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Image: drakejpg.JPG   779x432 51782 bytes 2004.02.20

Yes, it's a dragon! If you where wondering, this is picture just a "test" of what colours i can put on this dragon. What do you call a dragon that doesn't have wings?

Image: electricblue.JPG   507x858 70171 bytes 2004.02.20

This is Matsy, and she has elctric powers! I was practising to draw electricity in this picture, and I thought it turnd out good! (I still have to practise more thou, I think ...)

Image: happynewyear.GIF   626x553 46421 bytes 2004.01.18

Matsy a bit drunk... but who isn't on New Years Eve? \r\nNow that I look at the picture, I can see Afrika, can you see it to? ^_^"

Image: leo2.jpg   600x680 100168 bytes 2004.08.14

Yes, I'm trying to make all of the horoscope signs! ^^\r\n\r\nPicture (C) to Susanne Dreilinger

Image: luckybat.jpg   565x730 55682 bytes 2004.01.17

This is my luckybat! The Chinese symbols are 'Sky' on her right-shoulder, 'Moon' on her left-shoulder, the two big blue sybols on her sleeves are 'luck' (ore I belive so...), 'to walk' on her right-leg and 'Sun' on her left-leg. And then you have the 'Yin-Yang' symbol up on you right side, but thats a Japenese symbol fore 'balance'.

Image: mintgreen.jpg   899x1142 134018 bytes 2004.05.16

It's just a random Mintgreen and Purple Dragon! XD

Image: moonlight.jpg   673x610 40684 bytes 2004.01.29

I wish I had Photoshop! All my pictures are done in 'Paint'... Any way, this is She-hon, I'm training and testing her posing. I also attempted to make the mood of the picture 'mystic'...

Image: playthegamemindre.jpg   900x895 285697 bytes 2004.08.14

This is She-Hon! Haven't drawn her in a long time. Got inspired of the song 'The Game' by Motorhead.\r\nI thought the song 'works' with She-Hon... XD

Image: she-hon2.gif   626x553 13650 bytes 2004.01.17

This is She-Hon, and she is doing some doodles! XD\r\nHer character is somewhat like the Cheshire Cat (from 'Alice', you know...). And yes, she has very long (ok, maybe not 'that' very long in this picture) fingers and claws.

Image: Star.JPG   757x724 68956 bytes 2004.01.17

This is Matsy! Her power is electricity! But I cant draw electricity! So I did a star instead! (I also cant draw hair...).

Image: sweetdreams.JPG   673x714 77166 bytes 2004.01.29

Well, I think the title says it all. All snuggled up in bed with your favorit fantasy... ;)

Image: takemehome_copy2.jpg   600x562 71893 bytes 2005.08.02

Picture from last year.. (I haven't been here for a long time...).\r\n\r\n Omg, my first try to make a 'Bishonen' picture... \r\n\r\nMy 'test animal' for this picture is Cheribo, nickname 'Cherry'. His style changes a lot... He is (C) to me, but he 'belongs' to one of my other anthro charakters, Matsy (If you know what I mean...^_~ ).\r\n\r\nCheribo (c) Susanne Dreilinger

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