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Image: taurplay.jpg   586x475 37540 bytes 2004.07.03

One of my rare 'taur attempts. A femme cougar plays with her big wolftaur lover.

Image: roygbiv_girls.jpg   968x790 110023 bytes 2004.06.06

The sequel to my ROYGBIV Skunks "Guys" portfolio, a bunch of femme skunks in different colors looking sexy.

Image: aiko.gif   241x564 17690 bytes 2004.06.05

Look, breasts!\r\n\r\nAiko, a Japanese bobtail (I could've resisted the whole desire to make her look anime-ish, but I didn't), and a stripper, though on-stage she's generally called "Cherry Blossom" or something equally demeaning and stereotypical.

Image: am_momentofpassion.gif   443x622 27465 bytes 2004.05.15

Not based on something I've said, I swear.\r\n\r\nAllen & Marie are my own intellectual property.

Image: tj_blatant.gif   463x558 35105 bytes 2004.05.13

Words cannot adequately express how much of a pain in the butt this was to color. These two would get a lot more screen time if I hadn't made their color schemes so awkward to put on the same page.\r\n\r\n(Don't ask me how they're positioned like that; the general anatomy problems in this bug the heck outta me...this is basically a gratuitous cock shot. Oh, yeah, and romance and foreplay and whatnot.)

Image: roygbiv_guys.jpg   760x600 83107 bytes 2004.05.05

Yes, I realize that in Real Life, penises are NOT that shade of pink. However I thought it accented the other colors well.\r\n\r\nOne-shot portfolio of a rainbow of skunk fellows.

Image: coonskunk_sex.jpg   472x610 42943 bytes 2004.04.21

What would a description add?

Image: tabbiebob_licks.gif   622x376 19598 bytes 2004.04.19

He's rather tall, for a mouse.\r\n\r\nTabbieWolf is my own intellectual property, Bob belongs to Eric Chambers.

Image: samnelliot_pleasurable.jpg   263x313 18520 bytes 2004.03.17

Elliot the otter and his talented hands pleasuring Sam the wolf. This is one of the few art pieces I'm actually proud of, and it's that sad?\r\n\r\nAvailable as a print. E-mail me for more info. </shameless plug>

Image: nightswimming.jpg   378x515 21379 bytes 2004.03.15

Don't ask me what they're doing. I don't know. I just thought it was cute.\r\n\r\nTabbieWolf is my own intellectual property, Bob belongs to Eric Chambers.

Image: hyena.gif   441x597 30727 bytes 2004.03.13

A blatantly hermaphroditic hyena girl/guy pleasuring her/himself.\r\n\r\nI don't normally draw stuff like this. I don't know what came over me.

Image: thoe_giggle.gif   449x431 17963 bytes 2004.02.20

She's giggling because you're focused entirely on the one naughty bit that's visible in the picture, instead of her form and her spots and her coloring.

Image: wolfthelion.gif   306x577 26095 bytes 2004.02.16

Oh, I couldn't resist. In the Adult section because...dude, look what he's grabbing there.\r\n\r\nWolf belongs to Fireflower, outfit is courtesy Dr. Frank-N-Furter, art is mine (tho I should probably deny that).

Image: thursday_rick.gif   472x597 40242 bytes 2004.02.05

Yes, well...they'd have really weird kids, wouldn't they?

Image: jasandjack.jpg   614x480 42775 bytes 2004.02.02

Jasmine, my thylacine gal, getting shagged by Jack, a handsome kangaroo. Done with my dying Prismacolor markers.

Image: hecomes.jpg   358x597 71766 bytes 2004.01.31

Those two again. Yep.

Image: portfolio_sample.jpg   462x515 55573 bytes 2004.01.27

Shameless self-promotion! My only successful attempt at a portfolio -- "All American Girls", a group of species native to the United States (American alligator, prairie dog, least chipmunk, bald eagle, oppossum, river otter, black-tailed jackrabbit, raccoon, grizzly bear, mountain lion, & spotted skunk) -- is now available for purchase.\r\n\r\nE-mail me if you're interested, or check Furbid, where I am busy selling my soul.

Image: bedroomconversation.gif   504x522 34428 bytes 2004.01.12

Elliot the otter and Sam the wolf (yep, they have names now), enjoying each others' company on the bedroom floor.\r\n\r\nOnce again, nothing really naughty about this picture...unless the viewer wants to see it that way ;) Ah, the glory of a perverted imagination.

Image: tickledpink.gif   472x472 23080 bytes 2003.12.27

This isn't exactly naughty, per se, but they ARE both naked, and I personally consider tickling someone until they're laughing so hard they can't breathe a form of foreplay.\r\n\r\nThis is why you should never tell me you're ticklish, you see.

Image: paws_on!.jpg   415x596 34615 bytes 2003.12.09

My blonde otter boy and his big grey timber wolf lover enjoying each others' company. Another chunk of art that was shown at the Midwest Furfest art show and didn't sell.

Image: nightly.jpg   567x441 57072 bytes 2003.12.04

Xavier the fox muses quietly as his mate Ellen the raccoon takes him in her paw. One of those moments of romance that you just don't see all that often.\r\n\r\nThis piece was in the Midwest Furfest art show, but it didn't sell. Romance is dead, apparently.

Image: avy_orion_undress.gif   416x640 32178 bytes 2003.11.26

Yep, those two, going at it again...and almost entirely clothed this time!

Image: tyjo_nerves.gif   425x587 38868 bytes 2003.11.15

Tyler, the spotty fellow on the left, can talk his boyfriend into most things, including being naked on camera.\r\n\r\nJoseph, the fox on the right, won't mind showing off eventually, when Tyler proves that he does indeed love him, even if Jo's a little on the chubby side...but right now, he's nervous as hell.

Image: thoe_jeremy_kiss.gif   597x518 36116 bytes 2003.10.30

Wow, a couple of people having sex and you can't see anything naughty.\r\n\r\nI'm tasteful, dammit.\r\n\r\nThoe & Jeremy are my own intellectual property.

Image: lizardrat.gif   550x550 32582 bytes 2003.10.25

She's a lizard, he's a kangaroo rat, this is foreplay. What more can be said?

Image: nakedthingie.gif   392x526 25471 bytes 2003.10.15

I still don't know what this guy is.\r\n\r\n(Last seen in my main directory, under "thingie.gif")

Image: rotty.gif   300x600 18837 bytes 2003.10.07

Someone told me that all the male characters in the naked pin-ups I draw look rather proud of their erections. I have to know, why shouldn't they?\r\n\r\nHere's a dog breed I haven't seen much of in the furry world, a rottweiler named Kitch. He and his knot are the intellectual property of his player =)

Image: catnmouse.gif   597x351 23408 bytes 2003.10.06

Man, it's sad when you're jealous of your own drawings.

Image: fork.gif   449x585 32750 bytes 2003.10.02

Yeah, now I'm just being weird.

Image: stripedhyena.gif   280x636 21923 bytes 2003.09.30

Because I wanted to draw a striped hyena with blue hair.\r\n\r\nOriginally a nude, I realized that in order to avoid the whole "female hyenas being hermaphroditic" issue, I had to clothe some of her.

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