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Image: Steele1.jpg   404x517 28062 bytes 2004.02.26

Portrait of a friend's character, an ocelot named Colin Steele. I've only read 17 pages of this person's story and the character grabbed me enough to start painting right away. Colin Steele (c)2004 Andrew Sihler, image (c)2004 Thomas Blue, posted with permission.

Image: stripcat.jpg   553x780 97825 bytes 2006.04.13

First of a possible 3 painting set for AC. Illustrator. ©2006 Thomas Blue.

Image: stripcat2.jpg   556x759 105641 bytes 2006.04.13

Second in the series. I think the middle one will be a horsie. Illustrator. ©2006 Thomas Blue.

Image: sunking3.gif   362x476 54552 bytes 2004.10.14

Meant to look like a religious icon, or perhaps stained glass. The Sun King. Illustrator. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: surfercat.jpg   281x356 41513 bytes 2002.06.19

To get away from the hunched over, tiny-brushed stuff, I did this yesterday. Living near surf country now, it seemed appropriate. Also, my first commission ever was a surfer cat. Nods to Allison Reed for subconcious nudges to loosen up. Fingerpainting with acrylics and crayon on board. ©2002 Thomas Blue.

Image: sweater.jpg   281x353 15908 bytes 2001.06.30

I did this one last year for AC 2000. There's no real theme or anything, I just liked the pose, and wanted to try and get an outdoorsy color scheme without really suggesting anything particular in the background. Acrylic on canvas. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue

Image: T_Sarain.jpg   376x555 44043 bytes 2003.03.08

This is the second in a series of 'style trades,' where two artists trade unfinished sketches allowing the other to finish them in any means desired. My only rule so far is that the sketch should be a self portrait of some kind. After having done this with Pseudo Manitou, I thought to ask Allison and she agreed. This is my finish of her sketch. Acrylic and colored pencil on cardboard. Image ©2003 Allison Reed/Thomas Blue.

Image: taye.gif   328x638 11291 bytes 2003.11.14

Taye from "Circles." Taye is ©2003 French/Domanski/Fabianek. Image ©2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: TDade.jpg   290x432 19041 bytes 2002.07.05

This was one of the first T' paintings. Acrylic on board. Image ©2000 Thomas Blue.

Image: teamotter.jpg   425x334 43593 bytes 2004.05.15

The swim team just won their division! Hoorah. Acrylic on canvasboard. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: tfashion1.gif   260x545 53082 bytes 2003.12.31

Fashion? No! Illustrator. ©2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: theblues.jpg   285x358 31980 bytes 2001.10.26

All blue, acrylic on board. My mom liked this one (?), so now it hangs in her house. Yay moms! I wasn't happy with the graphitti per se, and have repainted this with better lettering, but with a figure I don't like as much. Ah, well. ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: thecommuters.jpg   284x384 28219 bytes 2004.03.12

More odditors, remake of an earlier piece. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: tige.jpg   350x500 47246 bytes 2004.11.12

Another quick sketch, one with a little more setting. Painter Classic. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: tigerfoot.jpg   428x405 31116 bytes 2004.06.29

First print of the triptych; the eye and the sword hand are on their way. Stencils and rolled acrylic on 22"x28" paper. Pardon the digiphoto, it's too big to scan. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: tigert.jpg   580x717 128194 bytes 2003.04.30

Stencils and spray paint on t-shirt. This is not the best medium for t-shirts, but it worked for now. ©2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: tigerwantedposter.gif   363x579 14015 bytes 2004.02.05

A friend asked me to do a black and white miniposter for a magazine he's putting together. I decided to do an alien wanted poster for some dastardly criminal. After that, I did four more for no reason at all. I tried to hint at other cultures and a general alien quality with each one. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: tigok5.gif   328x430 27980 bytes 2004.09.13

Playing about with a more primitive style and possible characters for a children's book. A very stylized tiger waking in the jungle. Illustrator. (c)2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: Tlion.jpg   291x432 19207 bytes 2002.07.05

Another early pic, I liked the way that the paint made itself look like brass. ©2000 Thomas Blue.

Image: TooFast.gif   432x432 127659 bytes 2002.05.16

I've been meaning to upload this one for a while. It's actually older, really the first attempt at what T's stuff would be like. It's also my first 'portrait' on Painter Classic. It's supposed to be an otter, though it looks more like a bear. T' was going to be a little more radical, use text and such. I didn't do much more with that, but now I wish I had. I like the idea of portraiture with text, though I think I'd rather it was more descriptive and less obvious. Perhaps it's worth another go. Mercury ©2002 his player image ©2002 Thomas Blue.

Image: torsop.jpg   285x353 25882 bytes 2001.07.06

This one's pretty abstract. I did this as I was mucking and saw that certain parts of incoming characters' descriptions would get more attention than others. Oh, it's an otter. Acrylic on canvas. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: tryingcool.jpg   281x354 28614 bytes 2002.06.14

I have no idea where this came from; something non-abstract. But there it is. Trying to convey the feeling of a young teen trying to look cool on his own, so I used a cheetah cub's picture as referance and tried to add some nervousness to his eyes. The pose 'standing on a corner' is hopefully supposed to help enhance this a bit, too. Foreground help from Japan's 'Smart' magazine, background by Kenner. ©2002 Thomas Blue

Image: turbinefinal.jpg   350x518 69949 bytes 2003.04.19

This is my half of a style trade with Turbine Divinity. His original sketch can be found at: \r\n\r\nCompleted with Illustrator and Painter Classic. Character ©2003 Turbine Divinity, image ©2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: turn.jpg   352x436 31081 bytes 2001.09.27

This is a leftover from AC (priced too high) done in acrylic and crayon. Originally, there was supposed to be text running up the left hand side of the picture that said, "turn around, the world's behind you," but when it came time to paint, the words no longer fit the composition. It's a little off as it required 8 passes through the scanner due to size. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: turnstyle.jpg   280x353 30443 bytes 2002.06.14

I was talking to my friend flip online the other night and he sent me a few pictures of himself. I really liked one of them and decided I need to paint it. This is the result. It's meant to look like a clothing ad of sorts, with "turnstyle" (which is a referance for flip) being the brand name. Acrylics and crayon on board. ©2002 Thomas Blue, modelling by flip odd3r.

Image: Tzin.jpg   291x432 19741 bytes 2002.07.05

Another really early one, when I was just starting to play with abstract shapes, and the little spiral joints. ©2000 Thomas Blue, Kzintosh © his player.

Image: veteran4.jpg   368x460 43198 bytes 2004.08.30

My first attempt with gouache. Tricky stuff, but it has a neat, chalky almost melancholy feel to its colors. Otterguy with bronze age stuff, also a 1st level fighter. Gouche on watercolor paper. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: watercat.jpg   750x500 35842 bytes 2001.06.30

I was playing about with 'Painter Classic' and my drawing tablet. Painter is an awesome program, even the scaled down classic version. I highly recommend it. This was all done digitally with that program. I think the watercolor and crayon modes work very well. This is the character City as a teenager hanging about in a mall. It's rougher than most, but I was trying for a freer feel. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue, City ©his player, used with permission.

Image: weezill.gif   268x418 12149 bytes 2003.10.24

Another critter in need of being an action figure. Illustrator. ©2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: wolf2b.jpg   537x727 94361 bytes 2003.08.22

An experiment more than a final piece. I just wanted to see if I could do something 3-D in Painter Classic. I learned a lot during this. Painter Classic and Wacom tablet. ©2003 Thomas Blue.

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