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Image: soulfire1.jpg   800x769 153732 bytes 2007.09.18

This is Soulfire

She is a character I made up a few years ago. I like caracals so I decided to bring her back. She represents me a tad be more. A little more reserved than Autumnfire.

Tags: caracal cat autumn fire caracal soul  
Image: spiritwolftradedone.jpg   559x700 216957 bytes 2004.08.15

A Trade I did with Spiritwolfen from DA. I'm not used to backgrounds, but I tried one here.

Image: sternlookflat.jpg   583x800 77706 bytes 2007.09.23

Not so happy

Here is the furry version of my character Autumnfire. She is not happy. This was done in photoshop from a picture I drew on paper

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire wolf stern look unhappy angry  
Image: sunfiredunakahug.jpg   428x600 76311 bytes 2004.07.19

Dunaka and his luv, Sunfire, in an embrace. She is sad because he must leave. Colored pencil and ink

Image: sunfiremagesmile.jpg   454x600 76511 bytes 2004.07.19

Sunfire the Unicorn Mage. Colored pencil and paper.

Image: whatsthatnoise.jpg   800x611 145165 bytes 2007.09.23

What was that?

This was the first drawing I did after I moved to Edmonton. The father wolf here's something outside that the mother wolf didn't here and she's not sure what he's going on about

Tags: wolf mother that what baby  
Image: whatsthis.jpg   676x700 89684 bytes 2007.09.23

whats this?

Just an idea I had. If were's existed, would they not be attracted to the smell of a garbage can if they did not know what it was? mmmm good eatin's

Tags: wolf garbage political  
Image: wolfbird.jpg   576x800 95264 bytes 2009.04.06

Prettying Up

Getting Freshened Up with the help of some blue birdies

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf  
Image: wolfflower.jpg   400x400 40748 bytes 2004.06.18

I did this image in photoshop (I love photoshop). It is definatly one of my favorite pictures.

Image: wolffurbiddone.jpg   570x700 220864 bytes 2004.10.30

A wolf acting as a lookout. She doesn't particularly like her station though.

Image: wolfgreendone.jpg   448x800 65892 bytes 2006.06.08

Just a random pinkish brown foxwolf I drew. Done with prismacolor colored pencil in my sketchbook

Image: wolfmanytail.jpg   800x793 316535 bytes 2007.09.18

Wolf Kitsune Thing

Just a random image I did. No line art. all color pencil. Just kinda picked up a color and this is what turned out.

Tags: wolf kitsune many tail  
Image: wolforseink.jpg   370x500 16015 bytes 2004.07.19

An anthro wolforse, Ink on white paper. My first attempt at an anthro cross.

Image: wolfprofilecolor1.jpg   500x500 65220 bytes 2004.06.18

Another image I did in photoshop. I like the fire effect.

Image: wolfreflection.jpg   644x1600 351221 bytes 2008.09.05

From the Water to the Heavens

I wanted to fool around in Photoshop and see if I could get her to blend in nicely with the background, and try reflections. I used a bunch of stock photos I had and put them together here. Not to bad. It's cheap but looks nice

Tags: wolf autumn fire gold space pretty water ocean autumnfire  
Image: wolfritual.jpg   700x527 192339 bytes 2009.04.06

A Nightime Ritual

I felt like drawing an image of Autumnfire. I haven't drawn her much lately. I wanted to draw her doing something she would actually be doing.

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf  
Image: wolfscoutoutline.jpg   553x800 185781 bytes 2009.04.06

Scouting the Area

This wolf is on his morning duties, scouting the area for food or enemies

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf sunset night red wolf  
Image: wolfsmoke.jpg   600x308 59842 bytes 2008.09.05

Blowing Smoke

Trippy Hippy Dippity

Tags: wolf smoke pot color autumn fire autumnfire  
Image: wolfstand1.jpg   400x600 50051 bytes 2004.06.18

This is an image I did in photoshop. She's Sunfire and she's bold. I really love the way I did the fur

Image: wolfsunsetmountain.jpg   553x779 246113 bytes 2009.04.06

Pause on Journey

This golden wolf takes a moment to reflect on his surroundings as he climbs the mountain on his quest to deliver his package. What the package is we don't know.

Tags: autumn fire autumnfire golden wolf goldenwolf journey sunset mountain mountains  
Image: wolfwater.jpg   1000x822 340322 bytes 2008.09.05

She has lost everything, and now she is alone in this world. The last of her kind. Not even her reflection shows to comfort her amongst the ripples caused by her presence. \r\n\r\nThe scan of this didn't capture all the detail that the hard copy has. The background isn't amazing, but better that usual for me. Water is a challenge for me but I think I am starting to understand it.\r\n

Tags: autumn fire goldenwolf water moon sad sacrifice  
Image: wolfwoodsketch.jpg   511x700 67676 bytes 2006.06.08

A wolfess sitting in the woods. She's sad. Why is up to your imagination. The background is faded in the back to try to bring the wolf out more. Just pencil in my sketchbook

Image: zervon.jpg   564x700 162234 bytes 2004.10.31

A commission pic for Zervon. this raccoon is sad.. she is a wallflower at a dance/prom

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