Reptile Sales – Terms and Conditions

Last Updated:  08/11/2014

*I only ship on Tuesdays at this time*


            By purchasing a reptile from me, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions listed.  Failure to read these terms and conditions does not void these conditions in any manner.



Purchasing, Payment Plans, & Payment Details


            To purchase an animal or place it on hold, please e-mail me at duelstyxartwork (at sign) or message me on FaceBook.  I accept checks, money orders, bank to bank transfers, and PayPal.  With checks or money orders, the reptile will not be shipped until after the payment has cleared in full.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

            I do accept payment plans on most purchases.  The animal will not be shipped until the last payment has been made in full.  Payment plans for animals under $300 must be paid off in 14 days.  Payment plans for amounts over $300 must be paid for in full in 30 days.  Failure to complete your payments in the specified amount of time will result in the animal being relisted.  Refunds will not be issued in the instance of non-payment.  Arrangements for payment plans for longer than 30 days must be made prior to the animal’s purchase.

            If you change your mind about an animal before the scheduled ship date, I will issue you a refund less the cost of the deposit, which is not refundable.




            I will hold an animal for 7 days with a non-refundable deposit of 25% the cost of the animal (before shipping).  After 7 days, I will expect the remainder of the payment in full unless other arrangements have been made prior to the deposit being sent.  If you do not contact me or follow through with the remainder of the payment after 7 days, you forfeit your deposit and the animal will be relisted for sale.


Shipping & Handling


            Shipping is done priority overnight express via FedEx using Reptiles Express.  The cost of shipping depends on the location and is paid for by the buyer, and ranges anywhere from $45 to $70 for one to three geckos.  Unless specified the price of shipping is not included in the gecko’s price.  Please message me with your zip code for a quote.
            *At this time I only ship on Tuesdays.  Please plan accordingly.*

If a buyer delays shipping for personal reasons, a $10 fee will be applied to any animal held for more than 17 days.

            Geckos are packaged in a deli cup with moist paper towels inside an insulated box. Hot and cold packs are available if necessary.  I only ship within the continental United States at this time.

            I reserve the right to cancel a ship date if the weather changes abruptly and it is deemed unsafe for the animal.  An adult must be present to accept and sign for the package or the Live Arrival Guarantee is void.

                        If your reptile is not there by the scheduled delivery time, please contact the carrier immediately with the tracking number, then Debbie at Reptiles Express, then me.


Live Arrival Guarantee


            I guarantee that the animal I have shipped arrives alive and in good health provided following criteria is met:

Ø  An adult signs for the package on the first delivery attempt.

Ø  The temperature is between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ø   Hub pickup is done before 11:00am.


In the terrible instance that an animal might arrive DOA or in poor condition I must be contacted within an hour of arrival and notified of the animal’s condition.  This must be done via a call or e-mail – I do not have text.  I strongly prefer calls in this instance.

If you are driving a distance to pick up a reptile, notify me ahead of time and I will extend your live arrival guarantee until you have had time to pick-up and return to you home to inspect your reptile.

Upon confirmation of a DOA, a refund of the cost of the reptile (less the cost of shipping) will be issued or a replacement at my expense will be issued, whichever the buyer prefers.  In the instance of an animal arriving in poor condition a partial refund will be issued dependent on the condition of the reptile, or credit towards a future purchase if the buyer prefers.

No compensation will be issued if a gecko drops its tail during shipping.  Unfortunately this is something that may occur and there is nothing I can do about it.  That said I have only have one dropped tail in all the time I have been shipping.


Sexing Guarantee


            If an animal is sold as guaranteed male or female I guarantee the gender of the animal is correct.  Should it turn out differently, contact me.  Upon verification, a refund for the cost of the animal will be issued if you wish to return it.  If a buyer wishes to keep the animal then a partial refund or partial credit of the difference of cost between the correct sexes will be given.

If the animal in question is a snake I will need a signed certificate stating the animal’s sex by a qualified reptile veterinarian scanned and e-mailed to me.

            Animals sold as “unsexed” or “probable” do not fall under this guarantee.




I represent the animals sold to be the best of my ability.  Colors may vary slightly depending on your computer monitor’s settings.  “Fired up” colors in geckos are the darkest I have ever seen them to get in my personal possession.  All photos depict the actual animal you are purchasing unless otherwise stated.




            All animals sold are guaranteed to be the genetics I state them to be.  All 100% hets are guaranteed to be het for the gene I have stated them to be.




I may accept trades for the following, please contact me with your offer:

Ø  Reptiles:  Uroplatus sikorae or phantasticus (contact me); P. terribilis (mint); M. chahoua white collar unsexed or female (unless it is a spectacular male); C. c. paulsoni St. Isabel (white only); trachyboas, C. aspera in black, red, or gold; Chamaeleolis species; V. kingorum (white or het white); LTC or CBB L. williamsi; H. nasicus in anaconda, axanthic, and snow combos; and in rare cases C. ciliatus – it must be exceptional (see Supernova and Éclair in my collection for examples of what I am looking for in ciliatus).

Ø  Electronics in very good or like new working condition:  DSLR cameras, 2013 model year or newer laptops, newer tablet computers, newer graphics tablets.

Ø  Art Supplies (new or lightly used only):  Utrecht acrylics, Kremer pigments and watercolors, Winsor & Newton watercolors pans or tubes, Winsor & Newton designers gouache, Hoblein duo aqua water soluble oils.

Ø  Gift Cards/Certificates to most reptile supply websites, Amazon,, and