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Image: horseok1.gif   524x232 20794 bytes 2004.09.17

Another one in the primitive series, plains ponies. Looks like a hot day out in the grasslands. Illustrator. 2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: hotsummernight.jpg   276x347 23354 bytes 2002.06.26

Done with giant nods to Picasso and Gris. I wanted to see if I could do some cubist beefcake, so I did. Acrylic and crayon on board. 2002 Thomas Blue.

Image: jade.jpg   285x360 27513 bytes 2001.10.26

This was a rejected t-shirt idea that I worked into a painting. Acrylic on board. I think it needs a few more spots; it's a bit too minimalistic. 2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: juancarlos.jpg   281x358 31058 bytes 2002.07.02

I was working on another painting that just wasn't coming together, so I thought I'd take a break. This came out. His name is Juan Carlos del Ontono though I don't know why. Acrylic on board. Image 2002 Thomas Blue.

Image: junglegod.jpg   828x612 140228 bytes 2006.03.02

More AI practice. Illustrator. 2006 Thomas Bllue.

Image: kamui1.gif   229x414 16180 bytes 2005.01.09

A non-fashion fashion piece, I think. It has more overtones of a woodblock print than an ad, but that's ok, too. Illustrator. 2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: kcat2.gif   369x484 44237 bytes 2004.01.17

Reworking of an old design, more fake fashion. 2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: ken.gif   224x510 9681 bytes 2003.11.13

Ken from the comic "Circles." Ken 2003 French/Domanski/Fabianek, image 2003 Thomas Blue. Posted with permission.

Image: kingfrogeraposter.jpg   572x720 140867 bytes 2007.01.23

King Frogera poster

Catching up...

Image: kurt4.jpg   441x386 25025 bytes 2002.08.16

This was a badge I was commissioned to do for AC 2002. Thankfully, the person requesting it gave me plenty of notice so I could play at home a while instead of doing it all at the con. Illustrator and Photoshop. KurtMRufa his player, image 2002 Thomas Blue.

Image: lean.jpg   282x359 32062 bytes 2001.06.28

Two cheetahs, open in their affection somewhere in the city. I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out. This one is in acrylics, done with my finger on masonite. Image 2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: leopardbriefs.jpg   292x215 14528 bytes 2003.06.30

Acrylic on canvas board. For AC? 2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: leopok.gif   490x460 43885 bytes 2004.09.24

The first morph in the same series, a leopard guarding his mother tree. Illustrator. 2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: longfox.jpg   286x357 17357 bytes 2002.07.05

This was supposed to be one in a series of four, but the others never came together. There's a crayon version of this in the sketches folder that I like better, but the blue really glows like that in the painted version. Acrylic on board. 2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: louotter.jpg   242x258 23999 bytes 2005.07.28

Lou Grant (from the Mary Tyler Moore Show) as an otter; inspiration for Guz. Brush, ink. 2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: luccobwgym.jpg   511x639 75962 bytes 2006.02.11

Lucco, late at night at the gym. Ink, Illustrator. 2006 Thomas Blue.

Image: luccocsposter.jpg   485x733 105593 bytes 2005.11.02

A little extra, though I don't really recommend taking scissors to the screeen. Illustrator. 2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: luccofrogretro.jpg   613x792 114050 bytes 2005.11.26

And from later in the same ficticious cartoon...Illustrator. 2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: luccopaint3fin.jpg   296x503 31129 bytes 2005.08.24

A trading card of sorts of Lucco for an up and coming fite! comics site. Painter Classic. 2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: luccoretro.jpg   454x563 57554 bytes 2005.11.26

And Lucco, done in the same sort of minimalist style. Illustrator. 2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: luccoring2.jpg   392x601 73721 bytes 2006.02.03

Lucco, hanging out at the gym. Ink and Illustrator. 2006 Thomas Blue.

Image: lwolf1.jpg   277x418 33007 bytes 2003.06.27

Update of an older piece. Brush and ink, dash of cubism. 2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: magotter.gif   396x413 20170 bytes 2004.08.23

A little otterguy made up like Magnus Robot Fighter (the original one, not the Valiant one). Love that Russ Manning! Illustrator. 2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: manthro.jpg   280x353 25724 bytes 2004.03.18

What is it? Is it safe? Is it furry? Acrylic on canvas. 2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: margay1.gif   366x423 14855 bytes 2003.08.08

Proposal for a silkscreen print, and reworking of an earlier design, margay thief. Illustrator. 2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: margaythief.jpg   313x391 28787 bytes 2003.05.24

Once in a great while, I do something realistic. This is one of four for a proposed portfolio for AC 2003. Watercolor, colored pencil acrylic. 2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: mark.gif   552x726 117453 bytes 2003.11.19

Fake fashion ad for a fake company just for fun. 2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: mark2damage.gif   389x702 70409 bytes 2003.11.20

Another ad for that ficticious clothing outlet, @damage. 2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: mark3.gif   558x731 66026 bytes 2003.11.20

A different, ficticious clothiers, this one a little more racy than the other. 2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: markerdance.jpg   268x463 40211 bytes 2004.06.16

Big piece, 28"x48" acrylic on paper of Marker the dalmatian, dancing. The paper edges show on purpose as that's how this was painted. A dab of cubism, a dab of futurism. 2004 Thomas Blue.

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