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Image: RoShower.jpg   800x862 97499 bytes 2003.09.29

:) well, i remember when my gf was here, and we was in the shower together...and just thinking of her, brought back this image/memory... :) i hope she knows how much i DO think about her....and hope she sees how damn SEXY she IS! *sigh* but yeah...anyways...\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself

Image: RoStep.jpg   504x700 40314 bytes 2004.05.16

trying to work on that "just took a step" figure...pose...thing.. forgot what its called, had to go to the ER last night...stupid headaches that wont go away! *grumbles* :( anyway, heres Ro, her beautiful and sexy self..kinda looks like she was sneaking away from me, but i caught her..or something..i dunno! *sigh* i miss her..anyway enoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) Herself\r\nARt By StrikerFox

Image: RoStretch.jpg   600x645 78985 bytes 2004.03.05

:D drew this tonite, at work :) my sweetie stretching after a long run at track practice.. :) this woulda been better BEFORE, but *shrugs* i drew it after.. ;) enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: RoStrikerCompleted.jpg   800x600 98737 bytes 2005.05.05

To my beloved Ro, who makes my whole world complete. Without her, I would be lost in the darkness of this world. You bring happiness and joy to my life in ways only you know how. I love you with all my heart Ro.\r\n\r\nRo (c) Ro\r\nStrikerFox (c) StrikerFox\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: RoStrikerPiggyback.jpg   750x600 75044 bytes 2004.05.13

WEE! okay, even tho i put this on a beach background..i carried Ro on my back thru the mall on Kauai..i couldnt find a pic of the mall, so i just threw it on the pic of the beach there.. :) it was really fun carrying her, even tho she kept saying she was heavy and fat, which she was TOTALLY not! lol ;) i miss her so much! anyway, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nStrikerFox (c) me\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: RoSweetieSmile.jpg   800x869 85405 bytes 2003.09.29

my beautiful sweetie..she has such a sweet and warm smile.... :D anyways, she got contacts recently..soooo, this one is just with her glasses (since i never did draw her WITH them on) but this was inspired by one of the pix she took and sent for me.. :) i miss her so much, and she is SOO beautiful!! (wants to kiss the SCREEN!!! haha) anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself

Image: RoTrack.jpg   500x547 39341 bytes 2004.02.12

YAY! my sweetie has been working really hard, and also she has joined track! god i love her! shes so great! anyway, simple color with a simple BG :) i got so much to do before i go to visit her! :) anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nart by StrikerFox

Image: RoVix.jpg   800x1010 95855 bytes 2003.06.11

WEEE!! okay, thanx goes out to Checkers Crossfox for teaching me how to do this right!! lol, i have to practice mai SKILLZ at dis, *cracks knuckles* but yeah, this WAS originally just another car model vix, but then i did another pic with my gf as a vix, so i just decided hey, this would work as her aswell! (and it works perfectly...cept maybe the shoes) :P but yeah, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nart by me!

Image: RoWelcomeHome.jpg   800x600 117823 bytes 2004.04.20

my first upload since i got back home from my trip to Kauai to visit my gf, Ro.. :) i couldnt post this earlier because if she saw it, it would give away my surprises.. ;) but yeah, the plushie i made for her, and the nighties i bought her.. :) this made me cry, because its her welcoming me home at OUR home.. *sigh* but yeah, oh, and Akira is my japanese name.. ;) just for those wondering.. ;) enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: Sammie.jpg   1000x670 87055 bytes 2003.09.29

hmm..i wonder why the colors look better once i upload it? hmm\r\n\r\nanyways, heres sammie, pretty much all finished...thanx to armando for the hair and eye colorscheme....ryoken sent me his colored version...i really liked it..but i kinda alredy started coloring...SOOO..anyways..enjoy!\r\n\r\nSammie (c) StrikerFox

Image: SammieSit.jpg   800x930 92108 bytes 2003.09.29

Sammie the security guard sitting on a chair...*shrug* dont know why...just did this again at work..*yaawn*\r\n\r\nher boobs are SUPPOSED to look like they are pressed together..(still trying to GRASP that concept) :(\r\nanyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\nSammie (c) StrikerFox

Image: ScaredNekoColor.jpg   615x800 62905 bytes 2004.05.27

HEHE this is funny cuz like, i was at work, and two japanese tourists were sitting down, and one of them was like, AAHH! its a bird! aHH! shoo! shoo! lol. so i just HAD to draw this...why would ANYone be afraid of a dumbass pigeon? so then i figured, why would a cat? ;) anyway, enjoy!

Image: SleepingBeauty.jpg   800x600 82294 bytes 2004.04.27

my gf says i have the most beautiful eyes..or rather, eye but yeah, even tho i was like this last in her lap in her sisters car on the way to the airport, i still dream of doing this in our bed..just lying her arms as she plays with my hair...i miss her so much! *sigh* anyway, enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo(c) herself\r\nStrikerFox (c) me, StrikerFox\r\nart by StrikerFox\r\n\r\nps- i saved this in a desktop size :) so enjoy!

Image: sniper.jpg   800x976 87961 bytes 2003.02.19

well...if i ever have to go to war....*sigh* i would much rather be a sniper than anything....*shrug* but they wouldnt use them much either, ne? ohe well, heres StrikerFox, MY character (c) by ME!! enjoy!

Image: SnowDaze.jpg   429x564 48033 bytes 2002.04.24

Well, it has been a LONG time since i last updated...this i drew over spring break while on my vacation to Tahoe.\r\nOn the board, its supposed to have the design "Trikkoncept" on it, but i got lazy and didnt want to COLOUR it in..hehe\r\n\r\nso here is Charlene, holding her board, amongst other things...or...well..i dunno. :|\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox

Image: StrikerFoxBloodClaw.jpg   1024x768 144281 bytes 2005.06.17

Heh, i love playing Warhammer 40k, what can i say? and since im the spacewolves, well, i just figured i would best be as a bloodclaw. So yeah, here i am, in space marine armor, ready to battle the spawns of chaos! enjoy!\r\n\r\nStrikerFox (c) StrikerFox\r\nArt by StrikerFox\r\n\r\nPS- crappy shading, but bleh, this has been sitting around my comp for TOO long!

Image: StrikerPozeColor.jpg   800x750 75203 bytes 2003.05.05

SImple Coloring of me, StrikerFox, doing a very VEIRD POZE! i dont know, had to do some RL modeling for this.. =P thas just gross..=\\ so yeah, hahah, anyway, for tha ladies..BWAAHHA riight, anyways, enjoy! gonna work on the shaded one in a bit..\r\n\r\n~StrikerFox (c) himself, ME\r\nart done by, well, ME!

Image: StrikerPozeFinal.jpg   800x750 80927 bytes 2003.05.05

heres the final verson of StrikerFox, aka me, uhh, well, i just channeling Chi/Ki, and i tend to think i have a blue aura when im yeah...heres the finished product! Enjoy!\r\nStrikerFox(C) Me\r\nArt by...ME

Image: Swordyfinal.jpg   800x844 87686 bytes 2003.03.12

weeeelll..i dont know what to say about this, other than i always wanted to draw a vixen with a sword..for some reason i just find it very sexy.. :P anyways, yeah, thats supposed to be a beach behind her, and like, with a wave crashing into the rocks...but..whatever... :P enjoy! -SF\r\n(p.s. this vixen is yet to be named!! email me with ideas!! :)

Image: SymptomsMayInclude.jpg   800x1004 171482 bytes 2003.09.29

WTF IS A TIM TAM?!?\r\n\r\nlol, anyways, was BORED at work...made me stay til 1am...with NO CARS!! *grumles darkly* but yeah, did this, after reading the pain reliever i took for my the idea from it...*yaawn* but yeah, hope you find some humor..(and TRUTH) in this..might make a shirt outa it...hmm. enjoy!\r\n\r\nPS. if you didnt get it...death is breathing like Darth Vader :)

Image: Tenderness.jpg   500x313 25133 bytes 2004.02.03

StrikerFox gently cleaning his love.. :) i love bathing with her! ;) i just love her, period! :) hope she loves this too! enjoy!\r\n\r\nStrikerFox (c) me\r\nRo (c) herself\r\nArt by StrikerFox

Image: thanksgivinfinal.jpg   574x973 106826 bytes 2002.12.04

WELL! i FINALLY GOT MY OWN SCANNER!! *cheers* lol, well, this is KINDA late, considering Thanksgiving alredy passed, but hey, i got it up! :D enjoy all! be looking for my next X-mas pic!

Image: ThankYouKiss.jpg   800x1092 82946 bytes 2003.09.24

theres this older guy who keeps stopping by to have a smoke at work, and everytime, he keeps us company, talks to us..hell, he even gave me and my co-worker MONEY to get food since business was slow!! anyways, this is a thankyou card i made fer him..(he likes my art) kept it a bit PG-13, but yeah.. ;) hope he likes it! enjoy!\r\n\r\nCharlene (c) StrikerFox\r\nin case you was wondering, he gave us 20 bucks! such a nice guy!

Image: ThankYouSecurity.jpg   800x977 100363 bytes 2003.09.24

AANNNND finally, before i go, here is ANOTHER thank you card i did, for the security guards... (they are so kool, doing so much for us!) so yeah, i did this for them, made up a new character at the same time.. :) hope they like it!\r\nenjoy!\r\n\r\nSammie (c) StrikerFox\r\n\r\nP.S. anyone who can come up with a colorscheme for her, gets a free photoprint colored, and autographed! :)

Image: ThankYouSecuritycolor.jpg   800x977 127077 bytes 2003.09.29

okay, trying the recompress rule! *rolls 3d6*\r\n\r\nanyways, this is Ryoken Hakubis version of sammie...pretty damn nice i can say! :) like the colorations :) i think this is what armando maybe had in mind?\r\n\r\nanyways, enjoy!\r\nSammie (c) StrikerFox\r\ncoloring by Ryoken Hakubi

Image: ThinkingOfYou.jpg   713x571 82509 bytes 2003.06.14

well, i drew this up at work, missing my gf..*sigh* shes gonna be here in a month! and i cant wait!!!! ohh the things i would do with her!!! hahaha ;) maybe just kiss her all over and and and...bwahahaha anyways, enjoy!\r\n\r\n~StrikerFox

Image: TogetherFinal.jpg   1000x710 147875 bytes 2004.04.13

up to you what you think is happening...*sigh* poem Ro wrote for me a long time ago...

Image: TooMuch.jpg   563x730 80346 bytes 2002.08.30

HAH! okay, well, my fan wnated me to do a B.E. Pic (breast expansion) and well, this ISNT it...this is something that twisted humor of it...\r\nMy GF used to do inhalents to get high, and she did it recently when she wasnt supposed to...well..since i was doing a BE pic, well, this is just what happens when you do too much of anything...

Image: Undies.jpg   471x621 69254 bytes 2002.05.22

Well, its Manda! (AKA Twisted Kitty! ) lol so sorry! i forgot!\r\nhehe, well i WAS gonna draw her nekked AGAIN, but then i figured..\r\nwhy not just in her Undies? (cuz she SAID she would let me!lol)\r\nbut anyways, i hope she likes it, she got to see it FIRST..but yeah..\r\n\r\nTwistedKitty (c) Manda\r\nart by STrikerFox

Image: Wonder.jpg   500x305 18870 bytes 2004.02.03

KAWAAII! (well not as kute as the first one to me..) thing was, i was debating if i should have the butterfly on her nose, or flying..i was like, flying? or nose? flying? or nose? lol but yeah, flying is fine.. :) my kute gf! WEE! enjoy!\r\n\r\nRo (c) herself \r\nArt by StrikerFox

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