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Image: blowjob.jpg   500x363 39949 bytes 2005.07.20

'Blow Job' (7.05)\r\nA gift for my good friend, Branduff's Birthday. Now he can't say I never give him what he asks for. XD

Image: cfnw05demonleashed.jpg   550x356 34877 bytes 2005.11.10

Deamon Leashed! (10.05)\r\nA sketchbook pic I did at Conifur.\r\nI've forgotten the name of the demon fox but she is her creator. The demon squirel is Sumarra Pethran.

Image: dogscaughtcat.jpg   500x524 57312 bytes 2005.11.18

'When Dogs Catch the Cat' (11.05)\r\nA fun little scenario that I can't take all the credit for cooking up. This has to be one of the most complicated pictures I have done so far. Time - Approx 3.5 hours.\r\nTobias 'Toby' Blackroot is Sumarra Pethran. Feline character has yet to be named and is his creator.

Image: eeveegirl.jpg   450x607 32818 bytes 2005.11.17

It's official. I'm evil. :P\r\n\r\nSaid I'd draw boobies for Yawg\r\n( )\r\n and this is what happened.

Image: hummergirl-sketch.jpg   471x550 24399 bytes 2001.02.14

I was wondering how a humming bird would morph and this drawing was inspired. It came out pretty strange and not how I had pictured at first but in the end it's rather interesting. \r\n\r\nHummergirl is Reddra Designs. 2 '01

Image: icetiger-pose.jpg   325x511 39336 bytes 2000.12.13

A commission for a friend online. My first yiffy furry pic and I was pleased with the outcome, yet another study of anatomy. \r\nIceTiger is his respective player, the sketch is Reddra Designs. \r\n11`00

Image: marracattoy.jpg   450x769 48678 bytes 2005.06.10

'Marra's Cat Toy' (6.05)\r\n\r\nJust a little naughty pic of my character. I haven't drawn Sumarra in a _very_ long time.\r\n\r\nTime: 3.5 agonizing hours. Boy am I slow! -.-

Image: presenting-leopardtaur.jpg   566x550 93362 bytes 2000.12.22

A pic trade I did for a friend on Taps, he encouraged this pose *smirk*. First time drawing a taur and I rather like the look. Pic is Reddra Designs. 12`00

Image: submission.jpg   450x603 44903 bytes 2003.09.10

A little something I cooked up while waiting for some things to scan. I love his ears.\r\n\r\n Reddra Designs 9`03

Image: sumarra1.jpg   424x550 18370 bytes 2000.12.30

A rework of my character portrait. Her hips are still too small but there are some small improvements. With spots now but still no color.. yet. Sumarra is Reddra Designs. 12`00\r\n

Image: takeit.jpg   450x586 35174 bytes 2004.01.12

'Try and take it from me' (01/04) \r\nShe's fiesty! And she needs training. *grin* Not quite sure what kind of dog she is, but she looks like a mix between Beagle, Afgan, and Collie? Your guess is as good as mine. \r\n\r\n Reddra Designs

Image: twd-pose.jpg   430x600 28300 bytes 2001.04.12

My second character portrait of TornWingedDragon on Taps for a trade. He is his player and the pic is Reddra Designs. 4 `01

Image: wthemating.jpg   457x648 48925 bytes 2000.12.13

After spending 5 years roleplaying a dragon online I had to find a way to show the beauty of the mating flight. The incredible ballet performed in the skies and the triumphant bellow as the male finally catches her. Looking back at the quick sketch I consider redrawing this scene with all I have learned since. \r\nThe two dragons have no names, they are not specific characters but they are still Reddra Designs. \r\n9`99

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