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Image: VCLanaquick3.jpg   371x700 48558 bytes 2006.07.14

Ana... floating?\r\nDone in 15 minutes.\r\n\r\nLady Ana is © by Michael Tangherlini, 2006.

Image: VCLclodiabath3.jpg   700x700 65127 bytes 2006.07.14

Clodia relaxing on a shore.\r\n\r\nClodia is © by Michael Tangherlini, 2006.

Image: VCLcorset.jpg   540x783 103274 bytes 2006.09.11

"...and, ultimately, miss Huntington, this corset of mine is killing me."

Image: VCLjurassic-beauty3.jpg   676x700 66791 bytes 2006.07.14

My little brother was watching "Jurassic Park."\r\nI was thinking of an old short story of mine, featuring an anthropomorphic reptile.\r\nI have a Petty book on my bed (under the box of my beloved D70, which has just made her way home back from Turin, where I sent her to clean her CCD) (yes, her, since I love my camera).\r\nThose things mixed up in my mind and gave birth to this. Now she lives!\r\nBecause there will never be enough dilophosaur hotties.\r\n\r\nP.S.\r\nShe's a female, by the way. No breasts since she's a reptile! :P

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