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Image: Batgirl.jpg   641x800 172347 bytes 2001.09.07

........ no decripton,

Image: Batgirl2.jpg   630x800 160397 bytes 2001.12.06

Here's batgirl again, this time in color :)

Image: bunnygirl.JPG   477x800 40748 bytes 2002.03.26

I'm back....sorry for not uploading any new pics for the past months. been too hooked on groupboards ^^;;;;. for the pic,I've lost my good color pencils so i was forced to use cheap ones. i just hope it turn out right =P

Image: butterfly.jpg   467x800 51181 bytes 2004.07.24

I haven't given her a real name just yet, so i just name her butterfly ^^ she's simular to the Oni, but female version ^^ i didn't put as much work into her, but still, she's a cute little thing isn't she. Another Open Canvas work of art.!! ^^ Butterfly @ by TJPet2

Image: cat_rides.jpg   549x750 130778 bytes 2001.04.21

Well, here is my toon style drawing. (man, the bike was hard to draw and it looked crappy)

Image: Chris&Christina.jpg   614x800 159315 bytes 2001.04.19

Heres my best anime style of drawing. Introducting Chris and Christina

Image: color_fox.jpg   476x800 155497 bytes 2001.04.21

Ok,This old pic is drawn in color pencils only, and it looked pretty good.

Image: Darlian.jpg   600x800 137359 bytes 2001.09.02

This is my first art trade with Miko, I hope she likes it :)

Image: demon.jpg   600x800 391602 bytes 2001.12.11

the is the same pic from the last one, but the actually thing. the first one was never ment to be like that. here's the real one :)

Image: dragon.jpg   1066x800 128986 bytes 2001.05.01

Just when you think Its safe the enter the caves, think again, wahahahahaha.....

Image: Fiolia.jpg   607x800 132163 bytes 2001.04.17

This pic is kinda old, but its one of my best ones.

Image: Grassland.jpg   589x782 128280 bytes 2001.04.17

This is what i called my anime style of anthropomorphic (needs improvements) and its one of my full drawn work.

Image: GreyWolf.jpg   617x800 260673 bytes 2001.12.11

here is one of my character Grey wolf (in color) :)

Image: Hiya.jpg   602x800 156203 bytes 2001.08.19

Well, its been a good while since i last sent my drawings, I've gotten better than before (I hope) and here's one of my results. This is my very first drawing i ever did that i actually use layers and it turned out great. I hope you like it :)

Image: JACK.jpg   570x800 97514 bytes 2001.09.21

This is Jack, He's is the big bad wolf,Died from his encounter with the three pigs and now he is back and ready to kill >:)

Image: Lerisa.jpg   510x800 110663 bytes 2001.04.21

Here's yet another cat.

Image: Linda.jpg   519x800 122583 bytes 2001.04.21

Just a picture to add in the old vcl site.

Image: Lizardguy.jpg   639x800 184369 bytes 2001.12.04

It has been a loooog time i've uploaded my drawing (about two months). So here is a pic, (I haven't named it yet) more will soon to come :)

Image: Lizzard.jpg   791x725 116128 bytes 2001.04.17

This is one of my current drawings. I hope it turn out good.

Image: lookingback.jpg   666x800 118888 bytes 2004.07.24

hello, TJ here, it's been ages since i've last uploaded anything from here, and just is just my way to tell ya that i'm still alive and drawing ^^ anyway, this is just a drawing i did with the corel painter ^^;; I just gave it a try and came out with this...just a character of mine name Jesse ^^ i took me a few work days to do it, and it came out pretty nicely exact for the hands >.< Jesse @ by TJPet2

Image: MechaWolf.jpg   499x800 168062 bytes 2001.04.19

This is one of my best work when it comes to wolfs and machines. Hope you like it.

Image: nibble.jpg   602x800 119253 bytes 2001.09.07

Well, like they away say, Loves hurts :P

Image: Onie.jpg   532x800 88815 bytes 2004.07.24

Another of my characters i've just drew a few days ago. I don't know what species he is, but it's one of those drawings that I really put deep work into ^^ This is done by good old Open Canvas 1.1 during an oc session with a friend ^^ Onie @ to TJPet2

Image: prepare.jpg   603x800 213144 bytes 2001.09.07

This pic turned out perfect. i'm going to color it later on. :)

Image: preparec.jpg   603x800 111128 bytes 2001.09.10

Whew, its finally finished, my best work yet. here is a colored version of Blade(the one on the left) and Lerisa (the one on the right). I say it look tight as heck. i hope you feel the same way :) lol any these two are related (brother and sister)\r\n

Image: Sneak_Attack.jpg   467x800 236962 bytes 2001.12.12

same as the last one but brighter and more clearer :)

Image: Thinking.jpg   800x612 132788 bytes 2001.09.21

This is me, well sout of. The name is Thomas, Thomas Foxway and yes i'm a fox........ well not in RL but in my drawings, I'm him.

Image: Wolf.jpg   617x800 177962 bytes 2001.12.09

ah, my line art wolf, this is one of my best work. I liked the result :)

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