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Image: TanTarlcolor3.jpg   452x638 78285 bytes 2005.11.17

"Hide and Seek"\r\n\r\nTarl plushy found Tan plushy hiding under a table next to the Watering Hole in Haven.\r\n\r\nSketched on paper, colored in Photoshop, took about 3 weeks and 63 layers/13 folders to do.\r\n\r\nTarl belongs to Tarl Densea\r\nTan belongs to Tan Loc\r\nArt belongs to Synthetic Heaven

Image: Mandplush.jpg   409x613 41498 bytes 2005.10.24

"The Pulling of Wings"\r\n\r\nThird in a line of "plushies" I am making. This is Mandaliet, he lost his butterfly Digo on Furcadia; I thought he looked good in them. The hand has no shadow since I dubbed it "the evil ghost hand of expiring". Don't worry, he didn't feel a thing.\r\n\r\nMandaliet belongs to his player.

Image: DEWM2.jpg   512x384 45897 bytes 2005.10.24

"DEWM The Abused Plushy"\r\n\r\nSecond in the line of "plushies" I am making. The real character is an one-armed Jackle. I decided to make a reason for him to be missing that arm. He was neglected by the child who owned him, then left in the shadows of a lonely bookcase.\r\n\r\nDEWM belongs to his player

Image: DFplushw2.jpg   384x446 43529 bytes 2005.10.24

"Raving Darfate Plush"\r\n\r\nFirst in a line of "plushies" I am making. Since he is a naked dragon, he is wearing the only "clothing" you'll ever catch him in.\r\n\r\nDarkfate belongs to his player

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