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Image: afconbadgecolor.jpg   400x294 70953 bytes 2004.11.29

A con badge for me. needs to be inked, but my pen ran out.

Image: angelwolflinevcl.jpg   410x502 58402 bytes 2004.08.05

The ink of a trade with a friend Angelwolf. She's about to do something to the butterfly... what is up to you.

Image: anthroarcanine2.jpg   500x679 88710 bytes 2004.06.22

I was bored. Pencil on paper colored with pencil crayons

Image: aurasoultrade.jpg   665x800 196240 bytes 2007.09.18


My half of a trade with aurasould on dA. She sits under some cherry blossom trees gathering pedals

Tags: aurasoul wolf cherry blossom  
Image: autumnfirecloth.jpg   436x600 43226 bytes 2004.10.06

She's acting a little sly. A small grin on her face. This took me 4 hrs. Colored pencil in sketchbook

Image: autumnfirepose.jpg   600x477 48151 bytes 2004.10.02

Testing my new prisma color pencils \r\n\r\nThis is a sketch of one of my characters.. now Autumn Fire, formerly known as Sunfire Firewolf.

Image: autumnkelowna.jpg   800x576 154659 bytes 2007.09.18

The View from my Old House

I got inspired by this last winter by looking out the window of my house. In Kelowna BC. This is essentially what it looked like, colors and all. Autumn is just chillin' on the roof

Tags: wolf autumn fire autumnfire kelowna british columbia studios  
Image: autumnref2.jpg   620x800 94347 bytes 2007.09.18

Autumnfire Reference Sheet

I thought it was time for a new reference sheet for Autumn. So here it is. Her in all her annoyed looking glory. Why do I have to pose like this?

Tags: wolf autumn fire autumnfire studios orange  
Image: autumnsoft.jpg   668x800 175332 bytes 2007.09.23

Soft Autumn

I drew this one in a place with very little lighting, and what happened? I accidently picked up a pink for one of the orange shades. I like how it turned out. Soft Autumn

Tags: soft autumn fire autumnfire  
Image: autumntanto.jpg   592x700 106689 bytes 2006.06.18

A piccy of Autumnfire and her mate, Tantoedge. Pencil on cardstock.

Image: banneer.jpg   252x200 19968 bytes 2004.06.21

A cropout from a banner I did. Done in Photoshop

Image: beach.jpg   500x389 65583 bytes 2006.06.18

Relaxing on the beach has never been so... ugh. I though the idea was cute. Done with prismacolor colored pencils

Image: bluewolfhead.jpg   500x381 47443 bytes 2004.07.19

I did this while testing some coloring techniques. I think it turned out rather well

Image: candyanthrocolor.jpg   500x538 21696 bytes 2004.06.28

I drew this from a sketch I've uploaded. My first attempt to color in a sketch. I outlined it then colored in in The Gimp.

Image: caracaldone.jpg   509x700 239340 bytes 2004.10.21

well, An anthro caracal. I was trying a new fur technique here that didn't quite turn out.

Image: caracalfursona.jpg   600x442 86989 bytes 2004.11.09

A winged anthro caracal on the hunt. I'd a a bg.. but I'm to lazy right now. ^_^

Image: ceschadcolored.jpg   600x425 141306 bytes 2004.10.22

Autumn Fire adn her mate resting on the grassy hill.

Image: chadpantercom.jpg   422x355 48891 bytes 2004.07.03

This is the first commission I've done. It's of a friend of mine, Chad Panther. It was done in photoshop.

Image: chains.jpg   600x472 45326 bytes 2009.04.06


I was sitting on the floor in my office in front of the mirror in here and I looked at my self. This image came to me, as an extention of how I was feeling at the time. Reality keeps me chained up pretty darn good. This young wolfess is feeling the crushing feeling of reality pretty hard.

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf chains  
Image: cocosmall.jpg   700x508 125907 bytes 2007.09.18

Coco in the leaves

a commission for a friend's calender Chad Panther. This is his character Coco the Vixen playing in some autumn leaves

Tags: coco vixen fox autumn fall leaves  
Image: dragonbanncolor.jpg   600x500 33700 bytes 2004.06.18

Was going to be used for a website but was decided against. Was created in Photoshop.

Image: dunaka.jpg   470x600 50915 bytes 2004.07.19

This is Dunaka, a unicorn anthro. I did this in colored pencil and ink.

Image: escapedone.jpg   380x500 129062 bytes 2004.11.11

She is escaping the keep-style farm because she was arranged to adn married someone she did not want to be with (30 yr her senior) so she climbed the cliffs. Meanwhile a wagonis off to look for her somewhere else because they don't know she's climbing the cliffs

Image: fariedone.jpg   509x700 206504 bytes 2004.11.05

A gift pic for a friend. This is a gypsy Kitty doing a dance around a fire at night.

Image: feralityillusiontrade.jpg   800x778 321714 bytes 2007.09.23

To the Watering Hole

This is a trade I did with feralityillusion on deviantart. This is her character Fer, going to get a drink. Watch out, that rock is slippery!

Tags: coyote water mountain  
Image: feralspiritdone.jpg   600x472 113998 bytes 2004.09.24

This is a trade I did for a Friend at DA. My first full attempt at a good color (I tried with Spiritwolfen, but this is even better).\r\n\r\nShe is sad for some reason... perhaps that she is so different from everyone...\r\n\r\ncharacter is copyright to FeralSpirit

Image: fightondone.jpg   790x604 173741 bytes 2007.09.23

I Let Go

I was depressed when my boyfriend had to go away for a bit. So I drew this. Tanto has slipped through Autumn's fingers as the fight rages on behind her. Just shaded pencil on grey cardstock

Tags: fight on tanto edge tantoedge autumnfire wolf autumn fire  
Image: fireice.jpg   506x700 92356 bytes 2004.10.15

This was a birthday present for a friend. They are Fire and Ice wolves.

Image: flyingleopard.jpg   570x790 137456 bytes 2008.09.05

Angel Leopard

I drew the lineart a long time ago while driving to Edmonton. I think. Either that or further back. I decided to color it a couple of nights ago. I drew it with no reference during a car ride. The colors kind of turned out. It's cute if nothing else

Tags: leopard autumnfire angel cat big autumn fire cloud heaven bright glow glowing  
Image: forest.jpg   449x600 156830 bytes 2004.12.08

A wolven princess resting in the forest lands of her kindom

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