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Image: wolf2test.jpg   270x368 31357 bytes 2003.05.24

15x20 Spraypaint/stencil on hammered stell painted illo board. Test print, one of three wolf bodybuilders for AC. (c)2003 Thomas Blue

Image: wolfganglonestar.jpg   247x333 21911 bytes 2003.02.27

Spray paint and stencils on a board treated with iron paint and oxydizer. The cyrillic is meant to spell out, "Wolfgangr," on the bottom with "Lone" and "Star" on the sides. This is what I think a Russian wolf rap star's promo poster might look like. I've since been told that there is no 'W' sound in Russian, so the transliteration might be off. Ah, well. Image ©2003 Thomas Blue

Image: wolfgangsilver.jpg   418x507 46032 bytes 2003.02.28

This is another 'print' of the last one, this time done on steel-painted cardboard. This one shows the imperfections of the medium a bit more, which is just fine. I don't want them to look 'perfect.' Image ©2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: wolfposter3.jpg   264x357 30654 bytes 2003.12.30

The third in a series, I forgot to take a picture of the first and sold it. Four color stencil and spraypaint on hammered steel background, illo board. ©2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: wolfwantedposter.gif   363x579 13168 bytes 2004.02.05

He looks a little like Lenin. But he's wanted by the same folks that want the tiger. Not to be trusted. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

Image: xmas02card.gif   300x370 18208 bytes 2002.12.31

This year's christmas card, drawn from down in Florida (hence the palm tree and beach). The holidays have been rather confusing for us two northerners this year, so I thought I'd work that into the card. I'm the coyote on the left, Mercury, in vet scrubs is the otter on the right. ©2002 Thomas Blue.

Image: xmas2003a.gif   351x271 15646 bytes 2003.12.19

This year's holiday card. That's Phoebe, our cat up front. Illustrator. ©2003 Thomas Blue.

Image: xmascard.jpg   357x464 49138 bytes 2002.01.08

This year's Holiday card. Non-denominational, it's just supposed to be a bit of winter fun between otters. From a ballpoint sketch to Illustrator. ©2002 Thomas Blue.

Image: xmascard05.jpg   481x334 65875 bytes 2005.12.19

This year's holiday card. Happy Holidays to all. Illustrator. ©2005 Thomas Blue.

Image: yote6.jpg   388x511 38600 bytes 2001.08.30

I removed the old version of this as I had forgotten to add a tail. This is something I used to forget all the time, strangely enough. For want of a better avatar, this is me. This was originally done in Illustrator, but I forgot to draw in RGB so couldn't save the pic as a gif, hence the slightly muddy jpeg. There's a bit of symbolism here reflecting some of my life choices as well as bits of things I ponder inside. Though online, T' is a wolf, at heart, I'm still a coyote. Image ©2001 Thomas Blue.

Image: zshock.gif   241x354 15576 bytes 2004.07.19

Apologies for the re-up, but I was informed that "g·shock" was already taken by Casio. So, z·ahock. Another fake fashion company. Illustrator. ©2004 Thomas Blue.

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