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Image: guard.jpg   567x561 47868 bytes 2002.03.03

Getting around to uploading some of my really old drawings

Image: feathermagec.jpg   500x712 46464 bytes 2002.03.03

Saw the head dress somewhere and wanted to draw it myself the cat just kinda developed with it.

Image: drkamazonc.jpg   500x670 104091 bytes 2002.02.02

Wanted to draw something with tatoo's and this is what I ended up with.

Image: dalma.jpg   442x550 50312 bytes 2002.02.02

This one is funny, it's is from waaay back the only thing I like bout it is the shading and the spots. Looks like a horse more then a dog.

Image: dadday2.jpg   500x751 67035 bytes 2002.02.02

did for fathers day in 99

Image: catcloud.jpg   600x285 29857 bytes 2002.02.02

another old one but I like how I did the wing

Image: artistc.jpg   500x712 50635 bytes 2002.02.02

old drawing 1998 but alot of people say they like it

Image: bfdrawc.jpg   500x380 29736 bytes 2002.01.29

You know, after drawing this it would be hard to draw a dragon in flight if you think about it.

Image: antivalc.jpg   500x356 29942 bytes 2002.01.29

The antivalentine drawing. Nother old one just finally uploading.

Image: scratchwolf.jpg   500x542 194578 bytes 2002.01.12

Something I got for xmas and finally got the nerve to try it out. A wolf on scratch paper. Not bad for the first time.

Image: fall.jpg   800x596 73612 bytes 2001.11.17

Inspired by Goldenwolf and her image leaves.jpg that she did.

Image: silverclaw.jpg   456x700 50353 bytes 2001.10.30

A drawing request from the player of Silverclaw on IRC.

Image: gryphonguardc.jpg   496x757 91349 bytes 2001.10.30

Female guard in a castle done during the time I was helping to watch a booth for a friend

Image: captjamesc.jpg   500x530 41246 bytes 2001.08.18

This one I did for my father for xmas. He's a star trek/wars fan and this is what I came up with and I put it on a sweatshirt for him.

Image: kasha.jpg   495x601 43320 bytes 2001.08.18

Another old one that I never got to load cause was unsure of it's content. Kasha sitting looking to her mate/lover? with questioning eyes, Blanket or chest?

Image: shadowpaw.jpg   500x718 53413 bytes 2001.08.18

A old picture but always a good one. One of my many characters Shadowpaw Dragon. He is a somewhat kitsune but only one tail, the outfit he has is more of a renissance but it's a long story that I need to type out one day.

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