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Image: chihuahua.gif   273x542 18408 bytes 2004.01.09

It's the chihuahua what waves at you!

Image: chinchilla.gif   364x541 23378 bytes 2004.08.30

Gotten a lot of requests for chinchillas here you go. CHINCHILLA!\r\n\r\nHer name's Phoebe and I'm still working on her story. I like her hazel eyes.

Image: chocobo.gif   390x672 22408 bytes 2001.12.15

I was GOING to put this guy in the Pokemon section, even though he's not a pokemon, but I decided against it. It's not fan art, it's just experimentation with fantasy species, okilydokily? I don't even play the game. I like his shirt. I want one.\r\n\r\nMoo. Birdboy product of the twisted mind of Will Newell and myself. Mostly him, though. HIM! I just draw here.

Image: chrysnbaxter.gif   648x400 53926 bytes 2002.08.28

I came to the rather bizarre realization that if my characters existed in Real Life, they'd look...well, like real animals, and how I draw them is just my interpretation...they can draw themselves however they please.\r\n\r\nChrys shows off her artistic skills.

Image: claire.gif   338x570 22856 bytes 2002.04.08

And the last part...her furry self! Not enough Guinea pigs in the furry world!\r\n\r\nClaire Walters is her own intellectual property (I'd hope)...have you enjoyed the cuteness?

Image: clarepinup.gif   365x476 27147 bytes 2002.04.17

The lovely, indecisive, and DARN SHEXY Clare Cat.\r\n\r\nMore of her and other sexy chicks can be seen at her creator's website, WWW.TVSKYLE.COM.\r\n\r\nClare is Kyle A. Carrozza's intellectual property. But I don't know who that shirt belongs to...

Image: classics.gif   633x487 26387 bytes 2003.07.07

It's not often one comes across a homalocephale drinking a glass of Merlot and indulging himself in "The Great Gatsby". I suspect it's the fact that dinosaurs have that whole "brain the size of a small, commercially popular legume" thing going for them.\r\n\r\n...or "The Great Gatsby" just sucks.

Image: clerksreference.gif   445x494 35021 bytes 2002.01.29

Look! I'm still drawing. Kinda.\r\n\r\nDrawn in response to Jonathan Hsueh's Clerks reference.\r\n\r\nOnce you get over the style change, they look pretty cool. Kinda.

Image: clerksstyle_emily.gif   338x617 23402 bytes 2005.08.10

"What's up, ya'll?"\r\n\r\nEmily the armadillo, Texas born and bred, dressed up in bowboy attire because her creator was bored and felt like drawing a cowboy hat.

Image: clerksstyle_jo.gif   464x649 24807 bytes 2005.08.10

Johanna, my lovely anteater girl. Because there aren't enough anteaters in this fandom, darnit.

Image: clerksstyle_kitch.gif   352x617 24927 bytes 2005.04.30

Kitch, the sexy rottweiler, shows off his stuff. "Woof, baby,"\r\n\r\nAnother in my series of friends in a thick-lined style. Kitch belongs to his player.

Image: clerksstyle_knaaks.gif   396x630 25559 bytes 2005.04.29

The amazing and remarkable and totally badass Knaaks, who belongs to Dan "I'm probably spelling his last name completely wrong" Bordineau, done in the thick-lined pop-art sorta style I've come upon.\r\n\r\nHe will invade your living space and steal your cigarettes and make you listen to scary punk music OH NO.

Image: clerksstyle_will.gif   379x585 37209 bytes 2005.04.27

My dragony friend Will done in that happy, chunky, thick-lined style that I adore. He looks quite spiffy, I'd say.

Image: coffeetalk.gif   576x1170 74169 bytes 2002.03.12

*points* HE STARTED IT!\r\n\r\nCheck out Josh's archive for the first half of this...when you start something like this with me, it can only go downhill ^^\r\n\r\nJosh / JJ Josh Nelson\r\nTabbieWolf and her spoogy little thought bubble are my own intellectual property. Damn them =p

Image: comemonday.jpg   500x600 57970 bytes 2005.04.20

"I've spent four lonely days in a brown LA haze and I just want you back by my side." Avy, the winged fox, and her lover Orion, the blue ferret, snuggle warmly.\r\n\r\nSnuggly couple pictures are probably my favorite thing to draw ever. More people should draw this kinda stuff.

Image: corsets_preview.jpg   750x541 128963 bytes 2012.03.28

Corsets Portfolio

The shiny preview image for my Corsets portfolio! 10 images of my lovely ladies all done up in corsets. All proceeds from the portfolio go towards buying ME a corset!\r\n\r\nIf you're interested in a copy for yourself, shoot me an email: tabbiewolf at gmail dot com, and thanks!

Image: cuttlefish.gif   323x479 23523 bytes 2004.02.28

It's...a cuttlefish. Sort of.

Image: daduman.jpg   290x408 16705 bytes 2001.03.25

I'm taking a Gesture Drawing class at a local art school, where basically you sit in a room for two hours watching a model and having to draw a different pose every three seconds. Since I don't have a model at home, and was bored, I drew the cat. Sorta. I think my mom was disturbed that I anthropomorphicized him...oh well. Jupiter (c) himself, I'm puuur-etty sure.

Image: dance.jpg   350x507 73367 bytes 2002.09.03

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music." -- Anonymous

Image: dancenaked.gif   340x786 32668 bytes 2002.02.25

Oh baby, "Where are the oldies they used to play?"\r\nOh baby, you want to crawl back into yesterday,\r\nYou don't want to deal with the future,\r\nYou don't want to make any plans\r\nOh baby, all you wanna do is dance.

Image: dancetothebeat.gif   334x600 44886 bytes 2006.05.30

Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster!\r\n\r\nTwo greyscale folks look dapper in black and white.

Image: dancinmonkey.gif   401x581 24686 bytes 2003.07.11

This is a monkey.\r\n\r\nHe's doing a little dance. Or something similar that one might refer to as "dancing" for lack of a better term.\r\n\r\nHave I mentioned that he's a monkey?

Image: dante_demons.jpg   463x600 45540 bytes 2003.11.24

"Won't it be dull when we rid ourselves of all these demons haunting us to keep us company?"\r\n\r\nDante takes on his personal demons, who are...quite freaky-looking, I think.

Image: darksideofthemoon.gif   630x630 27083 bytes 2002.06.25

Sssssh! If you're really quiet, you'll miss the BLATANT PINK FLOYD REFERENCE!\r\n\r\nMy half of an art trade with Reno "scythekitten" Maxwell. Reno is her own intellectual property, of course.\r\n\r\nI need to draw spotty things more often.

Image: daymond.gif   478x615 25924 bytes 2002.07.08

I don't draw enough male pinups, so I present to you my first victim -- er, subject...the enchanting Daymond! Check out his work (under the moniker Daymond Rosdale) here on the VCL, or YOU will be POKED by my SPORK OF DOOM!

Image: decolor.jpg   695x572 59875 bytes 2000.12.01

Someone asked me to draw something he could put on a t-shirt. THIS is why I do NOT draw political cartoons, you see?! Oddly enough it's on a shirt now. Algore, W., and Florida are all copyright them lovely selves, image copyright myself.\n

Image: defensive.gif   449x571 38462 bytes 2003.05.18

Jonathan the wolf trying to stop a random vixen/girlfriend/fuckmate/whatever from screaming his ear off over something he probably finds pointless and stupid. Actually he's pretty calm here, which is odd for him in arguments, usually he's screaming back.

Image: diablo.gif   504x586 32931 bytes 2002.10.09

Yes, it's a digimon. It's not fan art, it's just me playing with the species thanks to looking at the little Renamon figurine on my desk.\r\n\r\nMeet Diablo, a rather dark little thing. I'm hoping to evolve him into a normal fox, so he can be an original character as compared to a copyrighted species, and I'm hoping to upload his evolution here...I need to figure out a way to keep those big paws without him looking too Renamon-ish...

Image: diabloback.gif   379x571 29028 bytes 2002.10.22

Diablo, from the back, and so that you can see his pawpads (he's one of my few characters who actually has them)...

Image: diabloevolves.gif   602x473 38109 bytes 2002.10.10

Evolution from Digimon to fox...\r\n\r\nAdded: a fourth finger =p\r\n\r\nRemoved: those trademark Renamon gloves, leg and face markings, shoulder spines.\r\n\r\nI really like drawing this guy ^.^

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