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Image: Meeko.jpg   519x800 82174 bytes 2003.12.24

yet another Tuni o.o you'll be sick of these little guys XDD! This one is called Meeko and shes a gurly Tuni with attitude!\r\n\r\nTuni's, Meeko, and image are (c) Copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: konpaku.jpg   584x800 67553 bytes 2003.12.23

wee the Tuni's are back! LOL!! I recently joined a place called gaia (you may know it) and decided in my wisdom to start up an adoptabl pets thingie as my start to this little thingie I offered 5 limited edition pets which te owners could request any colour etc they wanted! this is Konpaku ( like this one better tha Alon hehe). any ways enjoy! More coming soonly!!\r\n\r\nTuni's, Konpaku and image are all (c) copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: Alon.jpg   647x800 72873 bytes 2003.12.23

wee the Tuni's are back! LOL!! I recently joined a place called gaia (you may know it) and decided in my wisdom to start up an adoptabl pets thingie as my start to this little thingie I offered 5 limited edition pets which te owners could request any colour etc they wanted! this is Alon. any ways enjoy!\r\n\r\nTuni's, Alon and image are all (c) copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: shydragD.jpg   572x800 176380 bytes 2003.12.14

A likkle dragon done for a commision on Gaia took me ages I tells ya! shiney pencils on cartrage paper. BG done in photoshop ^-^\r\n\r\nImage (c) copyright Laura Crampton 2003 (me)

Image: crimmehcolsm.jpg   559x800 132212 bytes 2003.12.06

*smiles* we wish you a merry crimmeh an a happy new year ^-^!! hehe this is my christmas pic for this year a likkle white christmas kitty offering you a nice likkle tree! hope ya likes it scetch and coloured in photoshop.\r\n\r\nImage (c)copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: feralruncolour.jpg   749x800 160313 bytes 2003.11.20

wee. Ok a little repeat of yeasturdays upload but I coloured it and was pretty proud of what it came out like ^-^!! I hope you guys like it too. so again Colche in her feral form!\r\n\r\nColche Feral is (c) copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: colchecolourjpg.jpg   311x800 111610 bytes 2003.11.10

heres Colche! I finally finished my new fursona so here she is ladies and gents Colche my cute little bunny char! yes I possess all of her 'accsessories' inclueding the tattoo and the scar the scar I got when I was 5 and the tattoo I got about 5 months ago ^-^ enjoy hope ya like her I worked really hard to make her just right!\r\n\r\nImage and character (c) copyright me, Laura Crampton 2003

Image: me_avaiterdone.gif   300x300 31142 bytes 2003.10.19

I needed an avaiter so heck i thought take hte pic of my latest fursona cut the head off and make it in to an avaiter! LOL. This is also a sneaky preveiw of my newest Fursona Colche I will eventually get aound to colouring the whole thing but til then yo will have to cope with this little preveiw and my newest avaiter (once I shrink it that is hehe)\r\n\r\nColche is (c) Copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: neohalloween.gif   585x800 94372 bytes 2003.10.18

Said the spider to the fly... hehe in fear of mah own zafara here!! As I'v seen people uploading neopets I thought I'd upload my halloween pic for this year! My *cough*sane*cough* Halloween zafara Darthanton He's ebil I tells ya! I hope I'm not to late I really wanna get in to the art gallery by halloween. any ways this is mah first time at a sort of 'cell style' shading only without the thick black line. Don't be too brutal okies >_<!! hope yas all have a happy halloween oh and I wouldnt accept his invite! i think he's cookin neopets in that pot O.O!!\r\n\r\nArt (c) copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: Scriarg.jpg   571x800 133903 bytes 2003.10.07

*breathes* This is a dragon type creature I created known simply as the Scriarg! They're a kind of 'generic minnion' I created them for a comp on one of my websites to be sort of my little minnion I can use any where. They're rather evil one thinks they use that 'extended index finger' to yoink ya brains out through ya nasal cavity O.o. They may become 'The tuni's' enemy, their predator so to speak. Who knows? any ways enjoy second ever decent CG pic ^-^\r\n\r\nScriarg are (c) copyright Laura Crampton (moi ^-^)

Image: Jascolourdone.jpg   406x750 153791 bytes 2003.10.02

W00t I finally coloured this thing in! It's just taken me all night but it is finished! hope ya likes it I think its the best CG I'v ever done! infact I know it is hope ya likes ^-^

Image: TheUK.jpg   504x800 198948 bytes 2003.09.06

Lets see explain this pic you say? Well I'm the likkle purkle kitty in the miggle. My fursona if you will goes by the name of Elcee. Any way I have lived in lots of places all over the UK The red and green dragon represents Wales ( I had lots o fun in wales I hope no welsh pople feel I'v killed their georgous draggie I just couldnt get the nose spike right O.o), I'v never lived in ireland but my grandad on my dads side was irish hence the little shamrocks. I am an english person though so I have an english flag drapped around my shoulders, an finally the huge scottish flag representing where I live at the moment. \r\n\r\nImage and chracters involved are (c) Copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: sleepy-kitty.gif   653x637 161407 bytes 2003.08.30

Some of you may have already seen Farquano. well this is him again! LOL he's one of mah fave subjects and has efinately been my sumer time muse! He's a 16 year old blue fuzzy neko with lots of problems one of them (or he considers) is being very short and extremely unserweight! Here he is taking a nap I dunno maybe someone braught him home and dressed him and let him sleep on a fuzzy pillow? Who knows!!\r\n\r\nOh yeah this is my first attempt at making somehting look fuzzy what ya think? dun be too brutal okies ^-^\r\n\r\nFarquano is (c) Copyright Laura Crampton (me)

Image: Beneaththerosebush.jpg   443x800 55672 bytes 2003.08.24

Meet Farquano, He's my tiny neko. He was pretty badly abused in the orphanage where he was left as a tiny child, he later escaped his aptivity by climbing through a celler window. Living on the streets is very hard for this little 16 year old. Being a small thing (only 5 foot and extremely thin) he finds it easy to hide in places like this, here he hides beneathe a large rosebush with blue roses upon it. Who is he looking at? I don't now why don't you decide?\r\n\r\nFarquano is (c) Copyright Laura Crampton (me) \r\n\r\n(if you're wondering why I don't use the proper (c) thing its because my chracter map turns (c) in to this )

Image: syriuspregdone1.jpg   750x500 31873 bytes 2003.08.24

She sighs softly as she lays with her hands upon her rotund stomach, it had been a while since she had first informed her mate of her pregnancy, she knew now she was close to her childs birth...\r\n\r\nMeet Syrius, I have been drawing her for many years, and writing about her for that matter, Syrius is normally a woman who can transform in to a White Lioness with wings, she also has a half form. This is Anthro Syrius and she's pregnant, it's been a long wait but she knows she' close now. \r\n\r\nSyrius is (c) Copyright Laura Crampton (me)\r\n\r\n(if you're wondering why I don't use the proper copyright thingie my chracter map is a pain in the butt and it comes out as a how stupid is that?? Stupid windows ME!!)

Image: tunisdone.jpg   800x565 261449 bytes 2003.08.24

These little guys are poudly known as Tuni's They are an athromorphic race I created. A little descrption oin Tuni's Males are Larger than females and range in colours of grey, dark blues, green, black and greys, males gain markings as they Reach adulthood. Females are smaller and come in a veriety of colours, basically if there is a Flower colour there is a Female tuni in that colour. The three on this image are called Tittanus, He's the big grey one the leader of the tribe, Cally, the little lavander female she is Tittanus' mate and Finally Rufus an adolesent male.\r\n\r\nTuni's are (c) Copyright Laura Crampton (me) Do not use copuy or distribute images of Tuni's without My express permission.\r\n\r\nTittanus, Cally and Rufus (c) Copyright Laura Crampton\r\n

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