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Image: Mushussu1cm.jpg   1294x1006 275375 bytes 2017.01.24


Fantasy art commission of a storm dragon with a mesocyclone in the background.\r\n\r\nArt Parker (Styx) 2014

Tags: Mushussu storm dragon lightning tornado mesocyclone painting traditional black  
Image: Eisen-AdlerCM.jpg   1073x1400 216392 bytes 2017.01.24

Eisen Adler

OC commission of a demon hunter griffen / gryphon, Eisen Adler.\r\n\r\nArt Parker (Styx) 2014

Tags: Eisen Adler demon hunter griffen griffin griffon gryphon cougar puma blue  
Image: FujiCM.jpg   777x3978 996421 bytes 2017.01.24


Wistful wisteria.\r\n\r\n Parker / Styx / Duelism 2016

Tags: black poodle Morgan dog canine yukata Wistful wisteria fuji  
Image: DreamChaserCM.jpg   1455x1047 260477 bytes 2016.06.05

Dream Chaser

"Are you running to freedom's fortress\r\nBy the side of wide open seas\r\nWhere the wolf is one with the wild?"\r\n-Run, Wolf Warrior, Run\r\n\r\nArt 2016 Styx/Parker

Tags: Dream run ocean polywere feral dream_chaser Styx water paradise idealistic peace  
Image: ThomasDylanCM.jpg   1777x1422 319977 bytes 2014.07.02

Thomas Dylan Ookamimi

Commission of an ookamimi/okamimimi named Thomas Dylan. He was pretty fun to draw and I loved coloring his face.\r\n\r\n\r\n Parker (Styx) 2014

Tags: Thomas Dylan ookamimi okamimimi male wolf kemonomimi meth drugs  
Image: ThedaWolpyCM.jpg   1246x1551 293919 bytes 2014.07.02

Theda Wolpy Portrait

Commission of a wolpertinger named Theda Wolpy over on Flight Rising.\r\n\r\n Parker (Styx) 2014

Tags: Theda Wolpy wolpertinger rabbit antlers green ribbon red rose sad tired  
Image: FreedomCM.jpg   1326x1669 317035 bytes 2014.07.02


This is a very old piece based on a very unpleasant time in my life. I pulled it out and decided to finish it finally. The piece really brings back the sensation of how trapped I felt and really was.\r\n\r\n Parker (Styx) 2014

Tags: Freedom trapped caged sorrow hopelessness confined imprisoned  
Image: Blood_Spell-CM.jpg   1073x1333 478845 bytes 2012.06.12

Blood Spell

My entry for the Prydwen Fanart Contest of Tristan the Blood Mage cat.\r\n\r\nI've painted rune spells of blood dripping from his fingertips and included Odin's Illusionary Rune in the back and Ottastafur in the front and he's standing in the middle of an Inguz rune.\r\n\r\nThis was maybe 35-40 hours of work. 15 hours of it was worked on yesterday - in a straight session. My back is killing me.\r\n\r\nMedium: Watercolor, acrylics, marker, colored pencil\r\nCOMMISSIONS:\r\n\r\nArtwork A. F. Parker 2012\r\nTristan Lynn Hogan\r\n\r\n

Tags: black cat feline blood mage Odin's Illusionary Rune Ottastafur Inguz Prydwen  
Image: Time_Of_Judgement-CM.jpg   1632x1256 654545 bytes 2012.06.12

Time of Judgement

Second submission for the Prydwen Fanart Contest.\r\n\r\nMedium: Markers, watercolor, acrylics, micron pens\r\n\r\nArtwork A. F. Parker 2012\r\nPrydwen Lynn Hogan\r\n

Tags: prydwencontest Prydwen gods monsters kirin rat demon unicorn  
Image: BPNaga-GranitePretzelCM.jpg   1963x1512 932979 bytes 2012.06.12

Ball Python Naga: Granite Pretzels

Part of my ball python morphs naga project. She is a granite. The granite is a pattern mutation and the main feature is a speckled, broken-up appearance to the lateral markings or "alien-heads".\r\n\r\nI had this weird scrapbook paper with pretzels on it so what better use for it than a naga?! I dunno, I had to use it, it's an OCD thing.\r\n\r\nI wish her hip on the right side had more contrast. Kind of gets lost. Practice practice!\r\n\r\nFor Sale: $30.00 + Shipping\r\nSome damage to the original, e-mail me for more info.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx) 2012

Tags: ball python regius naga female woman lady pretzel granite snake serpent  
Image: GeneticstripenagaCM.jpg   1018x1315 269007 bytes 2012.06.12

Ball Python Naga: Genetic Stripe

Ball Python Naga Project: Genetic Stripe\r\n\r\nPerhaps my favorite naga that Ive drawn to date.\r\n\r\nOriginal for sale $45.00 + Shipping\r\n8.5x11 on cardstock, mixed media.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx) 2010

Tags: genetic stripe ball python regius female naga woman snake serpent  
Image: AntiwombCM.jpg   1275x1648 667267 bytes 2012.04.02

The Anti-Womb

Fetalmnivore. Feed me... babies.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx) 2012\r\n

Tags: human fetus eating devour blood anti-womb  
Image: NotGRatedCM.jpg   653x815 127924 bytes 2012.02.17

I Am Not G-Rated

I dont need societys approval. I refuse to conform. I dont want to be pretty, I just want to be.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx) 2009

Tags: nonconformity society disapproval murder death blood kill monster vore devour  
Image: I-Will-Be-Your-MaskCM.jpg   798x803 100357 bytes 2009.12.19

I Will Be Your Mask

This is a really old piece, but I liked the concept still. Enough to finish it despite some anatomical issues. Background is a scrapbook paper I bought.\r\n\r\nArt & Styx A. F. Parker (Styx) 2009\r\nPhantom himself

Tags: wolf Styx polywere mask Phantom  
Image: A-Luck-that-can-Never-BeCM.jpg   834x650 73972 bytes 2009.11.13

A Luck That Can Never Be

Originally a commission that was canceled (the client decided she wanted something entirely different after Id sketched and inked this piece) I pulled it out of The Vault after my hard drive crashed to work on and waste some time at work. I used this piece to test out some watercolor techniques and my pastels. Overall, Im quite pleased with the piece. Likely because I had no expectations to meet.\r\n\r\nA Siamese cat luck dragon.\r\n\r\nFor Sale 8x11 - $85.00 + Shipping ($5 for US & Canada, $10 Worldwide)\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx) 2009

Tags: Siamese cat feline luck dragon dial pearl   [Bid/Buy]
Image: WarriorAgainstWolvesCM.jpg   472x616 63876 bytes 2009.11.10

Warrior Against Wolves

Part of my dog breeds project. The Irish Wolfhound, wielding a sword and bow goes head to head against a wolf of old Ireland.\r\n\r\nThe Wolfhound is wearing traditional 17th century Irish common mans clothing.\r\n\r\nI think I started this in 06 or maybe 07 and pulled it out to finish after my hard drive crashed. At the time I only expected to be without it for a few days so I was working on things I had never finished as an effort to occupy my time until I had it back.\r\n\r\nOriginal For Sale 8.5x12 $85.00+ Shipping ($5 for US & Canada, $10 Worldwide)\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx) 2009\r\nClothing Reference:\r\n

Tags: Irish wolfhound dog Ireland wolf wolves canine sighthound hunt hunting   [More Info] [Bid/Buy]
Image: FineanddandyCM.jpg   857x1094 215235 bytes 2009.10.30

Fine And Dandy

You know Ive never quite been fine and dandy. Ive been dandy, but not fine. Then there are times when I am fine but not dandy. Not quite dandy. In the vicinity of dandy. Approaching dandyhood, but not dandy. Back, four years ago, time stood still when I was both fine and dandy. Yet I couldnt truthfully ever say I was fine and dandy because nobody asked.\r\n\r\nArt A. F. Parker (Styx) 2009\r\nCharacter Phantom

Tags: Fine dandy phantom marcus weirdwolf black canine wolf werewolf youth memories  
Image: Chad_by_styx_leagon.jpg   505x657 94434 bytes 2007.09.19


Commission. Anthro wolf.\r\nBackground is scrapbooking paper.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker 2007\r\nDo not copy, alter, or distribute

Tags: Chad wolf canus lupus canine timber  
Image: Carrie_by_styx_leagon.jpg   505x657 83924 bytes 2007.09.19


Commission. Anthro traditional Siamese.\r\nThe background is scrapbooking paper.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker 2007\r\nDo not copy, alter, or distribute

Tags: carrie traditional anthro siamese cat female feline  
Image: MemoriesLikeADreamCM.jpg   415x542 52260 bytes 2006.10.31

Commission of Frankie the cat, who has passed away.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker 2006\r\nDo not copy, alter, or distribute.

Image: Workplace_Uniform2-Packer.JPG   725x974 73035 bytes 2005.09.01

Workplace Uniform #2 - Packer\r\n\r\nFor three days of my life I worked in a bottle manufacturing plant. My official title was Packer. Dignified, huh? My job was to take bottles out of a bin the machine dumped them into and place them in a box in a certain order. Id switch machines halfway through my shift. There were a couple machines where I only had to inspect the bottles.\r\n\r\nIt was pure hell. On the third day, I quit.\r\n\r\nAnyway, thought Id do little pictures for each of the jobs Ive worked at. This was the uniform for this job (my second job).\r\n\r\n Styx (A. F. Parker) 2005

Image: I_Am_Wind.JPG   677x866 41916 bytes 2004.11.22

Woot, last test for now. :3 It was What Element Are You? I think. Wind, of course. Im always wind or water. ^^ Background is SUPPOSED to be grey, thank you. Paper got wrinkled a little. Argh.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx) 2004

Image: Stupid_People_Piss_Me_Off.JPG   590x767 66233 bytes 2004.11.20

Test result I took. You see, I dont ave a livejournal, so instead I draw pictures of the ones particularly true or amusing. I like the coloring on this one, I think it came out great.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx) 2004

Image: Sending_A_ReplacementCM.JPG   674x866 92253 bytes 2004.10.01

Gift for Don. He helped by sending me a muse. ;3\r\n\r\nArt A. F. Parker (Styx) 2004\r\nDon himself

Image: My_Place_Among_The_Stars.JPG   680x874 143825 bytes 2004.09.29

"Now we must take our place among the stars."\r\n\r\nAttempting a new technique. Didnt work out too well.\r\n A. F. Parker 2004

Image: ApplicationCM.JPG   378x374 16592 bytes 2004.07.03

Picture I drew on an application.\r\n\r\n A. F. Parker (Styx)

Image: SpiralCM.JPG   670x861 74645 bytes 2004.07.03

Medium: Colored pencils, pens, newspaper clippings (BG).\r\n\r\n A. F. Parer

Image: Levi's_CampoutCM.JPG   873x671 109039 bytes 2004.06.30

A commission. Guy in the middle is Levi. Hard work.\r\n\r\nBTW, the goat is smoking a camel.\r\n\r\nArtwork and goat A. F. Parker\r\nLevi himself\r\nSnoopy Charles Schulz\r\nDuff (this can) Matt Groaning

Image: Lunar_BalanceCM.JPG   675x868 144799 bytes 2004.06.15

The balance must be kept.\r\n\r\nQuote, art, and character A. F. Parker 2004

Image: FormationCM.JPG   673x870 71671 bytes 2004.06.15

Nothing worth possessing\r\nCan be quite possessed.\r\n-Sara Teasdale\r\n\r\nArt and character A. F. Parker 2004

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