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Image: becky.jpg   350x540 26616 bytes 2003.04.09

Say hello to Becky \r\nRebekah O'Hare is a bunny that I came up with months ago when I decided that I wanted to create a character that will become synonymous with my name. Just like Chester and Zig-Zag. \r\nShe's Scottish and a bit of a Domme. So you can expect to see more of her. ;o) \r\n\r\nDone with pencil crayons (Berol Canadiana) and watercolors. \r\nBuy Prints Here: \r\n\r\nBecky is Reddra Designs. \r\n

Image: beckyblue.jpg   450x529 60791 bytes 2003.07.20

Second picture in my becky series, titled 'Blue Ribbons', this one I chose to concentrate more on using different line widths than my usual quest for good shading. So colored pencils and ink pens were my tools this time. \r\n\r\nBecky and the art is Reddra Designs. \r\n

Image: beckycleavage.jpg   450x727 39623 bytes 2005.11.10

'Bunny Cleavage!' (10.05)\r\nA pic I colored in ShyBoar's sketchbook at Conifur.\r\nRebekah "Becky" O'Hare is Sumarra Pethran.\r\nTria Markers and Color Pencils.

Image: beckyorient.jpg   450x546 52252 bytes 2003.07.20

Third pic of this lovely bunny, titled "Redhead in a Red Dress", in the series and I find I really enjoy drawing her. Particularly using this style. \r\n\r\nColored Pencils & Ink. \r\nBecky and art is Reddra Designs. \r\n

Image: cantrip.jpg   350x523 41094 bytes 2002.11.18

This one came to me as a commission. Requested as simply 'a dragon' I had to dig deep to find her. It's been a long time since I've drawn something from scratch like that so it was good practice.\r\n\r\nInk & Watercolors on watercolor paper. My first time with the proper paper and I rather enjoyed it.\r\n\r\n Reddra Designs. 11 '02

Image: commish-doc.jpg   400x550 46899 bytes 2005.12.08

'Scarecrow' (12.05) A commission for Doc McDowel. This one is a nice change from my usual fare. I tried Acrylics for the first time here since doing paint-by-numbers as a child. It was interesting to see how well and how horribly they blended with watercolors.\r\n\r\nMediums - Acrylics, Watercolors, Tria Markers, and Color Pencils.\r\n\r\n Sumarra Pethran

Image: curious.jpg   450x342 25311 bytes 2002.11.12

An old pic I've been wanting to color since 1999. You can see the b/w sketch in with my other art here at VCL to compare if you like. I changed her apperance a bit from that old pic to try and make the character more consistent. \r\n\r\nThe artwork and Guepurrneh (aka Purrrring Dragon) is Reddra Designs. 6 `02 \r\n

Image: danielwolf.jpg   350x597 37747 bytes 2002.11.12

A Scottish Wolf? I'm not sure. Daniel is a pic trade I did with LemurKat. She did a lovely pic of my character in return for one of hers. \r\n\r\nArtwork is Reddra Designs and Daniel is his creator, Lemurkat. 9 `02\r\n

Image: foxboy2-c.jpg   450x527 41034 bytes 2004.01.15

'Your place or mine?' (1/04)\r\n\r\nAnd old doodle revisted thanks to the suggestion of DariusGreyWind.\r\n\r\nMediums: Markers, Watercolors, Gel Pens, and Pencil, on Bristol.\r\n\r\n Reddra Designs

Image: gotfox.jpg   304x400 18683 bytes 2004.01.15

wheee! I just -had- to, hehe. (1/04)\r\n\r\n Reddra Designs

Image: kjata.jpg   450x326 25222 bytes 2005.10.03

(9.05) This is the commission for the winner of my 'Name That Fox' contest. This is Kjata for Ulario of He is copyrighted to her and the art is Sumarra Pethran.\r\n\r\nTria Markers, Color Pencils, Bristol.

Image: klio.jpg   350x472 19217 bytes 2002.11.12

A rework of the previus protrait to include a more presentable background. This piece is available in prints. \r\n\r\nArt is Reddra Designs and Klio is her player on Taps. 8`02 \r\n

Image: littlesleeper.jpg   450x665 58925 bytes 2003.01.23

Little Sleeper is a commission for a local friend here of his character, Elix. He's a youngish house cat that seemed to turn out very cute. I'm thrilled with applying newly learned techniques for the brushes I have and the results pleased me.\r\n\r\nElix is his creator Simon Knowles.\r\nThe art is Reddra Designs.

Image: mac2.jpg   400x534 45914 bytes 2004.12.08

'Mac' (12/04)\r\nA commission left over from CFNW04 of a very interesting character combined from a cat, wolf, and horse. It was an exciting challenge to combine these creatures.\r\nMarkers and Colored Pencils on Watercolor paper.

Image: macrevised.jpg   450x618 71434 bytes 2005.09.26

'Mac' - revised (9.05)\r\n\r\nThe first commission went over so well that I was recommissioned to draw her again with some slight modifications.\r\n\r\nBristol, Tria Markers, and Color Pencils.

Image: mastwork.jpg   450x619 48700 bytes 2006.02.08

'Mastwork' (2.06)\r\nThis was done for Califur06's art show. Mitch De Le Guardia was kind enough to give me permission to use N'Duk, one of his characters, for the pic. Since he's GOH this time around I thought it would be nice to see more of his chracters at the pirate themed con.\r\n\r\nTime - 2 1/2 hours\r\nMedium - Tria Markers

Image: northforestspirit.jpg   448x321 37162 bytes 2002.12.24

A commission for a friend of mine that was supposed to get out before christmas. She is the North Forest Spirit Bear as described by Peace. Watercolors and ink.\r\n\r\n Reddra Designs. 12 `02

Image: pawsnclaws-color.jpg   600x379 44238 bytes 2002.11.12

Here is the finished and colored version of Paws and Claws, the mascots for P.A.W.S. - FURst CONtact. A brand new furry con that is happening this summer! [ ] \r\n\r\nPaws and Claws are P.A.W.S. and the artwork is Reddra Designs. 6`02 \r\n

Image: seadragon.jpg   400x547 49552 bytes 2003.04.09

This is what happens when I don't sleep enough. 'Sea Dragon' here popped into my head and was so playful that I had to draw it. I feel like it's a mix between eastern and western style with a splash of otter thrown in for good measure. The result is very pleasing. \r\nI was chatting with some other artists and found some tricks to using Pencil Crayons, so I decided to try them out on this pic. I don't think I will ever do a full page with only that medium again since it took close to 12 hours to color, blend, and shade. \r\n\r\nBuy Prints Here: \r\n\r\nSea Dragon is Reddra Designs. \r\n

Image: sethkneel.jpg   450x476 32655 bytes 2006.02.08

(2.06) A new color of Sethrech K'rath for my character booklet.\r\n\r\nTime - 2 hours\r\nMedium - Tria Markers and Color Pencil.

Image: shadandpet.jpg   450x627 46945 bytes 2005.05.06

'She's Mine' (5/05)\r\nThis started as a little something for my friend Shadarack Tailroam but it turned into an art trade. This is Shad and his pet (who still hasn't told me what her character name is) so the characters are both Josh Huhges for now, and the art is Sumarra Pethran\r\nMedium - Tria Markers and color pencils on Bristol.\r\nTime - approx. 10 hours just for coloring.

Image: shadandpetbg.jpg   450x677 73590 bytes 2005.05.10

'She's Mine' (5/05)\r\nI decided to put a background on it for a nice full color print. I'm not as happy with it as I am with how Shad and his girl turned out. But I'm getting better.\r\nMedium - Tria Markers.\r\nTime - at least 8 hours.\r\nTotal time - 18+ hours.

Image: shadowdragon.jpg   400x470 45747 bytes 2003.02.03

This is the first time in a long time I drew something just for me. It's been a while since I tried to draw an idea without using any input from anyone else so I had to blow off some cobwebs, hehe.\r\n\r\nThis was the first thing I drew at the Art Jam I attend once a month in Seattle. So when it came time to add color I was all ears for some better techniques. And thanks to Tasho, I've taken another step up in my work. Yay!\r\n\r\nThis piece is done with Berol Canadiana coloring pencils (better than Prisma colors in my limited experience) and watercolors. Not a drop of ink has touched this canvas and I _really_ like the effect. I intend to do more with this new style!\r\n\r\nShadowdragon and art is Reddra Designs. 1 `03

Image: sharp.jpg   600x435 67523 bytes 2003.06.18

Another commission done! "Border Collie Barely Covered" was done on Bristol using watercolors and colored pencils within about 8 hours from first draft to last stroke. \r\nSharp kangadog is his creator and the art is Reddra Designs. 5 `03

Image: sumarra-bust.jpg   327x300 24976 bytes 2001.05.21

Working with Jasc PSP 7 I am learning a better color medium. I'm happy with the results so far. Sumarra is Reddra Designs. 4 `01

Image: tabby.jpg   567x550 60496 bytes 2001.02.14

An experimentation with water colors and ink. I find this meduim very nice to work with and it gives great results. Unfortunately the background was an after thought and it shows. She's no character in particular, just a lovely subject to draw. Tabby is Reddra Designs. 2`01 \r\n

Image: takeit-c.jpg   450x588 47653 bytes 2004.01.13

'Try and take it from me' (colored version) \r\nShe's fiesty! And she needs training. *grin* Not quite sure what kind of dog she is, but she looks like a mix between Beagle, Afgan, and Collie? Your guess is as good as mine.\r\n\r\nMediums: Pencils, Microns, Gel Pens, and Markers, on Bristol.\r\n\r\n Reddra Designs 1 '04

Image: toby0106.jpg   400x581 24488 bytes 2006.02.08

'Toby - Flirt' (02.06)\r\nIt's Toby again and he's being a flirt. Started as sketch for character reference and I liked it too much to leave it at that.\r\n\r\nTime - 2 hours\r\nMedium - Tria Markers

Image: warrior.jpg   350x448 28087 bytes 2002.11.12

Thanks to Shadarack for tips on water coloring! This has turned out to be a much less stressful, and more fun, endeavor because of that. \r\n\r\nSethrech is a D&D and Taps character of mine so he and the artwork is Reddra Designs. 5`02

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