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Image: mina.gif   450x575 44442 bytes 2009.05.20

Mina's day job is a librarian, but she's a totally sexy librarian so it all works out.

Image: strippoker.gif   627x803 83887 bytes 2007.08.17

Strip Poker

Calvin is a bit smarter than he looks, but then again, Diana isn't being all that subtle.

Tags: strip poker skunk dragon husky red panda otter   [Comment]
Image: vanilla_strawberryshortcake.gif   494x542 39887 bytes 2007.08.08

Strawberry Shortcake Ala Mode

My strawberry shortcake raccoon gal gets melted all over by a vanilla ice cream skunkette.\r\n\r\nNeither seems to mind the combination...

Tags: dessert raccoon skunk   [Comment]
Image: mintchocolatechip.gif   299x579 35195 bytes 2007.08.01

Mint Chocolate Chip Cheetah

Well, it seemed rather obvious that this flavor would be a spotty kitty...

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Image: neapolitan_makeout.gif   478x598 45064 bytes 2007.07.31

Yes, well. It didn't take me long.\r\n\r\nWe need some whipped cream, chocolate sauce, perhaps a banana and a cherry on top here...

Tags: skunks chocolate vanilla strawberry   [Comment]
Image: neapolitan.gif   494x611 59483 bytes 2007.07.31

The Neapolitan Sisters

Their names are NOT Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry...but they probably ARE delicious.

Tags: skunks, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry   [Comment]
Image: monitodelmonte.jpg   507x661 83666 bytes 2007.05.13

Monito del Monte

I have never seen one of these morph'd, and lordknows I'm always up for unique species finding their way amongst the foxes and the skunks =)\r\n\r\nShe is a Monito del Monte -- "little mountain monkey" -- the only species in its Order. They're cute little mouse-sized marsupials that live in South America.\r\n\r\nA pouched critter that isn't a kangaroo, wallaby, or opossum, weee!

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Image: joemelly.gif   555x492 46324 bytes 2007.05.07

Emily the armadillo and Johanna the anteater having a threesome with Danielle, the blue whale.\r\n\r\nI like interesting and more unique species, what can I say?

Image: ramboy.jpg   310x492 58353 bytes 2007.04.24

You know what you don't see much? Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep.

Image: tangelex.jpg   899x500 55835 bytes 2007.03.14

Tange & Lex, tufted puffin and bald eagle respectively, doin' some naked snugglin' and looking darn cute together.\r\n\r\nBoth characters belong to their creators, and were originally drawn by KaeMantis (go see her work on FurAffinity!)

Image: bluewhale.gif   487x564 47434 bytes 2007.03.03

I am on a cetacean kick, apparently.\r\n\r\nA lovely blue whale showin' off her rather enormous curves.

Image: bobsunny_pornish.gif   499x582 41170 bytes 2007.03.02

Whale Porn

This is one of those pictures where, when starting it, I went something like, "Well, I see no reason why I SHOULDN'T draw whale porn..."\r\n\r\nBob and Sunny, narwhal and orca respectively, in an intimate moment.

Image: atauridaffair.jpg   501x626 99227 bytes 2007.02.12


A happy femme foxtaur gives her cougartaur mate some loving rubs and he moans happily. Nothin' like those first strokes.\r\n\r\nCurrently on Furbid for your bidding pleasure =)

Image: flared.jpg   310x400 59888 bytes 2007.02.04

"Roll in the hay?"

A friendly stallion grins at you as you watch him masturbate...maybe you'd like to give him a hand (or something else)?\r\n\r\nCurrently on Furbid.

Image: jackndanny.gif   467x612 41288 bytes 2006.10.27

It's warm blanket and snuggle weather! Danny the lion and Jack the bunny snuggle up with each other...mmm, heavy petting =)

Image: femaleejaculation.gif   735x513 62864 bytes 2006.09.23

Yes, it does happen, it's not just a porno thing.\r\n\r\nAlso, check it out, a female hyena who doesn't have a penis!

Image: intellectualstimulation.gif   823x626 119862 bytes 2006.09.13

Giving new insight to the term "intellectual stimulation"...

Image: nakedoctopus.gif   309x606 27653 bytes 2006.09.10

Well I'd already made a snail character...

Image: adeline_nude.gif   490x542 41165 bytes 2006.07.11

Adeline in her female form (snails are hermaphroditic), posing in a pin-uppy fashion for your enjoyment.

Image: neeshabrook.gif   635x612 50246 bytes 2006.06.30

Brook (fisher cat) and Neesha (sand cat) stars in their own right, and lovers behind the scenes.\r\n\r\nBoth belong to the way-too-talented-for-his-own-good Monsieur Le Eh, who has an archive here and one on FurAffinity under the name "Emmm"...go look at his art! It's way better than mine ;)

Image: addyjake_sexin.gif   413x610 45491 bytes 2006.05.12

I am going make the random guess that I am the first person ever to draw a snail screwing a kangaroo.\r\n\r\nJacob and his hermaphroditic snail girlfriend, Adeline, gettin' it on. Once in a while, the girl's gotta give the boy some of what she's been getting...

Image: tomc_older.gif   330x685 32378 bytes 2006.04.30

Thomas Collins, one of my only characters of an older age group (he's in his 50's or so). Fur covers wrinkles, you see...

Image: joembath_color.jpg   459x600 47306 bytes 2006.04.29

Here's to candlelit bubblebaths with your lover.\r\n\r\nI miss moments like these...

Image: twxxx_darkwolfie.gif   437x600 44938 bytes 2006.04.26

My half of this month's trade over at the FuroticXchange LiveJournal Group ( -- join us, we have porn!), it's Wolfie! His own art can be viewed here at the VCL, be sure to go check it out.\r\n\r\nThen maybe you can spare him a light ;)

Image: bunnyboy.gif   414x500 35003 bytes 2006.04.13

Cute little lop-eared bunny boy =D

Image: lizardrat_sex.gif   457x600 40168 bytes 2006.03.07

Nothing like a quick shag.

Image: em_cowgirl.gif   288x500 25963 bytes 2006.03.04

Emily, my armadillo girl and lover of Johanna the anteater, doing what she does for a living at this point. She's a stripper, she's bisexual, she's in love with a girl, you've gotta love her.

Image: snowy_squinx.gif   400x501 30698 bytes 2006.01.02

Fanart for Richard Katellis of his characters Snowicet and Squinx. Aren't they adorable?\r\n\r\nGo look at his archive and check out his comic, darnit!

Image: knaaksxmas_dealbastian.gif   458x525 41205 bytes 2005.12.12

A Christmas present for my friend Dan, who both characters belong to. Because, other than sex, what could be a better gift than porn? Cute boy porn, even!\r\n\r\nBoth characters belong to their creator.

Image: thoe_approach.gif   446x646 37123 bytes 2005.12.09

Quick and dirty perspective practice. Yes, I know the background sucks.

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