a wave crashing into the rocks...but..whatever... :P enjoy! -SF\r\n(p.s. this vixen is yet to be named!! email me with ideas!! :)

Image: PIFFglove.gif   500x400 105380 bytes 2003.02.28

Well i was watching Congo today, and yeah, i thought that glove was really dumb..but then i remembered my friend saying somthing like this..well..its just a joke.. :P enjoy!\r\n\r\nP.s. for some reason, i like making Gifs!! its FUN! and comix rule!! :P\r\n

Image: Ride.gif   800x316 130354 bytes 2003.02.25

Well, This i did tonite, after being fed up with seeing so many nice cars drive by my booth, blasting their sounds....and being automatic..*sigh* ohe well\r\ni dont know if this gif is too big, but, yeah... ENJOY!

Image: sniper.jpg   800x976 87961 bytes 2003.02.19

well...if i ever have to go to war....*sigh* i would much rather be a sniper than anything....*shrug* but they wouldnt use them much either, ne? ohe well, heres StrikerFox, MY character (c) by ME!! enjoy!

Image: getoffyourstupidcellphone!.jpg   700x547 61253 bytes 2003.01.21

well, i was working tonite, and saw this girl pull outta the parking stall on her cell the WRONG WAY, she drove down the lot, and made a turn, missing the stop, and *in reality, ALMOST caused an accident* but this is how it is in real life! people, get OFF your damn CELL phones while DRIVING! it pisses me OFF! (or get a headset like me)

Image: celicaPÜsi.jpg   850x744 121691 bytes 2003.01.13

Well, ive finally done what ive dreamed about! drawing a car model chick person, cat..yes... \r\nwell, this is Celica, modeling for..the...Celica...2k3...yes.. ENJOY!\r\n(p.s.- her shirt says PÜSI, just if you was wondering..)

Image: bellnoopen.jpg   708x939 80020 bytes 2002.12.31

well, okay, xmas came and went, but i was so F*cking busy i couldnt get this up!! *grrr* but yeah, this just a char i made up, bell, was gonna add a bell, but was lazy..but anyhow, i gonna go, i guess everyone can open her up now, eh? lol

Image: thanksgivinfinal.jpg   574x973 106826 bytes 2002.12.04

WELL! i FINALLY GOT MY OWN SCANNER!! *cheers* lol, well, this is KINDA late, considering Thanksgiving alredy passed, but hey, i got it up! :D enjoy all! be looking for my next X-mas pic!

Image: bdayarmandofinal.jpg   700x899 129788 bytes 2002.10.05

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAN, ARMANDO!! hehe even tho he turned 16 on Sept. 19th, i still got this pic up for him, eventually..hehe, i hope he likes it! special from me, StrikerFox =)

Image: NEEDaSCANNER!.jpg   678x356 51019 bytes 2002.09.18

well, this is basically what its new ideas....and yet, all the work that needs to be scanned!! grr...hopefully, i can get some money for the work i do! :( not like anyone cares... [:P *sigh* but life...

Image: Bike.jpg   738x545 86052 bytes 2002.09.03 really really proud of this one...not only did i NOT know how to draw a motorcycle, i actually made it look SEMI decent! lol! this one, i really wasnt gonna color and get INTO it...but then i figured..what the hell...sumthing might happen! and look what did happen! lol THis is just Charlene, on her bike..Colors are a bit off on the bike, i didnt want it to be all solid one color.....ohe well! =P\r\n\r\nCharlene (C) StrikerFox

Image: TooMuch.jpg   563x730 80346 bytes 2002.08.30

HAH! okay, well, my fan wnated me to do a B.E. Pic (breast expansion) and well, this ISNT it...this is something that twisted humor of it...\r\nMy GF used to do inhalents to get high, and she did it recently when she wasnt supposed to...well..since i was doing a BE pic, well, this is just what happens when you do too much of anything...

Image: Contest2.jpg   398x672 78369 bytes 2002.05.23

WELL, I hope that this one gets voted\r\n\r\nI just put the requested pic with added stuff to it..=)\r\n\r\n

Image: Undies.jpg   471x621 69254 bytes 2002.05.22

Well, its Manda! (AKA Twisted Kitty! ) lol so sorry! i forgot!\r\nhehe, well i WAS gonna draw her nekked AGAIN, but then i figured..\r\nwhy not just in her Undies? (cuz she SAID she would let me!lol)\r\nbut anyways, i hope she likes it, she got to see it FIRST..but yeah..\r\n\r\nTwistedKitty (c) Manda\r\nart by STrikerFox

Image: BothCharRe.jpg   609x660 193519 bytes 2002.05.13

Well! ive done it! *grins* ive drwan my character, (after many complaints of not knowing what i look like),and so, here it is! hehe \r\n\r\n And of course! i had to draw m Gf's char along with mines! =) \r\n Thing is, i dont know what she wanted to name her, so i just gave her RO \r\n I think i like using photoshop even more now that i have spare time to colour better =)

Image: FootBall.jpg   543x465 68427 bytes 2002.05.03

Drew this too over spring break....didnt get to color it until tonite..\r\n\r\nof course, i DID use to play football..*grins*\r\n\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox

Image: SnowDaze.jpg   429x564 48033 bytes 2002.04.24

Well, it has been a LONG time since i last updated...this i drew over spring break while on my vacation to Tahoe.\r\nOn the board, its supposed to have the design "Trikkoncept" on it, but i got lazy and didnt want to COLOUR it in..hehe\r\n\r\nso here is Charlene, holding her board, amongst other things...or...well..i dunno. :|\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox

Image: MandaColor.jpg   700x659 64574 bytes 2002.03.16

Well, a new pic of my friend Manda, who really wanted me to draw another pic of her, AND color it this time instead of sketching it! =)\r\n\r\nI tried some new things with PS, like, blur and other simple things...\r\nwhat else do i need? hmm...

Image: heros.jpg   504x630 84018 bytes 2002.02.13

Charlene with StryderFox, Striker's Grand-Father, (in the past).\r\nIn the game, they eventually meet up, and battle together, (as well as OTHER things), and\r\nSTUFF! lol, *game in progress* hehe\r\n\r\nStryderFox (c) StrikerFox\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox

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