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Image: fite69color.jpg   442x692 154670 bytes 2006.11.07

Fite! 69. Ink, Illustrator. 2006 Mike Luce

Image: fite70color.jpg   436x694 138840 bytes 2006.11.14

Fite! #70. Ink, Illustrator, new character. 2006 Mike Luce.

Image: fite70colorrev.jpg   436x692 137788 bytes 2006.11.15

Revised version; I didn't like the dog's design or color. So, here's the new version.

Image: fite71color.jpg   441x698 145373 bytes 2006.11.21

Fite! 71. Ink and Illustrator as always. 2006 Mike Luce.

Image: fite72color.jpg   483x706 157426 bytes 2006.11.28

Fite! 72

Fite! 72. Ink, Illustrator. Hey, thanks to all who read my comic. I really appreciate it! 2006 Mike Luce. Follow the 'more info' link to see the whole series together.

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Image: fite73color.jpg   439x693 119096 bytes 2006.12.05

Fite! 73

Fite! 73. "Welcome to Dogoba." Ink, Illustrator. 2006 Mike Luce.

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Image: fite74color.jpg   435x692 160314 bytes 2006.12.12

Fite! 74

Fite! #74. Ink, 2006 Mike Luce.

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Image: fite75color.jpg   440x694 135146 bytes 2006.12.19

Fite! 75

A recap of sorts. Ink and Illustrator as always. 2006 Mike Luce

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Image: fite76color.jpg   436x692 161155 bytes 2007.01.02

Fite! 76

Howlllll! Ink and Illustrator. 2007 Thomas Blue. The whole series is available from the 'more info' link.

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Image: fite77color.jpg   450x693 136007 bytes 2007.01.09

Fite! 77

For anyone interested, the whole comic is available here:\r\n\r\nThe book is available here:\r\n\r\n2007 Mike Luce

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Image: fite78color.jpg   437x692 134701 bytes 2007.01.22

Fite! 78

From last week. Usual notation.

Image: fite79color.jpg   436x692 114049 bytes 2007.01.22

Fite! 79

Also from last week. Sorry for the delay.

Image: fite80color.jpg   437x693 147995 bytes 2007.01.23

Fite! 80

Back on track! Ink, Illustrator, the usual. 2007 Thomas Blue. The book is available here:\r\n

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Image: fite81color.jpg   436x692 157721 bytes 2007.01.30

Fite! 81

Off off and away! Ink, Illustrator. 2007 Thomas Blue. The fite book is still available at:\r\n

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Image: fite82color.jpg   436x693 113599 bytes 2007.02.06

Fite! 82

End of round 5. This explains everything! Heh. Ink, Illustrator. 2007 Mike Luce. The book is available here:\r\nMake sure to check the 'more info' link to read the whole comic.

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Image: fite83color.jpg   480x762 177491 bytes 2007.02.13

Fite! 83

Now, bigger! Still in ink and Illustrator. The book can be found here:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe whole comic can be found under the 'more info' link. 2007 Mike Luce.

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Image: fite84color.jpg   436x692 134374 bytes 2007.02.20

Fite! 84

Another fight, another win. Doesn't seem to impress Ricci any. Ink, Illustrator. 2007 Mike Luce.\r\n\r\nThe book is here:\r\n\r\nThe whole comic is available from the 'more info' link.

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Image: fite85color.jpg   867x723 283084 bytes 2007.02.27

Fite! 85

Now in super-wideo-scope! Just this once. 2007 Mike Luce. As usual, the whole comic is here:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe book is here:

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Image: fite86color.jpg   479x761 143118 bytes 2007.03.06

Fite! 86

Ink and Illustrator as always. The whole comic is under the 'more info' link, and the book, containing the first 65 episodes is here:

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Image: fite87color.jpg   685x868 193075 bytes 2007.03.13

Fite! 87

Ink and Illustrator. Ricci's going to need a new tv. 2007 Mike Luce. The rest of the comic is under the more info link, the book is availaibe here:\r\n\r\n

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Image: fite88color.jpg   480x763 160729 bytes 2007.03.20

Fite! 88

Ink and Illustrator. The whole comic is linked through the 'more info' tag. 2007 Mike Luce

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Image: fite89color.jpg   481x762 145007 bytes 2007.03.27

Fite! 89

Fite day will change to wednesday starting next week for those still reading it. 2007 Mike Luce. The whole comic is under the 'more info' link.

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Image: fite90color.jpg   479x761 159801 bytes 2007.04.03

Fite! 90

Ricci "The Jackhammer" is in jail. Ink and Illustrator as always. 2007 Mike Luce. The whole comic is under the 'more info' link. Thanks for reading.

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Image: fite91color.jpg   483x761 142139 bytes 2007.04.11

Fite! 91

Ricci dreams.. in cave paintings. Ink and Illustrator. The rest of the comic is under the 'more info' link as usual.

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Image: fite92color.jpg   511x771 139032 bytes 2007.04.18

Fite! 92

Ricci dreams in stick figures and shadow puppets.\r\n\r\nAs usual, the whole comic is available in more easy-to-read form under the 'more info' link.

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Image: fitecolor12.jpg   369x446 84465 bytes 2005.08.02

Fite! #12. Ink, brush, Painter Classic. Guz is in trouble... 2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: fitecolor14.jpg   352x622 107022 bytes 2005.08.15

Fite! #14. Brush, ink, Painter Classic. Guz is down...2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: fitecolor23.jpg   459x688 155980 bytes 2005.11.01

Fite! Now in a larger, easier to read size! Ink, Illustrator. 2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: fitecolor93.jpg   502x773 163274 bytes 2007.05.02

Fite! 93

Ink and Illustrator. It seems that few if any people are reading the comic here, so I think this will be my last posting of it here on VCL. The whole comic is available and will continue to be so at:

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Image: fitecolorr27.jpg   440x681 149506 bytes 2005.12.06

Fite! 27. Grrrrrr. Illustrator. 2005 Thomas BLue.

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