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Image: 1wolfredhood.jpg   420x740 76926 bytes 2007.05.28

More 1999 art, but I've always liked this picture :D

Image: 1thiswaythatway.jpg   720x808 135074 bytes 2007.05.28

Gah! This is older art too, but I still thought he looked okay! Back from when Eric was 'Psycho'

Image: wolfhowl03.jpg   346x397 39910 bytes 2007.05.21

Old work! From 2003, markers!

Image: dogs.jpg   688x1020 133915 bytes 2007.05.21

I drew these with all the trias I had :3 just for fun!

Image: dogcan.GIF   606x393 19231 bytes 2007.05.06

Dog guy in a hoodie, I like how it came out :D

Image: bernard.JPG   806x867 128156 bytes 2007.05.01

Big St. Bernard Gal! I wanted to try and make one look attractive <3 I really like her too, ahh I forgot what I named her though. ^^;

Image: ruffruff.jpg   275x415 64240 bytes 2007.04.15

Just an index card doodle! Done with sharpies laying around. I like him though :3

Image: Redbirdman.jpg   365x561 101385 bytes 2007.03.24

Just an ugly bird man~ what more could you want? XD

Image: Sickpuppy.jpg   309x453 30943 bytes 2007.02.25

Color/use for whatever you like! Sort of a 'clip art' from me I guess aha XD He was supposto be used for an ad about pet meds, but 'the ears were too short'. wtf? Ah well.

Image: weemonster.jpg   408x416 60922 bytes 2007.01.29

Widdle monster! Inspired off of a game I've been playing, "Last Resort". I love asian-y monster/creatures~!

Image: Gragon.gif   500x500 20991 bytes 2007.01.29

The Gragon

Or err, a 'gryffin/dragon' I guess! Aha I think he's handsome, and I'll probably try a colored version soon enough! Drawn on Guppy's oekaki board~! ^^

Image: Amadaeus1.gif   500x500 140489 bytes 2007.01.11

Not such a good oekaki I admit, but I drew it before I left on a trip rather hastily. :> Just an old character I've been trying to develop more.

Image: 1Peiching.jpg   557x600 83791 bytes 2006.11.21

I can't white out the paper because the paper was that yellow color. :S I'd border it, but it looked funny. Waha sorry D: Otherwise, I did this in 2001, so it's old but still not too shabby. Peiching was a retarded character I made after listening to too much MSI.

Image: 1emberfireold.jpg   546x651 74545 bytes 2006.11.21

oh gosh XD I was 14 in 2000 I think? An age I've forgotten. XD I used to draw this fire-fox character I named Ember everywhere.

Image: Nekomata.jpg   440x830 115298 bytes 2006.11.04

Nekomata~! Well, and anthro one. :3 Very tattoo looking here too haha. If you ever want to use it send me an e-mail~! I'd be happy to know :D

Image: Dragon.jpg   671x934 191551 bytes 2006.11.04

Ohh, just a dragon man~\r\nI dunno, I had a peice of bristol handy {which is why it scanned funny D: I think I'll trim the paper later...} Mmm I can't wait to color him!

Image: cardinalgirl.jpg   400x500 63457 bytes 2006.09.07

I named her Autumn after I drew her. Just a cardinal gal~! I never see too many avain anthros, or female ones for that matter. So I had some fun and drew my own :D

Image: monolith.jpg   400x500 108298 bytes 2006.09.04

Aha, I drew him again. And named him Monolith! It sounded cool at the time. :0 He's got such fun colors, I'll probably try something traditional of him sometime. :)

Image: 5624-1.jpg   500x550 112191 bytes 2006.09.02

I've been oekaki-ing again lately on Guppy's board.\r\nTrying to find a style that suits me/is easy XD And after looking at Turbine's art for too long, I came up with this Electronic-Alien looking lion. I LOVE his face 8D <3\r\n\r\nDesign is (C) Sunny/gravewalker

Image: Oldpumaface.jpg   566x403 109595 bytes 2006.08.27

Oh god old art D:\r\nI found this when Jeremy was moving things in my hallway, and was like WOAHH I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THAT. It's from...1998 I think the date is? Aha I think I was 12. :B

Image: Chess.jpg   530x477 57301 bytes 2006.08.27

Old character COMPLEATLY re-done. Only thing that's the same is he's still named Chess. And still a genie, well... liberated genie who peddles magic and trinkets. :D

Image: Punkpiginks.jpg   420x500 84469 bytes 2006.08.13

Fullview! There be tiny tablet detail on him.\r\nI got my old crotchity tablet to work again, but only have the "GIMP" to work in. I lost my photoshop disk D:\r\nIt's a punk guinea pig guy because as I scribbled 'tis what he looked like. XD I'd color this if I had PS. Ah well.

Image: REDdragonpatch.jpg   452x437 78755 bytes 2006.07.31

Patch I made of a red dragon~! I totally take commissions for these. I;ve made a few, but this is the first that's sort of random color practice ;P Done with fabric paints.

Image: hogtiesnall.jpg   621x640 156675 bytes 2006.07.31

Old picture now. But I took it off by accident, and some people still like it I've been told ;P

Image: rodney.jpg   554x825 103061 bytes 2006.07.16

Rodney Kat.\r\nSo I felt like trying to draw a buff anthro again. Whatev'. ;P Just a bobcat construction worker, no real reason for him aside from practice. Feel free to color or use his design.

Image: TanyaCheetah.jpg   580x734 108688 bytes 2006.05.04

Chubby Cheetah gal! I named her Tanya. :3

Image: DeeDeesRings.jpg   553x735 115096 bytes 2006.05.04

I shoudla left out the stickers ;P\r\nBut I think they add a bit of annoyingness to the character somehow. XD And that's sorta what I was going for. :3 DeeDee was thought up by my mans Ryoku {Jeremy Hayes} And I just..AUGH I had to try my hand at the design. XD Shi-tzu girl! Ahaha <3

Image: colordoodles.jpg   646x862 54685 bytes 2006.04.24

scribblies I did in diffirent marker colors when I got new ones like last year XD I still like these.

Image: Carosoulwolf.jpg   738x887 115514 bytes 2006.04.19

The paper is yellow, I can't really clean that up. XB\r\nBut anyway, this is rather old. :0 I still think it's pretty good too. Drew it when I was what, 12 I think? Aha maybe I'll re-make this for old times sake. I still have a HUGE love for carousel's and the creatures carved for them. \r\n

Image: GIVEUSAKISS.jpg   712x1060 129768 bytes 2006.03.27

GIVE US A KISSSSSS\r\n\r\nHad a nightmare about this thing like, YEARS ago. Found my original scribble and was like 'humm... I want to do a re-draw* and now I'm so proud of this I could scream D: I'm gonna do a full body soon, this bad boy was CREEPY.\r\n\r\nKisses (C) Gravewalker

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