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Image: 3dukes.jpg   278x355 18880 bytes 2001.07.06

This was the second fingerpainting. Three rats, maybe gang members, dukes of their turf. I kept things in an orange/blue combo as I wanted to give the impression of streetlights at night (gotta love sodium vapor). Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: fly.jpg   247x196 24868 bytes 2001.07.06

This scan is a little small, mostly as the original is so big (24x30). I had to make it in 13 passes through my flatbed, and then enlarge it a bit, so the scan is not as clear as I'd like it. There's a fair amount of crayon work that gets utterly lost. Other than that, it's yet another skateboarder, ferret, in acrylic and crayon on canvas. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: aftermeet.jpg   302x416 62613 bytes 2001.07.01

This is a reload, if anyone caught it the first time. Ch'Marr let me know that the scan was no good, so I took it down and fixed it. Sorry about that. :) Anyway, this was a study I did for a painting. I ended up liking this version better and am glad I kept it. It's done in red, yellow and blue crayon. Image © Thomas Blue, inspired by a photo by Howard Roffman.

Image: watercat.jpg   750x500 35842 bytes 2001.06.30

I was playing about with 'Painter Classic' and my drawing tablet. Painter is an awesome program, even the scaled down classic version. I highly recommend it. This was all done digitally with that program. I think the watercolor and crayon modes work very well. This is the character City as a teenager hanging about in a mall. It's rougher than most, but I was trying for a freer feel. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue, City ©his player, used with permission.

Image: sweater.jpg   281x353 15908 bytes 2001.06.30

I did this one last year for AC 2000. There's no real theme or anything, I just liked the pose, and wanted to try and get an outdoorsy color scheme without really suggesting anything particular in the background. Acrylic on canvas. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue

Image: miko.jpg   281x357 15522 bytes 2001.06.28

This painting is from AC 2000. I really liked it, and was sort of sorry I sold it. But, it went to a friend, so I know where it is. (Thanks, Paf!) It's acrylic on canvas, about 16x20. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: bigkingleo.jpg   392x495 38892 bytes 2001.06.28

This one is sort of conceptual in that it's more the idea of a box of what a furry kid might have played with. I'm really into old robot toys and the art of their boxes. This is my first attempt at a design of my own. This was done with acrylics and brushes on board. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: lean.jpg   282x359 32062 bytes 2001.06.28

Two cheetahs, open in their affection somewhere in the city. I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out. This one is in acrylics, done with my finger on masonite. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: scratch.jpg   283x354 30003 bytes 2001.06.27

The full name of this one is "Scratch the Surface," which is also what's written on the wall behind him. This is my first full fingerpainting, acrylic on board. This is the character's (and my) first attempt at graffitti. He's looking to make a name, and to get a little spolight for himself. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: shroom.jpg   282x359 19711 bytes 2001.06.27

This is a painting I did for Kit Burkett, just because he asked (and waited SO patiently). It's another acrylic/crayon mix, this one done with brushes more than fingers. Shroomie ©2001 Kit Burkett, image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: appt.jpg   280x359 23785 bytes 2001.06.27

This is my first upload to VCL and my most recently finished painting. It's acrylic and crayon on masonite done as a fingerpainting. The ferret pictured is not a nice guy, I don't think. He's either a dealer or a bit of rough trade. I'm not sure. It's called "The Appointment," for whatever reason. Thanks in advance for any commentary. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

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