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Image: wolfbird.jpg   576x800 95264 bytes 2009.04.06

Prettying Up

Getting Freshened Up with the help of some blue birdies

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf  
Image: wolfscoutoutline.jpg   553x800 185781 bytes 2009.04.06

Scouting the Area

This wolf is on his morning duties, scouting the area for food or enemies

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf  
Image: Needing_You_by_tak_talius.jpg   502x733 215896 bytes 2009.04.06

Needing You

A Personal Piece

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf  
Image: chains.jpg   600x472 45326 bytes 2009.04.06


I was sitting on the floor in my office in front of the mirror in here and I looked at my self. This image came to me, as an extention of how I was feeling at the time. Reality keeps me chained up pretty darn good. This young wolfess is feeling the crushing feeling of reality pretty hard.

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf chains  
Image: mountainpinebeetle.jpg   537x735 233716 bytes 2009.04.06

The Red Plague

Well, I was driving up to Princeton from Kelowna about a week ago, going along the Coquihalla Connector, when this picture came to me. In British Columbia, we basically have a cancer killing our forests off. It goes by the name of the Mountain Pine Beetle. Apparently brought over here from Europe some time ago. The mountain scape along the road was marred by red and dying trees.

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf  
Image: wolfritual.jpg   700x527 192339 bytes 2009.04.06

A Nightime Ritual

I felt like drawing an image of Autumnfire. I haven't drawn her much lately. I wanted to draw her doing something she would actually be doing.

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf  
Image: wolfsunsetmountain.jpg   553x779 246113 bytes 2009.04.06

Pause on Journey

This golden wolf takes a moment to reflect on his surroundings as he climbs the mountain on his quest to deliver his package. What the package is we don't know.

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf journey sunset mountain mountains  
Image: leafblow.jpg   800x315 84298 bytes 2008.09.05

Leaves in the Wind

Just playing with watercolors and enjoying the brightness of yellow

Tags: leaves blow blowing autumn fire wolf grey  
Image: wolfsmoke.jpg   600x308 59842 bytes 2008.09.05

Blowing Smoke

Trippy Hippy Dippity

Tags: wolf smoke pot color autumn fire autumnfire  
Image: wolfwater.jpg   1000x822 340322 bytes 2008.09.05

She has lost everything, and now she is alone in this world. The last of her kind. Not even her reflection shows to comfort her amongst the ripples caused by her presence. \r\n\r\nThe scan of this didn't capture all the detail that the hard copy has. The background isn't amazing, but better that usual for me. Water is a challenge for me but I think I am starting to understand it.\r\n

Tags: autumn fire goldenwolf water moon sad sacrifice  
Image: wolfreflection.jpg   644x1600 351221 bytes 2008.09.05

From the Water to the Heavens

I wanted to fool around in Photoshop and see if I could get her to blend in nicely with the background, and try reflections. I used a bunch of stock photos I had and put them together here. Not to bad. It's cheap but looks nice

Tags: wolf autumn fire gold space pretty water ocean autumnfire  
Image: snowleopardwinter2.jpg   235x800 76081 bytes 2008.09.05

Snow Leopard Bookmark

A bookmark I made

Tags: leopard snow book mark bookmark ice cold autumnfire  
Image: peacecity.jpg   800x563 254029 bytes 2008.09.05

Peace in the City

This picture just came to me as I looked out my patio door. This is essentially a piece of my backyard. The cement wall there splits our place off from the complex behind us. It looks pretty and peaceful so I drew this. \r\n\r\nThis wolfess has found a great quiet spot in her busy city life to sit back and enjoy a book.

Tags: wolf city peace green grass smog nice autumn fire autumnfire  
Image: flyingleopard.jpg   570x790 137456 bytes 2008.09.05

Angel Leopard

I drew the lineart a long time ago while driving to Edmonton. I think. Either that or further back. I decided to color it a couple of nights ago. I drew it with no reference during a car ride. The colors kind of turned out. It's cute if nothing else

Tags: leopard autumnfire angel cat big autumn fire cloud heaven bright glow glowing  
Image: I_am_the_Wind_by_tak_talius.jpg   800x786 195878 bytes 2007.09.28

I am the Wind

I am The Wind\r\nYet I am Not Free\r\nMy Nature Binds Me \r\nI am Ever-Changing\r\nI Lose Myself with Each Whim\r\n\r\nI know I put "bounds" instead of "binds" I've never been too good with spelling. Sorry...\r\n\r\nWell, I'd imagine this is how The Wind would feel. A part of being wind is that you are always moving, changing, flowing. You would never have a solid soul. You yourself would have to change as well, losing who you are with each shift of the weather.\r\n\r\nA bit of a personal piece. This is how I felt having to move and change my life over the past few years. Her thoughts are solid because she wishes she could be, rather than a whisp.\r\n\r\nShe's based of of Summerwind, Autumnfire's mother.

Tags: wolf wind gold golden  
Image: whatsthis.jpg   676x700 89684 bytes 2007.09.23

whats this?

Just an idea I had. If were's existed, would they not be attracted to the smell of a garbage can if they did not know what it was? mmmm good eatin's

Tags: wolf garbage political  
Image: sternlookflat.jpg   583x800 77706 bytes 2007.09.23

Not so happy

Here is the furry version of my character Autumnfire. She is not happy. This was done in photoshop from a picture I drew on paper

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire wolf stern look unhappy angry  
Image: shadowhuskietrade.jpg   549x800 68905 bytes 2007.09.23

Shadow Huskie at her Cutest

This was my half of a trade with shadowhuskie from deviantart.\r\n\r\nI love her pose

Tags: husky wolf shadow huskie  
Image: painttestdone.jpg   600x435 79037 bytes 2007.09.23

Wolf in the Wind

Done with half acryllic and half watercolor on watercolor paper. Just testing the mediums. this wolf stands in the plains as the wind flows through her mane

Tags: wolf wind mountain tree  
Image: lyantitradepaint2.jpg   581x800 176653 bytes 2007.09.23

My Friend

Trade with Lyanti from deviantart\r\n\r\nMy first acryllic painting done on watercolor paper. Here Lyanti has her spiritual raven friend returned to here. It is cloudy outside and about to rain in the mountains

Tags: lyanti wolf raven mountain rain  
Image: fightondone.jpg   790x604 173741 bytes 2007.09.23

I Let Go

I was depressed when my boyfriend had to go away for a bit. So I drew this. Tanto has slipped through Autumn's fingers as the fight rages on behind her. Just shaded pencil on grey cardstock

Tags: fight on tanto edge tantoedge autumnfire wolf autumn fire  
Image: whatsthatnoise.jpg   800x611 145165 bytes 2007.09.23

What was that?

This was the first drawing I did after I moved to Edmonton. The father wolf here's something outside that the mother wolf didn't here and she's not sure what he's going on about

Tags: wolf mother that what baby  
Image: autumnsoft.jpg   668x800 175332 bytes 2007.09.23

Soft Autumn

I drew this one in a place with very little lighting, and what happened? I accidently picked up a pink for one of the orange shades. I like how it turned out. Soft Autumn

Tags: soft autumn fire autumnfire  
Image: feralityillusiontrade.jpg   800x778 321714 bytes 2007.09.23

To the Watering Hole

This is a trade I did with feralityillusion on deviantart. This is her character Fer, going to get a drink. Watch out, that rock is slippery!

Tags: coyote water mountain  
Image: autumnkelowna.jpg   800x576 154659 bytes 2007.09.18

The View from my Old House

I got inspired by this last winter by looking out the window of my house. In Kelowna BC. This is essentially what it looked like, colors and all. Autumn is just chillin' on the roof

Tags: wolf autumn fire autumnfire kelowna british columbia studios  
Image: autumnref2.jpg   620x800 94347 bytes 2007.09.18

Autumnfire Reference Sheet

I thought it was time for a new reference sheet for Autumn. So here it is. Her in all her annoyed looking glory. Why do I have to pose like this?

Tags: wolf autumn fire autumnfire studios orange  
Image: cocosmall.jpg   700x508 125907 bytes 2007.09.18

Coco in the leaves

a commission for a friend's calender Chad Panther. This is his character Coco the Vixen playing in some autumn leaves

Tags: coco vixen fox autumn fall leaves  
Image: aurasoultrade.jpg   665x800 196240 bytes 2007.09.18


My half of a trade with aurasould on dA. She sits under some cherry blossom trees gathering pedals

Tags: aurasoul wolf cherry blossom  
Image: kneelingautumn.jpg   388x442 45935 bytes 2007.09.18

Autumn on the Hunt

I did this as a graphic for my website. I liked it enough to post it. The proportions are a bit off, but I like it

Image: soulfire1.jpg   800x769 153732 bytes 2007.09.18

This is Soulfire

She is a character I made up a few years ago. I like caracals so I decided to bring her back. She represents me a tad be more. A little more reserved than Autumnfire.

Tags: caracal cat autumn fire caracal soul  

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