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Image: corsets_preview.jpg   750x541 128963 bytes 2012.03.28

Corsets Portfolio

The shiny preview image for my Corsets portfolio! 10 images of my lovely ladies all done up in corsets. All proceeds from the portfolio go towards buying ME a corset!\r\n\r\nIf you're interested in a copy for yourself, shoot me an email: tabbiewolf at gmail dot com, and thanks!

Image: fletch.jpg   622x800 78421 bytes 2009.05.20

Fletcher, the boa constrictor/fox hybrid and self-described Gonzo journalist. His weapons of choice? A pen and a cigarette.

Image: minafletch.jpg   548x800 84998 bytes 2009.05.20

Mina the arctic fox and Fletcher the fox/boa constrictor hybrid embraced. She looks up at him, pure admiration and love...he looks down at...her butt. Pure admiration and love, there ;)

Image: inspiteofourselves.png   800x552 73603 bytes 2009.04.21

"Against all odds, honey, we're the big door prize."\r\n\r\nSometimes even the most different people can get along and tolerate one another...and have for over a decade now.

Image: thoe_sittinaround.gif   453x696 36875 bytes 2009.04.21

Forever sexy, my lovely spotted skunk gal, Thoe.

Image: prudence.gif   368x638 32053 bytes 2009.04.21

Dear Prudence, my Democratic donkey gal. She's liberal, yes.

Image: eastmeetswest.gif   546x650 49443 bytes 2009.04.21

Aimi Rosaleen...her mom is Asian, her dad is Irish, yay for eastern/western dragon hybrids.

Image: joem_whyhellothere.gif   581x581 46386 bytes 2009.04.21

Johanna the anteater and her girlfriend Emily the armadillo all wrapped up in each other.

Image: sarahcassidy.gif   408x597 52250 bytes 2007.08.08

Sarah & Cassidy

Sarah the catfish girl and her fiancÚ, Cassidy the skunk, being social at some posh art gallery gathering.

Tags: catfish skunk art   [Comment]
Image: turtle.gif   428x556 29341 bytes 2007.08.03

Chocolate Turtle

Yes, well.\r\n\r\nThe species choice seemed rather obvious for this dessert.

Tags: chocolate turtle bikini   [Comment]
Image: addy_photomontage.jpg   957x667 135053 bytes 2007.07.19

The Life & Times of a Snail

Up to age 25, anyway. She's still got some stuff ahead of her.\r\n\r\nBits and pieces of Adeline Martin Aspers' life in photo form.

Tags: snail photos memories   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: emilio.jpg   369x622 46358 bytes 2007.07.14

The majority of Emilio's more interesting genetic possibilities didn't really seem to occur in him -- no brightly-colored exotic tail, no wings, just a very pale bit of blue worked its way into his rather feathery hair. Outside of the beak and the crown, you'd have no idea he was half peacock.\r\n\r\nAn unfortunate thing he did inherit, however, was an overall jittery demeanor. We're blaming that on the squirrel side. We've caught him an off moment here, however, and he probably wonders why the hell we're staring at him. Or possibly where his pants are.

Tags: peacock squirrel hybrid   [Comment]
Image: gaboonviperlion.jpg   488x572 64675 bytes 2007.07.14

His name is Cole. His dad's a gaboon viper and his mom's a lioness, and he was inspired by a suggestion from Graveyard Greg and a little too much free time to allow me to mess with his scale pattern.

Tags: lion snake gaboon viper hybrid   [Comment]
Image: tabbiewolf_sabrc.gif   471x471 39262 bytes 2007.03.29

Sabrina & RC

Sabrina the skunk and RC the raccoon wrapped in a warm embrace. Afterglow or foreplay? Your choice.\r\n\r\nDone for the wonderful Eric W. Schwartz, whose comic is more or less the reason I'm in the fandom. If you've not read Sabrina Online ( ), where on earth have you been?\r\n\r\nBoth characters belong to Eric W. Schwartz, posted with permission.

Image: hardyear.jpg   503x651 67779 bytes 2006.11.07

The snow is falling, hopeless and perfect...\r\n\r\nThis is actually an angsty picture but you can't really tell.

Image: em_northcountrygirl.gif   442x571 38688 bytes 2006.09.04

Emily the armadillo, outfitted in a cute flannel shirt.

Image: dp_bullterrier.gif   286x593 25688 bytes 2006.07.06

Random bull terrier.\r\n\r\nWoof.

Image: IWIWaL.gif   443x600 37182 bytes 2006.06.24

My lesbians aren't exactly of porn star quality, but they're adorable anyway.

Image: dancetothebeat.gif   334x600 44886 bytes 2006.05.30

Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster!\r\n\r\nTwo greyscale folks look dapper in black and white.

Image: nysom01.jpg   651x850 176241 bytes 2006.05.23

I've been doing this thing for over two months and I've made no mention of it except in my LiveJournal. I should change that.\r\n\r\nNew York State of Mind -- because everyone and their grandma has a webcomic so I should have one too.\r\n\r\nUpdated Mondays, brought to you by LiveJournal:

Image: nysom02.jpg   648x850 124955 bytes 2006.05.23

I can't draw cityscapes worth a darn, yep.\r\n\r\n

Image: thoe_paint.jpg   582x473 93810 bytes 2006.05.11

I can't paint, but I'll sure try.

Image: thoe_lyingisthemostfunagirlcanhavewithouttakingherclothesoff.gif   300x707 47134 bytes 2006.04.23

I've been listening to far too much Panic! At The Disco.

Image: twbadge_rensis_re.jpg   660x400 88600 bytes 2006.04.11

Beware my lack of marker skills!\r\n\r\nMy half of this month's trade over at the LJ group "conbadges," this month I got Rensis/The-Inimical-Priest. Which was sort of awesome because I haven't used my lilac marker in forever. Rainbow hair + Resident Evil = awesome.

Image: digit_badge.jpg   671x450 71806 bytes 2006.03.30

A badge for Digit, a salamander! Such a lack of amphibians in the furry world...\r\n\r\nDigit belongs to his creator.\r\n\r\nI take badge commissions, if anyone's interested...e-mail me! They're relatively cheap ($10).

Image: artyvinci.gif   333x500 26937 bytes 2006.03.21

Your daily dose of cute, brought to you by the letters V & A.\r\n\r\nVinci & Arty, whose human counterparts will be reunited soon. That calls for adorableness! They belong to their creators.\r\n\r\nMore of them can be viewed at, if you aren't already familiar with their escapades =)

Image: twbadge_banrai.jpg   754x499 87300 bytes 2006.03.20

Community Plug:\r\n\r\nCome, join us! We have cookies.\r\n\r\nMy half of this month's trade. Banrai belongs to her violent self.

Image: spottedskunklounge_shirt.gif   438x500 33556 bytes 2006.03.09

Drawn entirely to be a shirt design. Available at in a variety of styles (I personally will be purchasing the black one).

Image: ao_suchgreatheights.jpg   422x650 75849 bytes 2006.02.24

Sometimes you just fit together, no matter how different you may be.

Image: jennywren.gif   290x708 28993 bytes 2006.02.05

"Like most other girls, Jenny Wren could sing...but a broken heart took her song away..."\r\n\r\nJenny is a Carolina wren, looking snazzy in her Paul McCartney (go grab his new CD, darnit!) tour shirt.

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