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Image: Anubitecolor.jpg   576x900 88945 bytes 2003.07.15

The same Anubite pic, colored in Photoshop.

Image: Anubitesmall.jpg   576x900 83321 bytes 2003.07.15

This is one of the few males I have drawn: An Anubite, which means a warrior of the god Anubis. I always liked the way the egyiptians depicted his jackal-like face.

Image: Bad_day.jpg   900x586 197665 bytes 2005.08.02

Brownie tries to impress no avail.

Image: bad_day2.jpg   900x585 182579 bytes 2005.08.02

Well, if thatdidn't work... how about other, erm., virtues?

Image: bad_day3.jpg   900x575 171590 bytes 2005.08.02

Hmm, gotta check that!

Image: Bad_day4.jpg   900x588 150325 bytes 2005.08.02


Image: bad_day5.jpg   900x616 195353 bytes 2005.08.02

This is truly a bad day...

Image: Brownie.JPG   506x800 95866 bytes 2003.02.01

Brownie, the mate of Goonda, is a slightly mad stallion. All his thoughts are bent on sex - as you will soon see.

Image: Chain_Gang_-_Cooling_Off-(Color).jpg   3260x3000 1571438 bytes 2019.10.20

Chain Gang - Cooling Off

HUH VCL is still around? And from the looks of it, has not gotten any updates since the early 2000s. I am making a test to see if I can still upload. \r\nThese 4 are some sexy dino bad girls from the 1990 cartoon The Adventures of T-rex. From the top left - Babe, Slammer, Boomer, Maim.

Tags: The_Adventures_of_T-rex dinosaur Chain_Gang Babe Slammer Maim Boomer   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: Dee_color_small.jpg   768x1180 146773 bytes 2007.11.26


Someone I loved - or I thought I did, anyway. I drew this pic a long, long time ago and only colored it now, when the pain was gone.

Tags: horse  
Image: Diablo_01_color_2.jpg   1024x782 289202 bytes 2007.11.26

Diablo 2 Comic Page 1.

A comic set in Diablo 2's Act II. - beginning with my Werewolf Druid, Radagast, ambushed by two Huntresses and a Spear Cat.

Tags: pantherwoman huntress diablo werewolf panther  
Image: Dragon'sLair2_Color.jpg   1024x735 152640 bytes 2005.09.30

I've started coloring some of my early B&W art -Dragon's Lair 1 will come last as it's the most difficult to color.

Image: Dragon'sLair2small.jpg   900x646 121844 bytes 2003.07.15

...Fortunately, Shadow knows how to deal with love-hungry dragons... :)\r\n\r\nThe design of the Dragoness is based on Darkmatter's pic: Dragonslayer.

Image: Dragon'sLair3_Colored.jpg   1024x724 139475 bytes 2005.09.30

3. pic, colored.

Image: Dragon'sLair3small.jpg   900x636 95584 bytes 2003.07.15

The same dragoness pleasing herself before the action... (drools)\r\n\r\nThe design of the Dragoness is based on Darkmatter's pic: Dragonslayer.

Image: Dragonslair.jpg   1000x705 170778 bytes 2003.07.15

Shadow, the adventurer explores the Dragon's lair - only to find a big surprise! \r\n\r\nThe design of the Dragoness is based on Darkmatter's pic: Dragonslayer.

Image: First_Trio2_color.jpg   1024x713 291790 bytes 2007.07.11

First Trio 2

Another oldie-but-goodie from my days as starting furry artist. The trio of girls from the first pic having some sex on the streets with some guys...\r\n\r\nSwifty (my second drawing of her) the cheetah with a black panther, Lynxie with Garclax the gnoll, and the unnamed vixen girl with a maned wolf.\r\n\r\nI actually draw the 'Wasted gnoll' pic after this, it's pretty much the scene after this pic.

Tags: cheetah swifty swift lynx gnoll  
Image: FirstTrio.JPG   800x518 175371 bytes 2007.11.26

First Trio

My very first picture of Swifty, one of my most used girls since then... :) From left to right: Swifty the cheetah, an unnamed vixen, and Lynxie.

Tags: lynx cheetah vixen fox  
Image: Gnollbattlecolor_small.jpg   1024x713 236646 bytes 2007.11.26

Gnoll battle

Dapple Grey the horse cleric, engaged in a battle with some gnolls and flinds - though it seems she can handle them even with them outnumbering her badly.

Tags: horse gnoll hyena flind  
Image: Goldenstorm1.JPG   800x624 123053 bytes 2003.02.07

From left to right: Golden, the "civilized" mare, and his\r\ncompanion, Storm, the warrior.

Image: Goldenstorm2.jpg   850x693 94280 bytes 2003.05.09

Here's Golden riding Storm... Yee-Haw!

Image: Goonda.JPG   468x800 108262 bytes 2003.02.01

This is the first of a series of my horse pics, more to come.\r\nGoonda is the quiet, calm mate of Brownie.

Image: Goondabrownie.jpg   532x800 115782 bytes 2003.02.08

Goonda and Brownie, doing it in a rather weird way...\r\n

Image: Horseorgy.jpg   1000x709 203306 bytes 2003.05.13

If you can count how many horses are on this pic... you get an invitation for next time! On the bottom are Shadow (black stallion) and Snowflake (white mare), my chars.

Image: Hunterorgy.jpg   900x643 234273 bytes 2005.08.02

I started drawing this pic in 2001... the front figures were drawn then,and I added more later on,during the years.I finally colored it in 2004.Hope you like it!

Image: Hunters_color.jpg   800x534 194909 bytes 2005.08.02

The colored version of the old hunters sketch...getting the hangof Photoshop...

Image: Huntress.jpg   608x850 90061 bytes 2003.07.15

Just a pantherwoman I drew long ago...

Image: Huntress_medium.jpg   694x1000 175695 bytes 2005.12.11

Another pantherwoman, this time in more armor.

Image: Huntress_old_inked.jpg   660x800 204733 bytes 2005.08.02

A really, really old pic but I like it very much. Inked it only now in Photoshop. The letters are there 'cause I drew it on a piece of paper Ihad nearby...

Image: Hyena&Manedwolfsmall.jpg   900x632 127981 bytes 2003.07.15

A female striped hyena and a male maned wolf - two of my favourite animals having fun!

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